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Star Trek: Trouble With Tribbles

20-08-14 GC545GB

39.405917 -87.440383

The Trouble with Tribbles created trouble for us.

This was the second geocache in the series for us. We could not find it. It seemed straightforward, but there we were with no smilie. We left and went onto the third, fourth, and the rest of the series. At the end, it seemed unlikely that one geocache would be missing, so we returned. Had it in hand before everyone exited the vehicle.

Sometmes we’re blind when we seek.

With this geocache in hand, we had completed the geoart series. It was supposed to be a relatively quick stop on our trip to Kentucky. Several hours later, I am not sure we all agreed as to how quick it was. 🙂 It was, however, a total blast. Thank you for all your work in creating and maintaining this. It made for an enjoyable respite on our journey. I appreciate it.

Star Trek: Set Phasers to Stun

20-08-14 GC54592

39.40755 -87.441867

Made it to Terra Haute. We’re in flight. 😁

After poking at the coordinates a log was read. Walked to where we thought it would be when we first turned in.

Looks like a fun series; we’ll see how well we do.

Thanks for placing these for us to find; I appreciate it.


And we found 56 in this geoart series. I am not going to post all these here.