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Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

21-10-03 Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Sunday evening after a weekend with the children. Finishing up resetting the apartment. Bleached the bathroom, vacuumed, laundry, etc. . . . My daughter is a slob. I love her, but everything she touches becomes messy, marked, or otherwise dirty . . . Apparently she’s been giving her mother a difficult time. Every time we have a hand-off of the children, all I hear are complaints. There’s never any positive said about anything. Don’t miss that at all . . . Drove to Whitesbog today with Fritz. It’s been some time since I’ve been here. It used to be a regular visit . . . Pulled out a surprising win in Ticket to Ride . . . Got to hold Jacoby for a few minutes today. He liked me enthusiastically. I really miss the puppies . . . I feel as though I should be up for Father of the Year. Despite me not practicing Catholicism any longer, I attend mass thrice monthly so Fritz can serve as an altar boy. And I have now gotten my atheist daughter singing in the choir. I’m good . . .

Summer Vacation

It’s summer vacation!

School is officially completed for the year. We blew bubbles online to continue the tradition of the last day of school being bubble day. Didn’y have the fun of scrubbing desks and bubbles everywhere, but adapting is the word of the school year under COVID-19.

Fritz has come a long way with bubbles. He used to dump the bubbles immediately when given a tube like this. Love this boy and Candy and Coby. This is all coming to an end quickly.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Jacoby, our bichpoo, loves me. I love him!

Life doesn’t always go the way one wants. That seems to happen a lot lately. It doesn’t matter to Jacoby. He is always here to snuggle, play fetch, rubbies, or to talk to. He is my outlet. He makes me feel good about myself.

It’s amazing as I downplayed dogs for so many years in favor of cats. I still love cats, but there is something about the love these dogs provide that is special.

When I pull into the driveway tired from work and not knowing the mood of the people inside (it’s a crapshoot each day when I arrive home), I know Jacoby will be there for me.

I love this dog!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Working on my third glass of wine. I’ve had to enlarge the font size on the Kindle. I’m such a drunkard . . . The last time I was in the arcade in Cape May (a couple years ago, perhaps even last year), there were, I believe, two pinball machines. Today, there were none. On top of that, there were very few video games. Most of the “games” were ticket generating machines. Boring . . . Reading Packing for Mars. Learning that my ear troubles probably are responsible for my motion sickness . . . We are provided two hours, fifteen minutes to set up our classroom for the year. During that time, students and parents are encouraged to visit with the teacher. Hmmm . . . Tuesday the Millville City Commission voted to not extend a PILOT to NJMP. It was reported in The Press on Wednesday. On Friday, it still hasn’t made The Daily Journal . . . Had two moles removed from my face this week. The one little one on my upper lip kept bleeding whenever I shaved. Found someone in Vineland to do it the next day . . . I think it would be weird to go to a friend’s yard sale . . . I am sympathetic with Groundspeak’s plight with its promotions. When they released the Mystery at the Museum promotion they were hammered for the length of the promotion and how involved it was. Now they have released Streak Week and they are being blasted for too many promotions, wrong time of the year, too little lead time, etc. How about not giving a crap about icons and caching the way you want? Geez, the company is trying to put a little spark out there and cannot win . . . Happy birthday, Coby . . .

We’re Getting Puppies

We decided to let Beetle have a puppy for Christmas. Both she and Fritz have asked for a dog for over a year. We were adamantly against that. Then Aunt Patty came with Sadie. Beetle was very responsible caring for the dog. That rekindled her desire for a dog. As we got closer to Christmas, we took this under advisement.

Beetle has suffered from some self-esteem issues. She’s going through puberty. Her brother gets EVERYTHING he wants. We eventually decided to look. We found six dogs to look at.

We drove out to Lancaster County last Saturday prepared to purchase a puppy. We left the decision with Beetle holding onto refusal rights if we didn’t feel right about the deal. We visited all six dogs. Beetle selected the last dog we visited. I am not surprised. Candy is really cute and cuddily. Beetle warmed up as the day went along and was willing to hold the dog and ask questions. We were comfortable with her decision and put a down payment on her. We will return Wednesday evening to pick her up.

Mommy and I began talking. As nice as Candy is, neither of us would have selected her; we had fallen hard for the first dog we visited: Jacoby. We talked about how cute he was. Gert eventually said that perhaps we should get two dogs. I agreed. We batted that around for the rest of the trip home. We knew were going to get him.

We didn’t think it was right to call the Amish on Sunday so we waited until today. He is still available. We put down a down payment via Paypal. We’ll pick him up Wednesday too! We are so excited!

Candy Jacoby