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Huckabee’s Nanny State

Admittedly, Mike Huckabee caught my attention a month or two ago. But with attention comes scrutiny and Huckabee does not pass the sniff test . . . ummm . . . muster . . . errr . . . is not up to my standards.

Huckabee, as of this writing, is far ahead in the Iowa polls. Mind you, he still has not made much of a dent nationally, be he is the talk of the Republican Party. The question is, is he a Republican?

The only litmus test is whether he is registered a Republican. I assume he is. Other than that, what makes him Republican? It used to be that Republicans were for limited government, lower taxes, were socially conservative, and a strong defense. The Republican Party no longer professes these things; that is why I left the party.

Smoking bans have been a cause célèbre in state government of late. First it was California. As goes The Golden State, so goes New Jersey. Even Huckabee’s Arkansas joined in on restricting personal freedom by banning smoking in public places. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

If smoking is the hazard that it is purported to be, then a public ban is non-sensical. Rather, flat-out banning the substance should be done.

Huckabee was interviewed recently by Hugh Hewitt. Here is the exchange they had about smoking:

HH: And the last question is do you support a federal ban on smoking as has been alleged?

MH: No, I don’t. I support workplace clean air. But a federal ban on smoking would mean that you couldn’t smoke in your own home. I don’t care what people do in their home. But in a workplace, in our state, we passed a law which I’m very proud of, and that said that people have a right to have clean air at the workplace. I did not support a ban just in restaurants and bars because frankly, I think that the problem with that is that you’re punishing the customers. But what you have a right to do is to protect the workers in the same was you do from radon gas and a host of other carcinogens and toxic fumes, which is exactly what tobacco smoke is.

HH: Well, I understand that from the state side, but I’m talking about the federal lawmakers getting involved in this and imposing on states a uniform standard. Do you, just for the workplace. Do you support federal laws mandating standards for workplace non-smoke environments?

MH: I personally would on the workplace issue. If there are two or more people, and as long as anyone under the age of 21 worked in that place, there ought to be some protections for them.

Why do politicians feel such a great need to protect the workers? Would anyone interviewing to be a cocktail waitress not expect there to be smoke in the workplace? More important, why can’t business owners set up their businesses to cater to whom they want?

Huckabee is all for looking after the workers, but will gladly tax the hell out of the product. I just do not understand how this fits in with a conservative philosophy. And that is when it occurs to me, Republicans no longer have a conservative doctrine. Pretty soon government will want to limit what we can eat . . . wait, it has.

Huckabee does not meet my standards for president.

Florida Republican Debate

The debate format used and the number of participants prevents true meaning from being had. That said, I was impressed with Mike Huckabee. And for as wild as Ron Paul is, he and I agree that the federal government has no role in education, health care, or retirement. Tancredo nailed this point when he stated we should not be debating what role the federal government will have in this or that. Simply, there is no role.

Fred Thompson was once again mediocre. He performed better than he had in Michigan, but he did not command the stage. He needed to hit big tonight and he did not.

The line of the night was McCain’s rip on Clinton, Woodstock, and the bill she supported to spend tax dollars on a museum commemorating the event.

I wasn’t there. I’m sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event. I was tied up at the time.

The audience gave Sen. McCain a standing ovation. He does not play up being a POW, but that was a perfectly delivered line.

I was quite disappointed with Fox’s debate. The opening round of questions dealt with the theme of “Who is the most conservative candidate?” Sigh . . . “I am more conservative than he is.”

Later, there was a round that asked the candidates to attack Hillary Clinton. This was bush league. Huckabee handled this question perfectly. He stated that while everyone is having fun at her expense, there is nothing funny about a Clinton presidency. She will raise taxes, weaken our defense, and bring our country to a “comfortable mediocrity.”

I thought Huckabee had the best answers tonight. However, he had so little time it is hard to call it in his favor. It makes me wonder how effective this debate format actually is.

It is time for the front runners to debate on a smaller stage. Romney, Guiliani, Huckabee, and Thompson (I suppose) need to sit down at a table and debate issues with a single moderator.

Update: fixed grammatical error.  How embarrassing to be quoted with a grammatical error!