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Conceal Carry

Just in case you were interested, I was asked:

you never replied as to how you would feel knowing that a person is allowed to carry concealed (when virtually nobody in NJ can do that except cops and ex-cops) when that person has a public vendetta against you.

I don’t know.

While I have strong opinions, and I am sure I have ticked off plenty of people with my posts, I am unaware of anyone having a public vendetta against me. Even if I were aware of one, I suspect I wouldn’t know if that person had a conceal carry permit. And even if I were so bombastic to cause someone to have such a public vendetta where he permitted me to know that he carried, perhaps I would:

  1. think that reason prevails and not let that bother me, or
  2. if I truly thought the person was not “stable”, I would not publicly attack him

To each his own.