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Fred On Shamnesty

This is why I like Fred Thompson. He needs to get his message out there better because he was on tonight! The following is his smacking Rudy Giuliani over immigration. Frankly, I thought Giuliani looked weak this evening.

ROMNEY: I thought you said that wasn’t amnesty.

GIULIANI: That is not amnesty. That is not amnesty.

If you have a fine, if you have conditions, if you have a wholebunch of steps that people have to go through, it is not amnesty.

Ronald Reagan gave amnesty, straight-out amnesty.

THOMPSON: The question is, are you rewarded for your illegalbehavior in any way?

If the answer is yes, it’s amnesty.

GIULIANI: But if you have to pay a penalty for it, it is not.For example…

THOMPSON: Do you get allowed to — but you can still stay in thecountry?

GIULIANI: Pay money, have to follow…

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: Well, but you have to pay penalties.

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: There are all different kinds of penalties.

GIBSON: What would you do, Senator?

GIULIANI: Someone gets amnesty from a crime…

THOMPSON: You can have — you can have — you can haveenforcement by attrition if you obey the law and you enforce the lawthat’s on the books today.

If we started securing the border, as we are supposed to do –and we’re all in agreement that it must be done now.

THOMPSON: I mean, we arrest thousands, over the years, of peoplefrom countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. I mean, it’sessentially a national security issue, as well as an issue offairness, as well as a social issue with regard to what states andcommunities have to face nowadays, and workers who are in competitionwith this.

If we enforced the borders so people couldn’t go back and forth,if we assisted employers with a system that we now have on the booksthat 20,000, 30,000 employers now are using, a verification system soyou could essentially punch a button, the Homeland Security folks willtell you whether or not this person is illegal on the front end, andif we stop sanctuary cities where we’re telling local people that youcan’t cooperate with federal authorities, and stop inducing people tocome here with employment and protection under sanctuary cities, asMayor Giuliani did when he was mayor of New York, then we would have– we would have attrition of these numbers and start reversing…

ABC Debate Transcript