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21-07-24 GC8F8EB

44.656283 -93.174017

A week ago Wednesday I listened to the Geocaching Podcast where Joshua was on with Scott and Chaz while I was preparing for my flight the next morning. Joshua mentioned this geocache. I filed it away as something to do once we got to the area. Simultaneously, flowers22 had listened and heard the same thing. She added it to the itinerary for today.

We drove down and found the geocache without incident. Then came the puzzle. I think we were pretty certain what to do right off the bat. I think we had the correct answer pretty soon as well. Somehow we either didn’t test that number, transposed something, or did something else wrong. Back and forth we went several times videoing the lights in slo-motion and back to the car to the air conditioning to work through this whole thing.

Eventually we came back to the early numbers we had and it opened. Most satisfying.

Thank you for the grand fun today; I appreciate it.

FMGT: ODE-o-meter to 56560

21-07-21 GC7ZVPY

46.873433 -96.759333

My midwest trip has been going fabulously (IL, IA, and now ND and MN). Have never been to the Peace Garden State before and am loving it! After several days in and around Gilby, we re-located to Fargo for the geotour and other adventures. Good times with every footfall.

We headed out today to complete the last few geotour stops and pick up some letterboxes, high favorited points, and challenges.

Wow! Such a neat geocache. Loved how there were several steps to this and that the one thing needed to be used somewhere else. The focus of my vacation revolved around doing your geocaches. I am so happy to have done so many kewl caches this week.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful day; I appreciate it.

Cache Card

21-07-19 GC6M64M

48.147917 -97.448717

The rain clouds were coming. We were quite efficient with is one because we knew the rain was coming.

All is in good shape. Before we got back to the main road, the sky opened up. The rain came and we pulled over as we couldn’t see. Decided to have lunch and wait for things to clear up a bit.

This worked perfectly.

Thank you for the fun; I appreciate it.

Strike zone

21-07-19 GC7RCBW

48.1512 -97.429167

Well, I really liked this being a baseball fan. This geocaching vacation also includes three ball games and a stop at Field of Dreams. So, I was deigned the pitcher.

I misunderstood the task and promptly got the ball hung up. Then came the walk of shame. Back to the car I went for the tool to eradicate my error.

By the time I returned, honker_doo and flowers22 had figured out what I was supposed to do. So, knowing what I needed to, I threw a strike on the first pitch.

Love this even though I am being sent to the minor leagues.

Thank you for putting this together for me to enjoy; I appreciate it.

Geocache picker 101

21-07-18 GC8R2RA

48.141717 -97.515383


This is another unique geocache in my book. Saw what needed to be done, but we struggled a bit to get it done. Once we got two of us working together, this was accomplished. I am truly amazed at this. I used to be able doors with credit cards. Now I have added to my burglary skills. I suppose I may now know what I’ll do in retirement. 🙂

Thank you for this experience; I appreciate it.