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Mixed Message

Today were the Live Earth concerts. Uber environmentalist Al Gore gave a speech in Washington D.C. in the morning. In the afternoon, he introduced Keith Urban at Giants Stadium in northern New Jersey. Gore traveled on a train for the several hundred mile trip.

Train travel is certainly more economically-friendly than flight. On a day when the world’s eyes are upon you, it is best not to misstep.

I wonder, however . . . how did Mr. Gore arrive in D.C.? How will he leave New Jersey?

You see, promoting train travel is fine by me, but if you add air travel to both ends of the trip, what have you really done?

I also cannot help but think of what the footprint of these concerts must be. Would not a simple stage without a lighting system be more appropriate when one is telling others how to behave? And how did these artists arrive to these shows?

The concerts have been interesting. I had tickets for Live Aid years ago. I followed Live 8 a couple years back. I am long beyond ever wanting to be in a crowd that large again. I must be getting old. Heck, I haven’t even recognized most of the bands today. Snoop Dogg is a walking comic book character. Truly.

I do look forward to Roger Waters’ set, which should be coming up in a few minutes. His politics are wrong, but I love his music.

Gore Speaks Behind Closed Doors

Captain Ed takes Al Gore to task for refusing media coverage of a speech Gore is giving at Augustana College

Al Gore has banned coverage of an event again, this time in our neighboring South Dakota.
. . .
apparently Gore plans on saying something for which he does not want to be held accountable, especially since the former VP is rumored to be considering another run at the Presidency.

Ed continues:

don’t recall ever hearing of Bush refusing to allow media coverage of a public event, and Gore has now done it twice.

Apparently, if the press isn’t there, it isn’t a public event. Augustana College describes itself on its homepage as A private, selective, liberal arts college. What about this event makes it public?

I too think Gore would want press coverage of his events, especially if he is considering another run at the White House as is rumored. But for whatever reason, he has opted to not permit that. I don’t see the issue that Ed does.

A person has the right to curtail who attends his private functions. Mr. Gore is no different in this regard.