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The Best Halloween Costume I’ve Ever Seen

I haven’t a clue. Two that are memorable, however, are President Nixon and Jackie Kennedy.

When I was a boy, President Nixon had his Watergate fiasco. He resigned in August 1974. For Halloween that year, my mother thought it would be cute for me to dress as Nixon. I wore a blue suit and carried around a tape recorder. Sheesh . . .

Thinking back, perhaps it was 1973, prior to his resignation. I just do not recall.

In the late 1980s, I ran a restaurant/bar in Boston on Boylston Street. Our Halloween event was a happening. The entire wait staff would don crazy costumes for the evening. One particular eccentric girl came dressed as Jackie Kennedy. She wore a white 60’s dress along with a pillbox hat and matching purse. Of course, there was a huge blood splatter stain and brain chunks all over her.

Oh my . . .