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Dream On

House Democrats rammed through the “Dream Act” the other day. This bill grants citizenship to certain illegal aliens.

Clayton Morris, a news reader, weighed in on this with the following:

Some people call it it a back door amnesty program. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. DREAM only offers a handful of students the path to citizenship after they jump over a ton of hurdles.

The usually light Morris stepped up his political presence with this post. Note, even he acknowledges that citizenship is granted to those who broke the law. That is ultimately the problem. No amount of belittling his readers changes the fact that no United States law should have any illegal alien jump anyone who is legally waiting in line for citizenship.

Couching it in a bill “for the children” does not change that. Clayton’s shine is tarnishing. Stick to news reading, buddy.

Playing Politics

Politics is an interesting endeavor. POTUS sits at the top of the heap. He takes shots from all over. Some are deserved, but many are gratuitous.

Jan Brewer is governor of Arizona. She is up for election; not re-election as she took over when President Obama selected the former Arizona governor to be Secretary of Homeland Security. Brewer is running a wonderful campaign. She keeps attacking President Obama for Arizona’s ills. I commented back in May on her powerful message.

Brewer has not sat idle since. She has a new commercial that hits Obama hard. Again, whether you agree or disagree with her position, one has to appreciate how she’s politicking. That a governor is putting POTUS in such a position that he is going to have to respond demonstrates who is politically more savvy on this issue. I guess his response is the impending lawsuit.

Watch and enjoy.

Powerful Message

Jan Brewer is Arizona’s governor. She had been the Grand Canyon State’s secretary of state. Then governor Janet Napolitano resigned to join the Obama Administration. When she did, Brewer became Arizona’s governor.

Brewer’s term is up this year. She is now running to be elected. To that end, Brewer has released the following advertisement. It’s a powerful message.

Forget whether you agree or disagree with the point that Brewer is making. Rightly or wrongly, Brewer has provided a message that elevated her name recognition. Her state’s recent law dealing with illegal immigrants has certainly elevated her visibility. As a political candidate, name recognition is critical. Just ask Lou Magazzu how important that is. When voters are in the booth, recognizing a name is helpful. Brewer has done a masterful job of getting her name known.

Polls indicate that the majority of folks in Arizona favor the position. Now they absolutely know whose name to associate with that law. Brewer is banking that they vote for her in November. Indeed, it is a powerful message.

Corzine’s Liberalism

Over the last six months, the predominant issue facing New Jerseyans, as all Americans, is the financial crisis. New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs. He is the man who took the company public, cashing out as he was pushed out the door. One might think that he has some financial acumen.

That, however, is not what is on the governor’s plate today. Rather, he is considering the recommendations of a panel he convened to determine “how New Jersey can better integrate the state’s immigration population into its towns and cities.”

What jumps out at me is why this is even a consideration. It’s not a neutral consideration. Convening such a task force is bound to receive recommendations such as:

  • calling for a moratorium on raids of illegal immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • letting illegal immigrants pay in-state college tuition
  • unauthorized immigrants in New Jersey drive legally
  • create an immigrant welcome center

Is New Jersey still part of the United States?  First of all, where does a task force get off determining what ICE, a federal agency, does?
My freaking taxes are being jacked up in the state.  The last thing I want that money to pay for is some criminal from another country getting a tuition break for college.  Who dreams up these ridiculous proposals?

I am happy to hear that Corzine is against the driving privilege.  I am sure it has a lot to do with his friend Hillary being roughed up on that issue last year in her run for the presidency.

While the state should not be curt to immigrants, I do not think a welcome center is needed.  Where would this be built?  Wouldn’t every town need one?  This is a silly waste of my tax dollars.

Instead of embracing the attitude that “immigrants have a positive effect on New Jersey’s economy,” how about helping ICE remove the criminals for the benefit of all the legal residents of this state?  The money saved would improve New Jersey’s economy by reducing taxes spent on the self esteem of the criminals.

Of course, this has everything to do with re-election.  Illegal immigrants are grateful to liberals who provide shelter for them.  Don’t fall for this ploy.  Our governor does not represent my values.

On Immigration

Okay, I know I am linking to a lot of Fred Thompson video of late, but the man has the right responses to the questions. As I wrote to someone earlier,

He is not a dynamic speaker. He answers questions. He is straightforward. He has a plan. Obviously he is unfit to be president.

I do not see the negatives in Thompson. His campaign has been lackluster, but he hits home run after home run on the issues. That’s what I am looking for in a president.

McCain supports Shamnesty. Giuliani ran a sanctuary city. Huckabee ran a sanctuary state that provided tuition breaks for illegal aliens. Romney supported McCain’s position and then flipped, so who knows where he really stands? Thompson is the only one holding those who commit an illegal act accountable.

This is not the original video I had linked here. It disappeared. This Thompson bit was from the Republican debate six days after this post was originally posted. (12/24/21)

Fred On Shamnesty

This is why I like Fred Thompson. He needs to get his message out there better because he was on tonight! The following is his smacking Rudy Giuliani over immigration. Frankly, I thought Giuliani looked weak this evening.

ROMNEY: I thought you said that wasn’t amnesty.

GIULIANI: That is not amnesty. That is not amnesty.

If you have a fine, if you have conditions, if you have a wholebunch of steps that people have to go through, it is not amnesty.

Ronald Reagan gave amnesty, straight-out amnesty.

THOMPSON: The question is, are you rewarded for your illegalbehavior in any way?

If the answer is yes, it’s amnesty.

GIULIANI: But if you have to pay a penalty for it, it is not.For example…

THOMPSON: Do you get allowed to — but you can still stay in thecountry?

GIULIANI: Pay money, have to follow…

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: Well, but you have to pay penalties.

THOMPSON: But you can still stay in the country?

GIULIANI: There are all different kinds of penalties.

GIBSON: What would you do, Senator?

GIULIANI: Someone gets amnesty from a crime…

THOMPSON: You can have — you can have — you can haveenforcement by attrition if you obey the law and you enforce the lawthat’s on the books today.

If we started securing the border, as we are supposed to do –and we’re all in agreement that it must be done now.

THOMPSON: I mean, we arrest thousands, over the years, of peoplefrom countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. I mean, it’sessentially a national security issue, as well as an issue offairness, as well as a social issue with regard to what states andcommunities have to face nowadays, and workers who are in competitionwith this.

If we enforced the borders so people couldn’t go back and forth,if we assisted employers with a system that we now have on the booksthat 20,000, 30,000 employers now are using, a verification system soyou could essentially punch a button, the Homeland Security folks willtell you whether or not this person is illegal on the front end, andif we stop sanctuary cities where we’re telling local people that youcan’t cooperate with federal authorities, and stop inducing people tocome here with employment and protection under sanctuary cities, asMayor Giuliani did when he was mayor of New York, then we would have– we would have attrition of these numbers and start reversing…

ABC Debate Transcript


More on the Taking Back Our Streets Act from Contract With America . . .

This title of the bill provides for the prompt deportation of any alien without a green card who has been convicted of an aggravated felony and who is deportable.  According to bill sponsors, it addresses the
current problem of releasing these felons into the general population prior to finalization of deportation proceedings, since few of those released ever show up for their deportation hearings .

And from that, is the basis for all sorts of changes in the system.  Sitting here 14 years later, I have to ask a simple question: Why does an illegal alien have to commit an aggravated felony before he is deportable?

To me, if an illegal alien has his garbage can out of sync, he should be deportable; meaning, as soon as the government comes to an understanding that someone is here illegally, he should be deported.

Why would a government not deport someone here illegally and why would a crime he commits have to be of such seriousness before the government acts?

Yes, I am familiar with the work illegal aliens do for the economy and the consequences to food prices if they were not here.  For me, any time someone can properly be classified first by breaking the law as illegal aliens are, it is wrong to look the other way for convenience.

Is this the best way we can grow our big orchards?
Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit?
To fall like dry leaves to rot on my topsoil
And be called by no name except “deportees”?

Woody Guthrie, Deportee

Illegal Immigration Hits Close to Home

It is no secret that Cumberland County, New Jersey is replete with illegal aliens. Many of these folks are hard-working migrant farm hands. Yet, many are not.

Randy Lopez-Rivas is not. Lopez-Rivas entered the United States illegally from Guatemala. He settled in Vineland.

Today Lopez-Rivas was arrested in Camden after having been spotted at the bus station.

What was his crime? Last night, his girlfriend, another illegal alien from Mexico, arrived home to find Lopez-Rivas missing. So was her three-month old daughter. The baby was found shortly after the police arrived at the scene:

A further search of the basement turned up the grisly discovery. The baby was wearing a pink singlet, her body shrouded in a white trash bag.

This heinous act would have never happened had our laws been respected. Now what happens? For you amnesty folks, this is what we see that prevents us from just permitting anyone to come in.