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Christmas 2022

22-12-25 Christmas

Went to sleep late last evening/early this morning. Awoke before six to put the prime rib in the sous vide and then returned to bed. Woke up again. Chilling until Beetle called to see if she and Fritz could come over early. Things were stressed at their house. They came over and we hung out.

We exchanged gifts. Beetle gave me a wonderful card, Fritz a Rolling Stone special edition of the Grateful Dead.

Had a terrific prime rib dinner! Perfect.

We played Hot Seat. Fun stuff.

Then Joey came over. We played Poetry for Neanderthals. It is just like Taboo. Had fun until Fritz quit. Beetle was particularly good at this game.

Drove the lovebirds to his aunt’s house. Fritz and I hunkered down for the balance of the evening. Beetle received lots of money and a few novelty gifts. Fritz received a new Xbox Series X and Gotham Knights to play on it. Both were happy.


It dawned on me as I consider Weir’s response to the question “Is it one of your hopes from all this that the songs, your music will live long after you’re not here?” that much of what I have heard the band express over the years in interviews counters my own feelings, yet I am connected to the music.

Weir wants his music considered 300 years from now. If he does things right (whatever that is), in his estimation, that will be a good.

I would have thought the answer would have discussed the ephemeral nature of music and that any lasting effects are nice, but beyond one’s control and focus. That certainly is how I look at things presently.

There will be no books written about me. This blog is as close as it will get.

Perhaps something I said or did will affect someone and will be told and re-told as a source of inspiration. If so, great. If not, so be it. Whether it does or not is beyond my control and is certainly not my focus.

I will die and the world will move on not skipping a beat.

Meet-Up at the Movies

22-11-01 Meet-Up at the Movies

For several years, the Grateful Dead have released concert videos once a year in a movie theater. Known as Meet-Up at the Movies, these events were pitched as a fun night out with deadheads. As I recall, these were in August. I suspect they coincided with Jerry’s birthday. The last couple years they were canceled due to COVID.

About a month or so ago I got wind there would be one this year on 1 November. I purchased a ticket. It was the Tivoli show from Denmark . . . part of the celebrated Europe ’72 run. This is the 50th anniversary.

I’ve seen this concert footage before. It was professionally shot and aired on Danish television in 1972. But hey, a night out sounded like fun. Who knew the Phillies would have been in the World Series?

I was the first one in the theater. I wondered how many deadheads would venture out on a Tuesday in November for this. I estimated about 35 in all. Most were my age or older.

There was some interviews (Parish, Cutler, Donna), but not as much as I would have thought. The video was fine, but one could see the age (lines) running through it. One could easily see Pigpen’s health issues. Keith had just started with the band and was not prominent. Phil sounded great on several songs and was quiet on others. Billy had a simple kit and was alone. Jerry and Bobby both played well.

There isa reason why the Europe run is celebrated and this show because it was so well recorded is a testament to it. I had a good time!

The Phils were up 4-0 when the show ended. I listened to it on the ride home and then watched it once I arrived home.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

As I rebuild this blog, I become excited whenever I encounter a “new” pursuit. I am now in the middle of the Toastmasters posts. That has me looking at Toastmasters stuff. As I am wont to do, I began researching this organization again. What I found is a general dissatisfaction with Pathways and the approach of TI in general. That is exactly what I experienced before I left in 2018 . . . Dead & Company opened their summer tour on Saturday at Dodger Stadium. The field was full and most of the first level. Second and third levels were very empty . . . Picked up tickets for two Hot Tuna shows in December . . . Was reminded of something from my childhood that I haven’t thought of in years: black licorice gum . . . Dead & Company (Bob Weir, in particular) got me to turn off the livestream this evening. “God damn Supreme Court today!” line had me turn off the television immediately. I listen to chill, not hear politics that I do not agree with . . . I own four different bottles of gin. Who would have thunk that? . . .