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VX35-DAJY: Belize

09-03-27 VX35-DAJY

39.58532, -75.21672

Looking at GE before heading out, I knew this flag and VX35-DAKA were going to be touch-and-go. Both appeared about 100 meters from the road. We had success at VX35-DAKA; unfortunately, for this flag we were stymied.

We drove through beautiful Salem County with the sunroof opened and just enjoying the afternoon. Fritz was in great spirits and was loving the sights.

As we approached we noted the farm is a preserved historic farm. We pulled over to let a Wrangler zip by. We banged the U-y and got as close as we could, 126 meters, in front of the house there at the farm. If I didn’t have my son, I may have gotten out and walked down the driveway to ask permission. But I didn’t. It’s tough being so close but unable to score the flag.

We continued on our way content with having been there. We continued our afternoon with a nice hike through Parvin State Park before dinner.

VX35-DAKA: Italy

09-03-27 VX35-DAKA

39.54279, -75.18125

Today was such a beautiful day the outdoors called us. Fritz and I piled into the Jeep and headed for a tour of Salem County. First up was this vexillum. I missed my road and with a trooper on my heiny, decided not to bang a U-y. I ended up going a little out of our way as we circled back to Olivet Road.

Soon enough we were on the farm. It’s all farm out here. We drove past, turned around, and settled 94 meters away. We were between 479 and 489 Olivet Road. We were pulled over on the side of the road next to the farm. The farm may be a sod farm. Sod is a popular crop here, although other sod farms seemed more mature than this down. I am not good at identifying things, so it could be cabbage for all I know.

Whenever the camera is turned on, Fritz calls “Cheese” and insists on his photograph being taken.

VX25-TYYT: Dominica

09-03-25 VX25-TYYT

39.23223, -74.78084

Google Earth lies. Lies, I tell ya!

Someone DNFd a cache I have hidden down this way and I wanted to check up on it. I picked up Fritz and we went out for a hike. The road in was dry so no 4×4 today. We parked and took to the trail. Soon after the little guy was yapping on the cell. I know there are no photographs of me doing this in my youth.

My buddy loves hiking. We bushwhacks very well and encourages me to keep going. It’s afternoons like this that confirms life’s goodness. Fritz looked at the old cranberry bogs, saw birds, investigated interesting things he saw. Even when he was hung up with briers, he worked himself loose. Not bad for a two-year old.

We got to the bridge, which he loved. Soon after I spotted the empty cache placement. No ammo box, none of the covering. Only two finders, both on day one, before this one was pillaged. Who had less than a fortnight in the Over-Under? The remoteness of this location made it an easy decision not to replenish someone’s free ammo box supply.

Not to be dampened, Fritz and I kept having a blast. He loved running and back and forth across the bridge. He eventually took notice of the beauty of the bogs he crossed. He bent down to look out. “Wow!” He gets it!

We ambled back eventually and headed down the road to Woodbine. It was to be a straight shot: Woodbine Rd. to Dehirsch to Scott Ave. There I was driving on Scott when the road stopped. GE shows this as a straight shot. I made it past the Waste Management plant to High Wire Road. Then I ran into a Posted area at about 450m. In the distance I saw a fence. 🙁

We went back out to Dehirsch down to 610. I thought approaching from the other side might prove beneficial. It looks like the recycling plant road is the one that will take one directly to the flag. Given the hour, that road was gated, so there was no entry there. That was at about 850m. A little further down 610 was another dirt road. It didn’t look too good, and it was gated as well. It didn’t seem to be off limits, but I was about 1k away. Gert was encouraging us to come home, and Little Buddy is not particularly speedy. We bagged this.

I suspect on a work day during working hours, one could drive to the recycling plant and score this flag. I do not suspect I will have an opportunity before the flag expires to accomplish that.

Nevertheless, Fritz and I had a wonderful spring afternoon. Thanks for the reason to get out.

VX23-VOUH: Guernsey

09-01-02 VX23-VOUH

39.72072, -74.26195

The family headed to Tuckerton for the day to visit Nana, the children’s great-grandmother. We had a lovely visit. Much to everyone’s surprise it began snowing and even stuck a little bit. Enough for Beetle to make a snowball and throw it at her father. 🙂

On our way home we headed north. The little bit of reconnaissance I had done indicated this could be a driveby. Famous last words.

As I headed up I realized that the vexillum was nearer the Parkway than Rt. 9. At a red light I realized I was at a road that would be useful. It quickly became apparent this would not do. This is new construction. My road was to have a fork in it. There was none. New schools and new developments. The GPSr got as close as 500m before we gave up the chase this way. Gert perked up as we were among McMansions. She quickly found a reason for us to move the 80km to this area.

Back to Rt. 9 for another approach. I found the road parallel to the first and it looked as though this would be even better. And it was . . . until it ended. Yup, out of nowhere came the Forsythe NWR. I was about a km away.

Frustrated I headed back out to Rt. 9. Wife was buried in her book, my daughter kept whining about not going the correct way home, and The Boy was just looking out the window. I missed my next entry, but took the following road and looped around. This too looked very good. It too deadended at the NWR. WTF?

One can see how the road used to continue, although it was no one these days . . . just a hardpacked trail. I was about 1.25km away. Had the family not been with me, this was a no brainer. Even so, Gert thought I was going to go in. I was not dressed for the woods and the vexillum could have easily strayed from the trail (or the trail from the vexillum).

Oh well . . . I tried, but this flag (where the heck is Guernsey anyhow) was not meant to be in my possession.

VX06-ONIW: British Virgin Islands

VX06-ONIW: British Virgin Islands

39.01657 -74.94326

After dropping Beetle off at school, I headed down toward my old stomping grounds, albeit, we used to make fun of the Villas. Nevertheless, down 47 I drove, past Belleplain, past Chris‘s house, and past all the offshoots. Gert called to find out how things were going so early in the day. Eventually, I came to the familiar turn at Tom Foodery and U R My Sunshine.

Soon enough I was driving down Bayshore reliving memories from 30 years ago. This area has been developed. There’s a Super Wawa around here, pizza joints aplenty, and other businesses. I referred to Maggy to know where to turn. Onto Spruce it was.

Down a bit I saw I wanted to turn left. At the cross street was a suped up bright yellow car. It was for some realty group. Interesting. I turned in front of them and quickly saw that that the British Virgin Islands were now located behind a modular. I wonder if QEII got the memorandum. 🙂

The closest I got to the vexillum was 51 meters. Looking now at GE, it appears there is a road that goes behind the dwelling I was looking at, but not all the way through. I probably could have gotten closer, but how to explain why I was on the dead end? Not to worry . . .

The modular was white with a white boat beside it. It had green trim. There was a metal fence surrounding the property. The house was on Presper (odd name, methinks) between Spruce and Evergreen.

From there it was a day of great GPSr fun. 🙂

VX08-HODU: Haiti

07-07-15 VX08-HODU

39.41462  -75.33147

Poor Gert. She has been exhausted ever since Fritz was born four months ago. After another accident by the little girl who is supposedly potty-trained, I said I would take the children out for some GPS fun. Gert was so tired she didn’t protest. 🙂

After grabbing some flags for Minute War, we headed down toward Greenwich for this vexillum. We found this at the intersection of Springtown and Greenwich Roads. The house in the photograph is a small white house with two satellite dishes and several antennae. There was a brown house across the street from it with a red pickup. There was a small blue house behind me. All house faced Springtown Road.

The vexillum itself was in a large overgrown field. With an asleep infant and a precocious little girl, I remained 24 meters away.



39.96399 -74.65828

Sigh . . .

Today was another one of those days. Three hours into my adventures today and I had little to show for my efforts. I am not certain what was going wrong, but I just seemed to be fumbling about. Things looked promising once I decided to stick to my basic route I had planned. The road pictured on the map isn’t really there. Well, it is, but it isn’t a throughway. I found an entrance off of Pemberton-Browns Mills Road. I thought for a moment I was going to drive directly to the flag. Then, all of a sudden, I met up with the road that I had been looking for that no longer exists. That was the “intersection” where I had to stop.

I figured at this point, I should try to enjoy the day, so donned in flip flops and shorts, I headed in. I was stymied almost immediately. The flag shows to be behind the farm. In order to avoid the private property, I needed to skirt the farmland. The brush was just too thick. Even if I had been dressed properly, I believe there was a gate (overgrown with vegetation) that if looked at carefully, would have spelt the end of my journey. There was an orange caution sign under there. Because of the frustration that was mounting due to squandering of time, I decided to bag this one.  I was .25 km away when I made this decision.

Perhaps if I had approached via the farm, things would have been different. I am not much on asking permission to play behind someone’s place of work. Other than that, I think this is not gettable.

VX07-ZORU: Canada

07-07-05 VX07-ZORU

39.31433  -74.76984

One of the things I enjoy about having the summer off is the afternoon nap. It’s amazing how refreshing a nap is. It seems rather strange that we can’t fit this into the regular schedule. Before I settled down in life with a family, the summer afternoon nap took place around 4:00. Now with young children, the nap has moved up in the day. Now at 4:00 I am ready to move.

I tried to coax Beetle to join me. Initially she was excited, but when it came time to leave her mother, she balked. Oh well . . . rested and ready to go, I took off.

As I drove through town, it dawned on me there was another flag further north that may require a hike, but alas, I had not loaded those coordinates. I decided to stick with the plan of driving to Dorothy.

I always enjoy driving by the Head of the River church and this flag was a few miles down the road from there. As I approached, there was a clearing just past the railroad tracks that angled across the road. The flag zeroed out on the grass right beside the road.

The area is not terribly interesting. It was nice to break out the Batona flag to mark the spot.

Happy Independence Day

07-07-04 Happy Independence Day

Beetle was off from school today, but that didn’t keep her asleep. I had moved to the couch when Fritz woke up in the middle of the night. I awoke later to my daughter pawing my face. It is not a pleasant way to wake up.

We futzed around the house for a bit and then headed over to Grammy and Poppy’s. We returned lots of borrowed stuff: tables, chairs, cooler, and iron. After visiting for a while, we decided to treat ourselves to barbecue on this festive day, despite it being cold and we being blah.

We dined at Longhorn. Aunt Amanda was nowhere to be found. We had Melissa for a waitress. We had her once before. Beetle was in a particularly friendly mood today. We shared a lobster and shrimp appetizer. I had a big rib-eye. It was good.

After our late lunch, we putzed around here some more. We brought the exerciser up from the basement for Fritz.  He is three and one-half months old; Beetle was five months old when she began using this.  Fritz isn’t real active with it yet, but he did get it to play music.  Beetle happily danced about with the music.

After Beetle went to bed, I went out briefly vexing (virtual capture-the-flag). It was very pleasant out tonight.

We grilled burgers outside and Gert made wonderful milkshakes when I arrived home. I watched the Independence Day special in Philadelphia (at the art museum); unfortunately, the downpour kept the fireworks from being set off.

VX06-FYJU: Seychelles

07-07-04 VX06-FYJU

39.37981  -75.13622

I am just now settling into vacation-mode. Despite being off for two weeks now, we have had company and there has been ots of running around. With temperatures more like late September and early October, we just haven’t gotten into summertime. Today there was more running around returning tables and chairs we had borrowed for a party last weekend, cleaning, etc. We decided to forgo the fireworks tonight as we had two tired and cranky children.

As I relaxed, I thought why not run out for this flag. I haven’t sought any flags since the early in the game and this one is just around the corner. I looked for just a second on the road map and it appeared it would be a drive-by. After driving by once and turning around at the prison, it looked like this one was unscorable. The roads that appeared on the map just did not exist. This is all farmland and WMA here.

But on my second pass, I decided to pull over. Next to the farm was an access road belonging to the Fish and Game Division. While driving on it was prohibited, I certainly could hike in. It was about .85 kilometers to the flag.

This was just what I needed!

After an eventful week that at times became tense and emotional, I needed to release some of that emotion. Alone out in the woods: thank goodness. I cleared my head. It wasn’t a long hike, but it was unexpectedly fun. I spotted a garter snake (that I nearly stepped on), saw two baby bunnies scury across my path, and heard deer in the distance. All the while I had a cool evening breeze swaying the overgrowth about me.

If I had been more properly dressed, I would have zeroed out this flag, but the darkness and the lack of clothing and foot covering made it so I only got to within 56 meters. But I did find a wonderful location to explore. Sometimes it pays to get out of the damn car.

Thanks for the excuse to get out and about. It loosened this boy up so he can get on with enjoying the next two months.