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GeoCarnival 8 Is Late

Yup, two days late already and things aren’t looking promising. πŸ™ If a window appears this evening, it will go up. If not, there will be a double-issue on Friday. I apologize but a combination of our ‘Net connection going out every evening this week and being busy with family things has delayed this to be a chore now. Grrr . . .

While you wait, allow me to point out that sign-ups for Game 31 of Minute War are under way. Register now for the fun to commence 26 May.

GeoCarnival #7


Welcome to the seventh weekly installment of the GeoCarnival.

The GeoCarnival reviews geoblogs and compiles what is happening in the world of GPSr games (geocaching, geodashing, shutterspots, geogolf, Coin Quest, etc.) in one convenient post per week so you can read who is blogging about your favorite activity.

We Need Your Help
If you know of a geoblog that we should highlight, feel free to let us know (geocarnival AT ladow DOT net). We like RSS feeds, so feel free to send along those links.

Leukbachtal, Saarland, Germany photographed by DrAlzheimer 6 May 2006 used with permission

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Josh and Jessica are engaged! After talking with Jessica’s parents (no matter what women say, that is one of the most difficult conversations a man can have), Josh hid a cache with the ring. Awwww . . . their first date was also caching. Congratulations to you. May you find many ammo boxes together.

mk-xiii shares his coolest trade item ever.

Caching in Bermuda is fun according to Morey. I used to spend a lot of time on the island, but that was prior to my caching days. I know there are some caches at the Royal Dockyard, which of course, is home to many other memories for me.

Dave and his family are finding caches at such a clip he can’t keep up with the geoblog.

The annual caching trip of Bill and Chuck to northern Minnesota happened recently. Bill has the details.

Brutus contemplates a sight he saw while caching. It reminded me of this shot I took a few years while on the hunt.

Finding caches during a walkathon sounds good to us. tzar of doom tells all.

ideolecto is caching in Austin and is having a blast.

Dr. Mellow had never seen Jaws. After seeing it in a theatre, he re-visited a cache he had found to see if it was still there. It seems like the Greensboro News-Record discovered this cache recently and wrote about it. Does Greensboro still have Suds and Duds?

The fifth global geopoker game was held on Saturday. Cameron won! This was a most enjoyable game. For those around, I was liveblogging the fun on my end.

Ticks! Away with thee. Jestjuggle has the lowdown on how to get rid of the pests.

StayFloopy hit the island again. It’s amazing what he comes across on the hunt.

The price of gas has Miragee stuck inside. She’s selling a GPSr to help fund her road trip.

DNFs can be fun. Just ask Basswood Bend who went looking for a cache that apparently blew away.

Time for some site maintenance: Cacheopedia is being hammered with spam!

Deep Thoughts cached in Balboa Park. I know the park because of the legendary CSN&Y show there.

Caching in Hamilton! can be fun. And yes, the exclamation point is supposed to be there.

redarrow and friends did some caching. Sounds like fun in their crew.

Caching is ubiquitous. Just read B.Sly’s post to see how she just works it into everything else she is doing. One thing, can someone explain to me what got my rook pierced means?

Tenneessee Mom of two went caching for the first time in a long time. Welcome back. Caching with children is always fun.

Alan reached the century mark over the weekend. Congratulations!

Pete found one of five, but is happy to have been outside. Isn’t it always?

Goldiebear, it ain’t the GPSr. But don’t worry, we all have those streaks.

Mirrikat is learning the joys of combining kayaking with caching. It seems like there are some of those around here.

Good omens had a good caching day.

Enzo is looking for a caching partner.

Really funny stuff from naturegirlfromny. And my answer is yes to many of those questions. πŸ™‚

While the wife is away, Rod will play. Ah, Gert used to go away in the summer and I could cache full-time. She doesn’t do that anymore . . . hmmm . . . honey, do you want to go on vacation . . . alone?

I hadn’t heard about this one. Another cache was blown up by a bomb squad. This one was in Canada. Making a cache look like a pipe bomb may not be the best design. Thanks Gregory for highlighting this.

Annie was out caching and heard something. Turns out it was a woodpecker. I recall seeing one on the hunt once. Loud!

IowaAdmin shares his interpretation of Groundspeak policies governing cemetery caches.

Caching and dinner is just perfect for Steve Brown.

Clint just hid his first cache. Go find it!

The New Jersey Amazing Race is heating up and njtech is close to being done. Okay, technically it’s not a GPSr game, but many of us are certainly using one to play.

Camp ASCCA (Alabama Special Camp for Children and Adults) is still sponsoring geocaching activities. You folks are doing great work!

Jack Frickey is keeping up a good geodashing pace for game 59. Shhh . . . rumor has it, there will be a raid on some of those dashpoints before the usual suspects take their road trips. πŸ™‚

Hooray for new geocaching buddies! Indeed, Rabbot.

People are beginning to discuss another game of Minute War. It hasn’t started yet, but if you’re interested, head on over and let it be known you want to play.

Blue Comet introduced a friend to caching. The key to success is getting into the sick minds of the people who hide these things. Yes indeed, that is how to find urban nanos.

Adventures in Geocaching received a Podcacher geocoin. Sonny and Sandy ran a contest to raise funds for an advertising campaign recently. Nice coin.

Culture Stew has a nice introduction to our game.

Garet is trying to get geocaching listed as a sport at his college. Best of luck. Before you know it, there will be scholarships for caching. Ah, to be young again.

There’s a new shutterspot in Queens. Who is up for a road trip?

Podcasts & Video
The guys at GAcaching.com have some good stuff up. One of them was caching in Spain and posted video this week. Fun stuff. It’s just like we are all there on the hunt. Nice.

Steigercache! Help me, dear reader, is this German? My grasp of foreign languages is suspect. Nevertheless, love the European caching this week.

Sonny and Sandy served up the fifty-first Podcacher podcast this week. The bulk of the show featured Alistair who was on location at a CITO event in the UK.

Welcome New Cachers
Craig Rigby is onboard. Welcome!

Maryland has a new cacher in Travis.

Sarah‘s hooked!

Laura is too.

Michigan has a new cacher. Welcome Neva Li. She’s conservative. She’s a teacher. She caches alone. Sounds like a perfect woman.

Kat went to an event and spotted a hot cacher. You go girl!

A new cacher takes on Central Park. Welcome jes6ica. The last time I attempted Central Park, I struck out.

Paulo in Portugal has found the joy of the game.

Liz picked up two new games this week: caching and baseball. How about that?

Occam is on board and he has a new razor GPSr.

All right GeoCarnival readers. Help eslice out. He’s contemplating buying a GPSr and thinks caching may be something he uses it for, but doesn’t quite have it figured out yet. Help him out.

Josh is onboard and lovin’ it. BTW, I love the handle. Confidence.

Another new cacher is mrx78u who is doing just fine with his new hobby.

Four years after being introduced to the game, Scott is now playing. Welcome.

Regional Round-Up
Florida has three new cache quests: one for the north, one for the south, and one for the entire state (for the diehards).

Houston is gearing up for GWIV. Flamingos for all. And to think, I remember stumbling around Allentown a couple decades ago “borrowing” these for the dorm’s quad. I guess they’re still in style. πŸ™‚

The Maryland Geocaching Society has posted an article that ran in a newspaper down their way about caching. Nice piece.

The Lake County Cachers group is looking for ideas for a new contest. Looks like they have some good ideas to discuss. Follow the thread beginning here.

Sensational Santorini photographed by Browser 6 May 2006 used with permission

First time cachers had fun on the hunt.

Sumo Goddess is back on the hunt and has photographs to share.

Geocaching in België.

Caching in New York, StayFloopy takes in West Hills Park.

It’s a nano.

PlÀtze zum Besichtigen compliments of praesepe65.

GeoJono finds the cache!

Deep Pond Trail looks to be a good place to hunt. Thanks Cool Librarian.

Gregory demonstrates that he’s a photographer. Nice shot while out with other cachers!

Fore! Dr. Momentum finds an abandoned miniature golf course.

Reminds me of the blue hole. Beautiful. Thanks Suria.

BlazerMan captures the presentation of the certificate for Trey’s 5000th find.

Anything for a cache. Anything.

Been there, done that.

Can’t you just picture the voice over for a beer commercial on this one?

Checking out the cache!

The Road to Falmouth. And here I thought it was on the Cape . . . tsk tsk, Bob.

Group caching in sunny Sand Diego.

Good eye, Penny and Simon.

ScotJ shares the Scottish countryside.

sept1c_tank posted a nice piece about the GeoCarnival on his Memoirs of a Geocacher blog.

And that was the week in geoblogs. Join us next Friday for another GeoCarnival.

GeoCarnival Cancelled

After long considerations, I have decided not to continue the GeoCarnival.

While I think it is a nice vehicle, it is extremely time-consuming. Having already missed one week and the prospects of getting this week’s out on time is next to nil, I realize a regular attempt at this is just too much for me.

I had hoped there would be participation that would eventually lead to the Carnival traveling from geoblog to geoblog. Alas, that was not to be.

There are a lot of fun and interesting geoblogs and I certainly will continue to read them. I hope you do too.

GeoCarnival #6


Welcome to the sixth weekly installment of the GeoCarnival.

The GeoCarnival reviews geoblogs and compiles what is happening in the world of GPS games (geocaching, geodashing, shutterspots, geogolf, Coin Quest, etc.) in one convenient post per week so you can read who is blogging about your favorite activity.

We Need Your Help
If you know of a geoblog that we should highlight, feel free to let us know (geocarnival AT ladow DOT net). We like RSS feeds, so feel free to send along those links.

And On With the Show . . .
There’s a new global GeoPoker game dealing tomorrow at 14:00 UTC. If you have never played, this fast-paced caching game that can be played from any location is a must! I know I am in.

Henry and Cindy cached Sedona. The caching was done pre-hike. From the views of Chicken Point, the caches should have been there.

Linda et al. had fun caching and finding a hitchhiker.

cdwangs has come back to caching and had a fun day with drivebycomments.

Preparing for #2000, labboo updates her geoblog.

Wiki battles over geocaching? ‘Tis true. WikiHow garnered a lot of attention this week for its article about geocaching. Then the battle ensued. Geocaching.com is so branded that the article read like an advertisement for the Groundspeak enterprise. Some folks tried to correct that. The battle was on. Check out the page history.

It’s in-between Minute War games (as some of us lick our wounds), but it’s a good time to read up about the game so you are ready to dive into the next game when it starts.

Still snow on the ground or just late reporting? Either way, it is good to see Lindsay and Lilian geoblogging.

Went to the Chapel has been researching how to get the most of your photographs when geocaching. Some good tips here.

When the teenagers have been up all night, the house is a mess, and the cleaning gods are calling, what do you do? That’s right. We go caching. That’s what Farrell is thinking.

GPSOkie had a difficult week, but the rain wasn’t going to keep him inside.

Chicken found an interesting grocery store while on the hunt. I’ll make certain I bring my tree saws next time I buy groceries.

Wow! Three thousand waypoints stored on the GPS using Bluetooth is definitely a step up. Mark Rosengarten describes how he added a GPSr to his Treo. It was a success!

Draw A Horizon to See the Future describes a multi done in Shanghai.

There’s a new shutterspot hidden by Tissa. Shutterspots are kewl! Certainly you know of a fabulous location to draw folks to. Why not hide one?

BOB visited Canada this week and placed a few new shutterspots. Castle Mountain is gorgeous!

Wanna brag about the number of finds you have? Headybrew provides a stats banner tutorial in the TCiki.

Not to be outdone, BOB listed another shutterspot in Banff National Park. Gorgeous!

Dr. Mellow headed out to a family reunion. He found a couple caches and 20 historical markers for waymarking. We also encourage him to submit the markers to Markeroni.

Not all hides are good enough. I reviewed a cache I placed recently and decided not to list it.

Reading carefully is important to finding caches. Jestjuggle provides some helpful tips.

Last week we shared with you sept1c_tank’s blogging of the mother bald eagle and her eggs. He has continued following this story. Unfortunately, the eggs did not hatch. πŸ™

StayFloopy has a new digital camera that he broke in this week caching. As one who is contemplating replacing my beast of a camera that is always in the trailbag, I like the results.

When you cache on vacation, it does take a long time to log everything. Good going Miragee. Looks like you had fun. And sometimes those DNFs are the best hunts.

WoodHeap found the first dashpoint of game #59 of Geodashing. The game plays all month, so join in now and have fund negotiating to the random points near you.

Tom Arneson has posted aerials of his last several geogolf courses. Tom is an avid geoduffer.

altf4osu conducted a presentation to law enforcement about caching in hopes of educating them as to our activity. What a wonderful thing to do! Congratulations.

There’s an update to GeoNiche. This program is for Palm handhelds.

Bored? Go caching. That is what Michelle did.

PinkBison is hooked.

Wow! E-mail a cacher and end up with a backstage tour at the theatre with one of the actors. Nice going.

tema skye loves the new hobby.

Nobody should be punished for his thoughts has the whole family involved now. And they’re loving it.

Randwulf cached Mt. Douglas. Very nice.

The folks at the Geocaching Zone detail a successful day of caching. This blog is always a good read.

Podcasts & Video
From Sonny Sandy-ego, this week’s Podcacher podcast is chock full of geostuff. This is the 50th podcast for the duo and they review many of the topics they covered during the run. Good stuff. It is never too late to catch the Podcacher wave, so surf on over to Podcacher.com.

The Geocaching Blog is back this week with another video. Chris is doing good work over there. One of the things I love when I cache south of here is finding Hardees. πŸ™‚

The explosion of caching videos is great to see. This video found on You Tube is awesome! But was there a GPSr to be seen?
Hat tip to Chris at The Geocaching Blog
Welcome New Cachers
The first hunt turned out to be a DNF, but that has not deterred Cow Patti from her new game. Welcome to the addiction!

Adriana has an account and has a geoblog. Time to go caching. We look forward to reading about your adventures.

Xen is contemplating caching. He’s currently looking for a GPS.

LifeHacker picked up on the WikiHow article and is now thinking about all the fun that can be had.

Lance appears to be impressed with the WikiHow article himself.

Ryan, James & Glenn
have found the WikiHow article too. Yes, it sounds natural for a geographer and map geek.

Gullible’s Travels (I love the name!!!!) has heard of caching and thinks it sounds like fun.

More potential cachers via the WikiHow article. Welcome aboard.

is dertermined to get the GPS so go caching. We’re rooting for you.

G found the perfect complement of traveling and technology. Welcome.

Paul has three GPSr units and wants to go caching. He hasn’t yet, but given his exploring of Buffalo, I think he will like it.

airsax is celebrating #400. Caching around San Francisco would be fun.

Regional Round-Up
The Houston GeoCaching Society is discussing strategy as it tries to help geowyz get to the top of the Terracaching leaderboard.

Looking forward to GeoWoodstock IV, Texas Geocaching is suggesting locals spruce up their already placed caches for the out-of-towners. We are all in favor of maintaining caches.

If you know of regional groups who have an RSS feed, please let us know.

Featured Photo Β 
Serra da Freita, Arouca
photographed by Cepeda 1 May 2006
used with permission
links have changed over the years


Extreme caching lends itself to good photographs. Thanks monkeycurious.

Isonzo Karst shows us that indeed some cachers are weird. lol

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at night. Ooooooo . . . scary aconaway.

Alke shot someone with a cache.

It looks hitchhikers for all. Wow!

We love tulips. Caching in Ottawa looks nice.

Team Hippo always posts wonderful photographs. Thanks for sharing.

Caching with KiloTwo.

Let’s go caching.

Caching in a cave looks like a tight squeeze.

Hey Floopy, I found this a few weeks ago. πŸ˜‰

Caching in stockyards? I wonder where the cache is actually hidden.

Don’t jump!

Caching has taught me to look at the flora on the trails. JnL certainly knows that lesson too.


The family that caches together . . .

Nice climbing area, methinks.

If this was Dartmoor, shouldn’t you have been boxing?

Here it is.

mbm caches with friends.

It’s All Over
And that, dear reader, ends our sixth installment of the GeoCarnival. Drop by again next week for round seven.

In the mean time, enjoy your week and the GPSr games you play.

GeoCarnival #5


Welcome to the fifth weekly installment of the GeoCarnival. The GeoCarnival reviews geoblogs and compiles what is happening in the world of GPS games (geocaching, geodashing, shutterspots, geogolf, Coin Quest, etc.) in one convenient post per week so you can read who is blogging about your favorite activity.

We Need Your Help
If you know of a geoblog that we should highlight, feel free to let us know. We like RSS and Atom feeds, so feel free to send along those links.

Round and Round the Carnival Goes . . .
We posted this early this week so you can get caught up before all your adventures this weekend.

KelDubTX is looking for cachers over at MySpace. She and her husband have been caching for a couple years.

Shiftless finds the wonders of Google Earth.

The Fox Hill Tower Geocaching CITO Event was a success according to jestjuggle. The event brought this cacher back to the location of his first find. It’s nice when one is able to re-visit his former finds.

Team North won the 30th game of Minute War
. It was a tight battle all the way to the end. They narrowly beat West as they conquered the world. Unfortunately, Team South was dead last and struggled mightily from the get-go. Perhaps we will fare better next time around.

Logging DNFs is encouraged by jestjuggle. They point out that future cachers can use this information to help someone on the hunt.

Tom Arneson completed another geogolf course
this week. Whether on your lunch break or at one of the ends of the day, geogolf is great exercise fun!

Minnesota is buzzing with GPS Amazing Family Race. Sounds like a wonderful time for families in the North Star state.

The month is coming to a close and dashers are scrambling to log the last dashpoints of game 58 of GeoDashing. Right now it’s a close race between GeoTerriers and Llama League. Douq Miller closed the gap recently with three points grabbed.

Imagine finding out there is a cache a mere 260m from your home that you didn’t know about and you discover a waterfall as you seek it. A DNF, unfortunately, but Chris and Elizabeth had a good time on their recent hunt.

Caching while going to class is just something quite foreign to me, but I am certain I would have done it way back when if I had the opportunity. bariivaruha was happy to find caches large enough to exchange trade items. Hmmm . . . if new cachers are noting the size of containers, could micros be described as an epidemic? πŸ™‚

Earth Day/CITO provided Bill an opportunity to help clean up Thompson County Park in West St. Paul, MN.

smileyjess took a break from studying to head out for a cache. She’ll be heading out again this Saturday. Happy hunting.

Sounds like a perfect cache adventure: three to five mile hike to find cache. iovnow has the details.

More CITO adventures with Randwulf.

Muddy is sick. So sick, he left work early. But found some time to cache. There’s always time to cache. πŸ™‚

All right, technically not about a GPS game, but sept1c_tank has been following the hatchings of a bald eagle and there’s streming video. Very kewl!

Chris over at Dangerous Logic likes to move hitchhikers. Yes, a tag or other documentation accompanying the hitchhiker is valuable. Still, it doesn’t keep some folks from disregarding clear travel plans!

Sortel chronicles a cache hunt he had with friends recently. Bushwhacking instead of taking the trail is the fun. πŸ™‚

Blogging while in the drive-thru on your way to a cache. Now that is something new! GeoDonutBlogging?

It’s difficult finding a cache when several of the stages are MIA. Nevertheless, sounds like caching in New Zealand is fun.

Andy got back in the caching groove recently and had fun re-visiting previously found caches with someone he was introducing to the game. It is fun to re-visit caches and read through the logbook.

Michelle jumped on the first non-rainy day to get out and do some caching. Sounds like a good plan.

Floopy’s seeing things on the trail. It couldn’t have been Helmut, but who was it?

What does one do when Practicum is over? Cache, of course. Cassie went out and found 51 caches to celebrate. Congratulations on completing your coursework.

Now this is good news! The thirteen original Florida counties have placed geocaches as a way to boost tourism. Bravo!

Happy birthday, Jen. To celebrate her birthday, Jen’s sister hid a multi that culminated with a party. Sounds like fun!

kendra had a very interesting day: studying, making out, caching, dinner. It’s information overload.

JeanC’s camera is on the fritz, but she still went to the CITO.

More CITO adventures are told by Legacy. He pulled four bicylces and a fender from the river during the clean-up. Good going.

Sometimes all there is to describe about a weekend is geocaching. Don’t feel bad metsfan.

Getting ready for camping after his birthday the other day, Ryan is gearing up for some caching.

Over at The Geocaching Blog, Chris put up some video from a recent hunt. He’s a new cacher, but he has a nice blog that should be read. In addition, he has discovered Scout’s GPS Games and I look forward to further blog entries about the games he begins playing there. FWIW, I think there may be a new game of Global GeoPoker coming up soon.

Tom Callaway is finding caches in San Francisco.

MustangJoni had a big day on Saturday. When the CITO begins at 10:00, you start terracaching at 5:30. Sounds about right to me. πŸ™‚

slatrat has a new cache. Very interesting. It is similar, yet different, from Walking Tour of Joseph Buck’s Town, a cache I placed recently, but am waiting to implement something for another placed cache in the series before listing. Stay tuned. And yes, these are difficult caches to create, slatrat.

Edmonton had a CITO event and Brat&Testy participated.

Rob Usakowski over at Three Little Ladies Rabbitry writes a nice overview of caching.

Deb is back in the game! Isn’t the Lowry Park Zoo nice? I have fond memories of being there.
D. Hall’s testament about the Garmin 76CSx made it to the Garmin blogs page. Nice going!

cyan_blue tips us off to a new caching community on Live Journal.

There are some good map tools shared by My Adventures Abroad this week. More and more, I am going tow-tech in my outings and am moving toward non-GPS caching. It adds a sense of adventure.

The Wandering Williams celebrated Sam’s four birthday with some caching in Sedona.

Charlie had an interesting first date: hike up a mountain to find a cache. His date struggled with the task.

According to Phyllis, Montana’s new ad campaign features caching. Kewl!

Russ caches in Norway and looks to be having a good time doing so.

School is a lot of fun when it includes caching. This would be one class I would love to teach. Way to go guys! Geoblogging can make you famous. Just ask Jenny who was discovered by her local newspaper for an interview after it stumbled across her caching blog. Awaesome!

In addition to caches, Randomocity found osprey nests on the hunt.

Perserverance pays off. Just ask the Peale family who went back after a DNF. Trust me, we all know that feeling . . .

Infinite Loop tells us how to create a filmloop to display the latest geocoin auctions on eBay. Now, that is innovative.

Gottle received a memory box in honor of Bob.

Just curious, do micro hiders expect to read their logbooks?

Not being first did not dampen Dana’s enthusiasm for the cache she found.

Quirky Outtakes is setting up his first hitchhiker. Have fun!

Icenrye has another fine videocast up for this week. He documents a cache hunt as well as Γƒβ€žnglamarkenas. It’s interesting to note how many locals have logged this one. I recall playing with this a long time ago. Never realized I was “caching” at the time.

Sandy and Sonny welcomed this week with podcast number 49. They shared the second part of their geocoin reporting complete with the release of the official Podcacher geocoin. Congratulations to you both!

The Caching Commute highlights the Creed, personal hitchhikers, and the 12 of 12 photosharing project. That last one sounds like fun. Thanks for the podcast so we don’t have to wait until Monday. πŸ™‚

Welcome New Cachers
Sleep MoonBeams is looking forward to her first hunt with her boyfriend.

Amanda has found caching and now she is trying to recruit her friends to join her. Welcome to the addiction!

Over at the Frozen Truth, geocaching is on his mind. Give it a try. Perhaps contact Amanda!

af is ready to go caching. He is prepared to hunt sans GPS. You’re right, you don’t need one of those things to find caches. Best of luck to you! And then he found it! Good job, af!

First cache and chrisb is geophotoblogging. Awesome!

Haleth found an interesting bug while caching with his folks.

divanared4est and Dereck went caching together for the first time. Sounds like both had fun with the multi-billion toy.

_archaicangel_ went caching on a mystery field trip.

Here’s a new cacher and he is getting involved because of a buddy’s blog. Now that is a good thing.

Regional Round-Up

UTAG has announced the 2006 Spring Jordan River Pancake Breakfast.

Texas Geocaching has a new look. We like it. We really like it!

The Houston group ponders throw down caches. Interesting discussion ensues.


Featured Photo
Jenny Jump State Park
StayFloopy @ Jenny Jump State Park 26 April 2006
used with permission

Ragged Around the Edges spotted this sign while out on the hunt.

The Bennett family reunion featured geocaching.

smokerette ponders her hair-do.

A lone palm tree attracts cachers.

publicenergy uploaded a nice collage of cachers who found the Dustboat cache. That’s what the cache camera is for!

Don’t look now, but isn’t that Mopar and GeoHo at the Lambs and Lanyards Happy Hour?

Scratch shares a creek he found.

bmwrider was at the Clarksville Geoevent and snapped this photograph of cachers marking their flag in the GPS competition.

ConnieG’s grandmother signs the log. Ha!

UK caching looks like fun. Thanks KiloTwo.

Congratulations on #2000, Grandee!!!

Squamloon shares command central.

What an awesome photograph, bvt! Nothing like a hydrocache with family.

Gregory captures the Buffalo skyline. Perfect! I was right where the fireworks were after a Dead show some time ago.

Cache found. Good job, gojumeister.

Tunnel fun with gimpstick.

Youngster on the hunt.

The location has been spotted. Nice area.

Fotomom is johnny on the spot.

Kiet snaps a photo of the logbook.

The Edmonton caching event in pictures.

The End
And that’s the end. Come back next week to see what’s happened in the geoblogosphere. Or better yet, write your own geoblog and get linked right here.

Happy caching, dashing, golfing, seeking, etc.

GeoCarnival #4


Welcome to the fourth weekly installment of the GeoCarnival.The GeoCarnival reviews geoblogs and compiles what is happening in the world of GPS games (geocaching, geodashing, shutterspots, geogolf,Coin Quest, etc.) in one convenient post per week so you can read who is blogging about your favorite activity. If you know of a geoblog that we should highlight, feel free to let us know. We like RSS and Atom feeds, so feel free to send along those links.

And now on with the show . . .
Tom Arneson completed another noon walk geogolf course. This guy has set the standard for this game.

Caching, dashing, Minute War, and benchmarking all on a long trip kept chaosmanor busy. I can relate, but as he notes, with gas busting through $3/gallon, these long distances are going to be shortened.

Tiger Paw

David is fitting caching in around various other things this week, including his mom’s illness. We pray for her. He was able to pick up the virtual at the National Zoo the other day. We have been fortunate enough to find that one too.

Amped! Love it. Hef Static is excited to go caching. Then he shares the scary side of Google.

Grace shares with us what one will do for a FTF. Ha! Good writing here.

Easter and caching: perfect together. At least that is what Slow1der planned. Heed the warning, though: caching and Easter sometimes cause problems. πŸ™‚

Congratulations to Brandon on finding his first cache! The Geocaching Blog is a good read.

Over at Laying Down the Law, Scott shares his DNF on Walkers Forge. That was a cache found long ago by yours truly . . .

Lynn cached with family while driving quads. How fun!

GPSOkie just purchased a Blackberry and is wondering how to use it for caching. I know that a Blackberry can be helpful in Minute War as one of my teammates communicates with me via his Blackberry.

Away from class, Laura was able to find three caches on a hike that she biked to. Awesome!

Me? I worked out most of a cache that should be published some time within the next few days. The views along the Maurice River are beautiful. Be prepared for a hike.

I am not quite certain how this fits in with caching, but I want one too! Bob Ashton shares with us the trackstick. Very kewl!

A geocaching assignment? Sounds interesting. bariivaruha has fun.

Denise found a webcam in Chicago with her brother.

Caching offers something for everyone. Mic likes to get out of the house. Mike likes to find hidden treasures. Together they have fun.

Night caching in a cemetery to find an ammo box. Sounds like fun! Dustin Runnells has the details.

Hmmm . . . I hadn’t heard anything about a dead body being found recently, but McDLT swears his sister found one this week while caching. Decide for yourself.

Nova Scotia caching looks beautiful. lisasbaboons does a wonderful job of writing and sharing photographs of her jaunt on the Pennent Point Trail.

Rick has the right attitude about DNFs: enjoy the outing. Sounds like an enjoyable time.

mustangjoni has moved her blog that chronicles her terraching and geocaching exploits.

I can’t say this ever happened to me while caching.

Among all the papers and tests college demands of xtitsmcgeex, she was still able to do some caching to brighten her days. You go girl!

Randwulf had a good day of caching.

The Nocturnal Nitwits have launched their geoblog. Good luck guys.

James was one for two on Easter. As he said, “I’ll try again.”

I just love how ubiquitous caching is. Pistolleer found five on Easter.

jestjuggle tested finding 100 caches in a day. He found out some interesting things.

Sonny and Sandy have another fine podcast up this week. The topic of their 42nd podcast is muggle deception. Personally, I do not worry about muggles. I am more than willing to share what I am doing to the curious afoot.

Bill and Aaron had a good caching day at Miesville Ravine Park Reserve.

Wow! I never thought of having a dog sniff out the caches! LadyBiker Lynn has a well-trained canine.

travelingpt recounts a lovely caching weekend on an Oregon beach. Sounds lovely.

Richard and I are near identical in our views. He is more diplomatic than I. His data tell the story well.

Meeting other cachers on the hunt is fun. JackieBlue tells us her story.

Another who finds the idea of a geoblog to be rational. Keep to it waya68.

LordElph uses Google Calendar to display geocaching events. Very nice!

1100 kilometers and 20 cachers equals a good weekend for Jibbers World. Good going guys!

Dawn and her caching partner hiked quite a bit for caches. It sounds like Dawn is active as she practiced for a walkathon.

Jerry Sherman makes a DNF look like fun! Here’s another area I have cached.

Benchmarks are fun to find as kayaker902 knows.

Misti’s post is pretty much a wonderful advertisement for the game. Good job!

Everything you wanted to know about Desert Warrior. He introduces himself to the letterboxing community at Atlas Quest.

This week’s DNFs continue as ftemery strikes out twice on micros.

Sounds like fun: 5.5 miles and six hours to a cache. April tells us about her adventure.

Jack Kerouac caches? Nah, it’s just Harvey. But my my, how wonderful it must be to bop around Europe like he is doing and cache.

Geocaching 101 will be held tomorrow in Michigan. Nice write up MIGO.

I am not certain how this next one showed up in my aggregator since it is dated 9 October 2005, but I found it to be interesting enough to share . . . how should one recover from running a marathon? Well hiking in Utah, of course. Awesome!

Geocacheville shows us their newly found purchased geocoin. This is a nice looking coin.

David is lucky to have Shiftless as a friend. He is now the recipient of a Garmin Edge Cycle Computer. As much of a Magellen fan as I am, Garmin is definitely a company meeting customers’ needs these days. Have fun, David.

EmeraldWings publishes a Soduku puzzle cache for us to enjoy.

Oooo . . . this sounds like fun! Let’s hope this catches on around here.

Jo is back in the game. Well done.

Jordan did more on her vacation than I have in the last year . . . I think. And in all that, there was some caching. Unbelievable! To be a teenager again.

Tortietude is planning another trip to Gatlinburg. THis time around, far fewer micros please.

Miss Mascarah is excited for the game!

The bitch is bored and can’t wait to go caching. Got to love it! Perhaps she should have hooked up with Steve. He had a relaxing (lazy using his word) day that included some caching.

Andy wants to cache this weekend.

Hmmm . . . passing on caching to remain with letterboxing. Some like to do both! πŸ™‚

Radio QRM has a podcast of a cache hunt. Nice going guys!

Geeky Mama ponders a new trail name for the child before the lockdown occurs.

Cacheopedia is getting busy again. Lots of activity like refining the definition of a PVC pipe cache.

sept1c_tank shares trail magic with us. He met up with Milkshake and Jelly Bean.

There’s no slowing down StayFloopy! He headed down closer to me for a big cache run this week. But really, his blog is about the visits to Wawa. Floppy rules!

Miragee is gearing up for a multi-state cache run while visiting family. Enjoy!

Welcome New Cachers

MonteLukast got the bug!

Looks like Debora is another new cacher.

Jon-o-tron has all the action on his caching adventure. Very nice, indeed.

James Hart found his first cache. Congratulations!

Another new cacher on the scene. Welcome Sugar Sprinkles.

Tally‘s got a new hobby.

Matt’s short on words, but is out caching. Good for him!

Joselyne went caching for the first time with her brother. Welcome to the addiction! She sure sounds like she had fun.

All aboard! Insulate My Fragile Mind is on the bandwagon.

TW is hooked!

While visiting Italy on business, Patrick had time for some caching. Now this would be fun urban caching in my book.

Kelly and Tom join the club. They’re all geared up for the next one.

A new Magellan Explorist 210 is in his hands and now iovnow is ready to go caching.

Derek is having fun but is finding one cache to be a stumper.

Chris is considering a new hobby.

The Byrne Family found caching too.

That’s the ticket: less blood and more caches found. throwawayuserid likes what he is doing.

The Let’s Talk Technology! blog found caching and is now discussing it.

mtatum is a new cacher.

A welder in Alaska is picking up the game. Impressive as he is getting over a broken leg.

Melanie figured it out. She’s now a cacher. Welcome.

Regional Round-Up

kimbest shared data analysis he did about the cache sizes over time in the UTAG fora. We missed his post last week, but his data have sparked some interesting responses and more data. This is collaboration at its finest. This is why data are good.

New cachers in Houston are found to be old friends of some of the established players. Just another case of small worldism.

I am not one much for FTF competitions, but I have to hand it to Houston. They have developed a competition that I think I could enjoy.


Jeff at the James Dean memorial.

Team Hippo photographs Portugal on a cache hunt.

A parking lot cache provides entertainment for the glyph hunters.

PSD found the cache.

Kewl finds while caching in NY.

Nice stream found by Bad Dog NY while caching.

Swan boats. You gotta love it!

Cath finds dinner while caching. πŸ˜‰

Bill’s first find. Congratulations!

This is why we cache! Thanks gojumeister.

Snuva takes in Tasmania.

Jameson stumbled across this cache.

Operator,can you help me find this cache?

A German geocoin.

Golf balls!

On the hunt in Sydney, Australia.

Penny seeking a cache.

Finding micros in Northern CA is fun for Im Wise.

Pigsaw shares the view.

GeoCow. ‘Nuff said!

Location is the key. Awesome!

Easter caching in Massachusetts.

GeoCarnival #3


Welcome to the third weekly installment of the GeoCarnival.The GeoCarnival reviews geoblogs and compiles what is happening in the world of GPS games (geocaching, geodashing, shutterspots, geogolf, Coin Quest, etc.) in one convenient post per week so you can read who is blogging about your favorite activity. If you know of a geoblog that we should highlight, feel free to let us know. We like RSS and Atom feeds, so feel free to send along those links.

And now on to the good stuff . . .
Here’s your Markwell for the day. Kelly is interviewed on Canadian radio. Scout’s post tells you how to get to it.

Geeky Mama hit 10,000 miles on her personal hitchhiker recently. There are a bunch of folks who track their mileage. Pretty neat stuff. In addition, she has completed Hermit’s Quest. Congratulations on both feats.

Caching and traveling to concerts. There are reasons to be envious of Dr. Mellow. He’s seen a rash of DTB shows recently and he is able to fit some caching around his travels. To be young again . . .

There are four new South Jersey shutterspots listed after my recent tour through Salem County. Some cachers may recognize some of these spots as they are among the finest the county has to offer.

Another one recognizes the addiction! bigredclifford has taken the first step. πŸ™‚

IowaAdmin can be humble. It sounds like the community is working there.

And yet another compulsive personality is among us. JustMe reviews his hobbies.

jestcaching considers whether geocaching is a fad or a phenomenon. Considering CBS News featured it on its Evening News, I am leaning toward phenomenon. πŸ™‚

ladypixel has met some of the cachers featured in the CBS piece.

Talk to a cacher and he will inevitably end up telling you about the interesting things he has come across while on the hunt. sept1c_tank delves into this.

Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night can keep StayFloopy from caching. A miserably rainy Saturday did not deter this Jersey diehard.

The folks at Basswood Bend set a new personal record for the number of finds in a day. Congrats! And the latest tally of the turtle poll are here. Go over and vote!

Wow! Being late for class because you were out caching. Times have changed.

Miragee recounts her encounter with a rattlesnake while retrieving a coin from one her caches.

BigWhiteTruck is tweaking some of Cacheopedia’s entries. Lend a hand to this community caching wiki.

Chris over at Sharpes-R-Us is looking forward to expanding his caching adventures while on vacation.

Finding caches is nice when the muggles aren’t in the way. The folks at Geocacheville chronicle another fine outing.

Spring has sprung in many places, but young kayaker902 is still caching in the snow.

Somehow I had missed this story. A family in Florida got lost while caching. Always know your way out of where you are and remember extra batteries or better yet, a paper map and compass are your friends.
Update: This is another case of the media getting the story wrong.

Google Earth is great software! And indispensable to a cacher as The Geocaching Blog notes this week.

The Heathrow Hikers have some nice black and white photographs from their caching adventures. I always liked black and white photography.

Caching really does take over lives. Visiting the girlfriend? Go caching. Meet up with friends? Go caching. Injure yourself? Go caching. That’s the attitude, throwawayuserid!

After Palm Sunday mass, what is there to do? Cache, of course! musing85 has the details.

David Phillips is looking for someone to cache with over Patriot’s Day. Isn’t it a requirement to watch the marathon? Hunter’s at 885 Boyleston is a prime location for watching the race, fwiw. I used to manage the joint. πŸ˜‰

Geophotoblogging. I love it! Thanks Oaksong.

It sounds like a wonderful evening out: good food, tickets to a MLB game, and a new GPS. There should be more evenings like this. Congrats Jamie.

Jeremy Stout shares his trip to Texas as a photoblog. Yes, it includes caching.

Jason Click is preparing for some bigtime hiking in the Uwharrie National Forest, but it sounds like he needs some more equipment. He has prepared for some caching along the way.

a_nord is on a quest and time is running out. It’s no wonder night caching is on the agenda. Fun stuff.

Ths is what caching in a children’s playground looks like. Thanks to s4xton for sharing these.

Norman relates a hike that he had hoped would have included a cache hunt in Malaysia.

It’s a race to 1000 finds for clubjuggler. Finding 55 in a day puts you in great shape to reach your goal by 25 April.

GPSOkie has been under the weather (I can relate) but is back in the caching business. Let’s hope in the geoblogging business too!

How about this? Laurie Thompson will have an article about caching published in Wee Ones Childrens Magazine. Hook ’em while they’re young!

It’s tough to cache when the area is flooded. But it’s fun to try! garciasn has the news.

Uh oh! Marital bliss is shakey as abc79de is not happy on vacation. It seems her hubby has lined up some caching for her to do. Chin up there girl.

Andrea remembers fondly a previous caching adventure. This was sparked by the re-run of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent she watched.

Welcome New Cachers
There’s a new cacher in South Jersey . . . and he has a blog! Welcome aboard, Scott. Stop by his site and leave a welcome message.

Jeff is smart. He’s a cacher!

Caching often leads one to places he never knew existed. Over at the Geocaching Zone, we find another example. Kewl!

There’s a new cacher down under. Welcome biggweilo.

Getting into caching while on motorcycles is definitely a good way to start.

Bruce and Diane look like they’re having fun with their new hobby. They found their first cache recently and have lots of photographs of their adventures.

Katie is a new geocacher. She seems like she likes it.

Hikerpoet (love the handle!) went caching and letterboxing for the first time. As avid hikers, they liked it! Who doesn’t? ‘)

Geocaching can be a family activity. Just ask Joseph who went on his first hunt with his mother and brother.

Susannah is yet another new cacher. Welcome to the addiction!

dwrd travels a lot and has found caching. We are certain you’ll find caches where you visit.

piccolouno is eager to begin caching. He’s looking for someone to go with and a GPS. Anyone near him in Illinois?

Regional Round-Up
The Houston GeoCaching Society had an interesting thread discussing the StopGeocaching.com web site.

UTAG is preparing for a new coin.

Covered bridges are so kewl. Thanks, Bruce.

An event in the snow. Diehards.

Matthew finds the cache!

Tivophile shows us an interesting cache container.

Another beautiful location from supradave.

Reminds of the Bronx. Doesn’t 9key have a scavenger hunt for these?

Location is the key to a cache. Cepeda was at an awesome location.

Sometimes there are obstacles between you and the cache. L Kao shows us the results.

Team GOJU celebrates #200.

PSD has been caching in Rye, NY. I’ve cached up there and have seen equally stunning sites.

Spain caching? Looks nice.

Can you imagine taking this shot while on a hunt? AWESOME, BlazerMan!!!

Team Hippo finds interesting things when caching.

That’s all for this week, folks. Check back next Friday for the next installment of the GeoCarnival.

GeoCarnival, Part Deux


Welcome to another GeoCarnival. The GeoCarnival is where we link to what is happening with GPS games in the blogosphere this week. There is a variety of posts, photographs, and interests presented each week.

How Can I Participate?
All cachers and bloggers are free to submit links that you think others will find interesting. Whether it is a post you made on your own blog or something you read elsewhere, send it to us to be included for others to read. As this is a weekly compilation, please link to those posts that were made since the last GeoCarnival was posted.

Please use the address GeoCarnival at ladow dot net.

gojumeister has a large coin collection. Dorkfish has a cool coin.

Geeky mama tells us how she takes her puppy with her caching. How cool is that?!?!?! I wonder if I could convince Beetle to make room in the stroller for ‘Nado. Probably not. πŸ™‚

Nascar could not corral Dr. Mellow. He joined a few of his buddies for some caching and he even found some locations for placing his own cache. DM had a busy week seeing Derek live. We like DTB here at eCache.

It looks like Team Hippo was at an event.

There’s a poll over at the Basswood Bend to help determine an image for their next cache. Go cast your vote . . . errr . . . leave your comment. For the record we like turtle one . . .

The GeoWombats found a steam engine.

jestcaching is back in the blogosphere with some help for the beginner. In the end, the best GPS seems to be the one you have.

sept1c_tank remembers the lost of his trusty Garmin 12 last year. Interestingly, while on a cache hunt a few years back, I found a Garmin 12 and it was on!

It was a typical Sunday for Floopy: caching. He went to a non-caching event in Poughkeepsie and cached on the way there and on the way home. Floopy has stamina!

San Diego was hopping this week. miragee was out in beautiful weather. While looking at the swag in one cache, she found a surprise for her 1000th find. Not to be outdone, Sonny and FoxTail broadcasted another podcast this week. FullOn, creator of SoCalGeocachers.org/Groundspeak reviewer is interviewed. Interesting things were learnt from listening . . .

GeoGolf was something we reviewed here the other day. GPS games that incorporate a 19th hole are enjoyed by many!

Cacheopedia updated the Indiana Spirit Quest page. Sounds like fun!

Game 58 of geodashing began this week. Ash Doge logged a dp by walking and dining on the way home. Sounds wonderful! And congrats to four years of dashing.

I am not the only one who clears areas. Steve Brown has just one more to complete his 100-mile radius. Thanks to flowers22 for sending this one in for the GeoCarnival.

Hey! East has not conquered the world yet and neither has North. So South may have a shot after all. πŸ™‚ Follow the latest happenings of game 30 of Minute War.

Headybrew added to the TCki telling us what is different about terracaching.

Hmmm . . . I wonder what cache this one was.

Rob Durdle shows off his find.

Rite in the Rain products are reviewed over at My Adventures Abroad. Good products in caches are good for the seekers. It’s all about those who visit the cache.

LABBOO launched a new web site just to document his caching adventures.

BoFax knows what to bring along on a cache hunt.

Geocacheville has had a busy week caching. They even picked up a hitchhiker in their travels. Catch up with these cachers and their adventures.

Gotta love caching cartoons!

_dolphy_ recounts a fine day of caching . . . complete with photographs!

The blogosphere is replete with wonderful stuff. A few cachers have been linking to Josh Leo’s video from last June. It was a good watch then. It’s a good watch now.

Decisions decisions. Gottle made a good one and had a fun day caching.

Geocaching with daughters. Yes, I approve! Rhianna has a fun mommy.

Charl checks out the cache.

The Hopeless Writer documents the process he took in writing an article for the Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine. Interesting process and thanks for sharing.

PurrGurrl announced she opened Modern-Day Treasure Hunting, a geocaching fanlist. Stop by and say hello.

Retired in an RV and nothing to do but cache. Sounds like heaven. The RV Vagabonds are in New Mexico this week. Damn, I’m jealous!

Jonathan is new to caching
, but seems to have the right attitude about it. Welcome to the addiction.

Someone has a new cache ready.

When you have cached out your area, plan a vacation. Sounds right to me!

Another decon container found.

Scott J found the cache

Another person confused by geocoins. I can relate.

MonkeyCurious captured a shot of a bird while at the Lookout Cache.

Nothing like running into the cache owner while seeking a cache. Paul tells us his story on a recent hunt.

Can you see it?

Another new cacher on the scene is Scott. Don’t be afraid of the natives at events. Most are harmless. πŸ™‚

Caching in the rain can be fun. silvaviator had a good day among the raindrops.

Penny and Simon have some outstanding photographs posted this week. Awesome!

The Tiki Man was the destination of John’s caching adventure. Is Waco anywhere near GW4? πŸ˜‰

CacherCrasher shares the family adventure in the 12-cache series for the Pirate’s Booty. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Now, stay away from those gators!

Rev Dan unearthed a harmless cache.

Wow! Coming upon a cattle drive while caching sounds like fun. Living on a coastal plain does not offer the eCache household that luxury.

There’s a new geoblogger on the scene. Let’s provide a Carnivalanche and leave a a geo-welcome on Leather-man’s blog.

This is why I want to cache upstate New York

Darin and his family enjoyed the fake rock cache they found.

Gert will be happy. I found another reason why children are useful. They find caches when the adults can’t!

krazykatave is tired from her long hike while caching at Beech Fork. Don’t you love the sleep after a big day?

Knarrnia was creeped out while caching. Strange things do lurk out there . . . BEWARE!

Mr. Dom refers to the GPS.

Lots of excitement
from SubSpace79 about his newly-found hobby.

JustMe went caching on an ex-military base. I like this line the best, “some of the places these caches are hidden are places that one would never normally go to”. That’s the whole point.

Cache 6 was a coffee can.

And so endth another GeoCarnival. Check back next Friday, dear reader, for another review of the geo-blogosphere.