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Car Seat

This popped up in my Facebook feed. Just another thing that others struggled with that I thought was unique to me. I thought I was a poor father because I couldn’t get my son into the car seat. My ex-wife often had to get involved. That made me feel as though I was inadequate as a parent. Once, I actually carried my son home from the Rieck Avenue School because he wouldn’t get into the car seat. I then had to walk back to retrieve the Jeep.

Zombie Kittens

Zombie Kittens

This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

Our family enjoys the Exploding Kittens games. We have all the expansions. Some cards are better than others, but the universe is great fun. We play regularly.

For Father’s Day Fritz got me this, the newest expansion for the franchise. I was unaware of this. From what I can tell, it was released a month ago.

This game introduces the ability to bring back players who are out of the game. Initially, I wasn’t quite certain. Once we played, however, we learned this is a fabulous edition to the game. The second time we played, we played with all the expansions. That turned out to be great fun! There are also cards that interact with the player even when he’s dead and awaiting his return.

Despite Beetle stealing and causing me to give up much of my perfect hand, I was able to persevere by stealing the Streaking Kitten back from Joey causing him to go out at the end with the Imploding Kitten face up as the last card in the deck.

Great times! We will play this much, I suspect.

Christian Family

The hollowness of the Catholic faith preaching Christian family is highly evident.

Fritz served as an altar boy at a Catholic church. His mother registered the entire family at this parish. The boy served every Sunday. I rallied three out of four Sundays a month to ensure he arrived by 7:30. I was so good at my parenting, I even got my atheist daughter to proclaim the word of the Lord in the choir.

Then overnight, my son decided not to attend any longer. He’s a teenager; he prefers sleeping in. I did not fight it. I like peace in my life.

One might think that when the parish lost its one and only altar boy who showed every Sunday without warning it might reach out to see what is up.

Not a word. It’s been months now. Three parishioners just disappeared without a trace. Not one phone call. Not one e-mail. Not one inquiry as to whether everything is okay or not.

That’s the Christian faith the way it is practiced. Tell me again about the good deeds of the church while you pay off the lawsuits for the priests you allowed to molest boys!



I am old enough to have seen this in the theater. I now get the pleasure of watching it with my son who has become a DeNiro fan. Yeah, I did that! 🙂

This is Scorcese at his best! I’m not a huge Pesci fan, but he shines here as well. Just a perfect cast, to a perfect script, to iconic images/scenes. Love every minute of this.

Paul Sorvino is a favorite and sets the tone as Paulie. Watching how the crew is built up in the early goings to the heist to the aftermath is masterful. While I am sure the real life tales were plenty colorful, in the hands of these storytellers, this tale pops!

Fritz was surprised not only of the reciting lines I did but of pointing out the missing lucky hat, the helicopter and other images throughout.

This is as good as it gets for movies in my lifetime.

Casino Royale

After taking in the Barry Nelson 1954 version of this story, Fritz and I put on this version. Craig was awesome! While I had seen this before as I have owned it for many years (one of the first streaming movies I ever purchased). it was wonderful to take it in again.

Beautiful cinematography! This rebirthed the franchise and the character. While I enjoyed Pierce Bronsan, the Daniel Craig era rejuvenated the franchise.

Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’em. I can’t help but think that is because the audience doesn’t know the former these days. I liked the sub-story of why Le Chiffre needed the money. We received an interesting version of how the Vesper was created with a funny from Bond as a nod to Ian Fleming’s totally made up cocktail.

Really good flick even with the over-dramatic scene with Vesper at the end.

Of course, the torture scene was one for the books! Ouch!

Murder at the Motel

22-06-11 Murder at the Motel

Picked this up some time ago. Fritz and I started this one night and abandoned it quite quickly. I was exhausted and we realized this was going to be a little more involved than others we had played.

The four of us sat down today and spent about four hours total solving this. The four of us work well together. Everyone contributed. We tossed theories about. We plotted the timeline, deciphered stuff (not as much as most of these), and worked our way through all possibilities.

I am proud of the work we did on this one. The game is rated decidedly harder than the other one-off boxes. I wouldn’t say it was hard, but it did require looking closely at the evidence.

I liked this box!

We then headed out for a late dinner at Chili’s to celebrate.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Spring is here! The birds are chirping loudly early this March morning. It puts a smile on my face . . . I’ve worn black eyeglasses for the last two years. I picked up my new silver glasses the other day. My children have not noticed . . . 379 work e-mails since I last checked (I am on leave due to knee surgery). Only two did I need to do anything with. It is apparent some parents are unaware their child has had a different teacher the last three months . . . I am up to August 2011 in the rebuild of this blog. Tagging of photographs became markedly better at this point. The children are tagged properly now, which is making dealing with the photographs easier to deal with. There are still too many of them . . . Love that my son texted me tonight and asked if I wanted to see Doctor Strange 2. Had a grand time . . . Need to adjust my attitude. Work issues are completely out of my control. There’s no way for me to even influence things let alone enact change. Because of that, chill. At this point it is what it is. Go with the flow for the next three years . . . I lead a very quiet life . . . I could write an entire book about the parking antics at my apartment complex . . . It took moe than two months from start to finish for this post . . .

Defective Child

Fritz is here this weekend. Last weekend, Beetle commented that he had had detention. I questioned that and was informed that he had been missing school. When I investigated further, I found that hadn’t been the case although he had missed one day. I gather because I had asked, earlier this week I was told Fritz did miss a day of school this week because he was sick. Poor boy.

He arrived today. He’s coughing up his lungs. He looks horrible. He doesn’t have an appetite. He went to bed early. He’s snoring loudly. He is obviously still sick.

I asked Fritz when I realized he was still sick if he missed more than a day of school this week. Yup. “Three or four,” he said.

So yes, I was told he had missed a day. I had no idea he had missed most of the week. Sicker than anything, no issue with dropping him off here for the weekend to pass on his illness. Nice!

On top of that, in passing I was informed that the reason he was late in arriving is that Beetle was getting ready to go to Delaware for the evening.

Yeah, I am really removed from what is going on with my children. It’s almost as though I do not matter.

Alice in Wonderland

22-04-30 Alice in Wonderland

There are fond memories of the children acting in Alice in Wonderland while at St. Mary School. Beetle was a most excellent Queen of Hearts.

Fast forward nearly six years and Beetle auditioned and landed her signature role once again in the Cumberland Players rendition of this story. It was to be staged a month or two ago. For some reason, it was postponed until this weekend.

It took several e-mails to figure out whether I had tickets or not. I didn’t. I purchased two tickets (Fritz and me) to take in this encore performance.

But on Monday it was brought to my attention my daughter quit the play. Apparently, the director noted a lot of anxiety with Beetle and as that was being addressed, the decision was made to leave the performance. I was also told that she has decided not to pursue theatre at college. Of course, that was the impetus for selecting her college.

The struggles of teenagers.

I don’t know what will happen going forward.

Anyhow, tonight was the performance. Fritz and I attended. The director approached me to make certain I knew what had happened. She didn’t want me sitting there wondering where my daughter was. 🙂

The play began at least six minutes late. I think it was closer to 10. At 7:45, the show was over.

It was an interesting performance. It may not have impressed us as much as we had hoped. We’ll leave it at that.



We are theatregoers. It began with my parents taking me. It continued through college. It now continues with my own children. My son and I attended Pippin tonight.

This is a show I had never seen. I didn’t have any preconceived notions of this other than I thought it was from the classic period of theatre. At lunch today I asked if anyone was familiar with it. Julie Testa lighted up and explained I would love it. She couldn’t enlighten me regarding the plot but stated it was from the 1970s. That surprised me.

At home I read something that stated Pippin was in the era/style of Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Godspell, and other rock operas of the time. That is not how I envisioned this play. Yet, it was very much that.

Upon entering the theatre, many of the actors were on stage. The guys were dressed in leather, the gals in fishnet stockings. It looked like a brothel. And that is how it remained for the entire show.

The plot was Pippin, Charlemagne’s son, seeking meaning in his life. He goes through many interations with the Leading Player guiding him through the path.

In the end, Pippin chooses love, much to the chagrin of the Leading Player.

I enjoyed the story. The setting was weird. I struggled with the bawdy nature of the actors. I didn’t see how it served a purpose let alone the plot. Fritz stated not all productions are staged that way. I don’t know, but it seems odd little ol’ Pitman would be on the cutting edge.