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Carla Katz is going to radio? The program director stated, “She’s smart, she’s candid . . . ” The first question to her should be What was in the e-mails you and Gov. Corzine swapped? . . . I stumbled across Eliabeth’s Edible blog a while ago. She cooks nice-looking food. Her chicken marsala has hit my To Make list. That looks fabulous . . . President Obama stated on his television show at his press conference the other day, “And Churchill said, ‘We don’t torture,’ when the entire British—all of the British people—were being subjected to unimaginable risk and threat.” The thing is, Churchill never said it . . . Rocketboom switched hosts again. What happened to Joanne? Caitlin looks way young, as my mother would say . . . If you are old enough to be licensed to drive, you are old enough to have your name in the paper when you are ticketed for careless driving . . . A local loudmouth gets his comeuppance at the hands of Emil Van Hook . . . We left Allstate last fall when we realized we were being gouged.  Ended up shaving about half of our auto insurance bill.  I suspect the next move for Allstate is to leave New Jersey as its government-approved 8.9% hike on premiums will drive away even more customers . . . How bad is it in New Jersey?  Cory Booker, a liberal mayor, is on record that the state cannot afford its own goverment . . . Apparently, President Obama will release one photograph of the plane that scared the hell out of New York last week after it said it wouldn’t yesterday.  So, instead of picture being worth 1000 words, we now know it is worth $328,000.  Another reversal for this administration.  They are stumbling way too much, and one photograph is not enough . . .

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Seeing President Obama deride a major news company and ridicule American citizens makes me question his character . . . Obama pronounces techniques as techniks . . . Governor Corzine is preparing to level a $60 million tax upon New Jersey motorists. Oh sure, it’s called a fee hike, but it’s a tax for using a motor vehicle. Just in time for the election. This guy truly does not understand the issue . . . The economy has finally hit the Yankees. Gouging customers is going to slow in the Bronx. The new $1.5 billion ballpark has not sold out the front row seats because they are too pricey. Given the national games broadcasted on Fox were blowouts, perhaps spectators just thought the fans fickle. Slashing prices will go a long way to putting fannies in those seats . . . The fly-by the other day cost more than $328,835. For a photograph of a plane. Forgetting the absolute stupidity of the location of the photo-op (and heads better roll because of that), how important is an updated photograph of the plane? After all this, where are the photographs? These are not sensitive photographs. They were taken on the public dole. Let’s publish them so we can see what all the hysteria produced. Really, is there no one on staff who can use Photoshop? . . . So Carla Katz, Gov. Corzine’s former girlfriend and ongoing financial recipient, has called a press conference for tomorrow, yet she will not reveal the topic. Sigh, a stunt . . . My opinion for Joan Rivers has dipped significantly . . . The newly elected president of the Millville Board of Education has endorsed a former Millville First member. I wonder how those who support the man who abused his office feel about the city commission candidate from an organization which is loathed . . .

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It’s interesting what happens when one is on vacation: when is the last time I recorded an Utterz? Created an Oh My! strip?  Delved into NJ politics?  Loaded Silver?  Hung out FriendFeed or Twitter?jjj Yeah, it’s good to be on vacation, but it is going by so quickly . . . Along these lines, I have not scored one baseball game yet this year . . . Oh Amanda, please tell me this isn’t the level of dialogue you aspire to . . . I guess I am not going to try for Bob’s shutterspot this week . . . Why am I reading less and less of Michelle Malkin’s content these days?  She limits content in her RSS feeds.  It requires a click, despite throwing an advertisement in the feed.  That’s not how I surf . . . So much for my dream of getting one of the new iPhones.  Those plans are not priced anywhere near reality for our household . . . Despite being in our nation’s capital, I will not be attending the Lua conference . . . This is scary.  Really scary.  I rarely use my real name for web sites and haven’t for MySpace either, not that I use their service . . . Speaking of which, I recently signed up for a Groupee account.  For those who haven’t kept pace, Groupee is the current-day version of InfoPop.  Still not ringing a bell?  Well, the Groundspeak fora used to be hosted by InfoPop.  It’s like stepping back in time . . . My interest in Menuism is waning.  Their weekly e-mails tell me I receive compliments and then say I have none.  Also, much like TC.com’s rating system, what does it mean that I went from 100% helpfulness to 88%?  If it means nothing, then get rid of the metric . . . We are planning our meal at Bobby Flay Steak.  I would be even more excited if the site worked in Firefox.  It is the only site in his network that requires me to launch IE . . . Making room for another cheesy store on the Avenue . . . I am not surprised: Carla Katz lost her job . . . Wasn’t there a hurricane Bertha a few years ago?  I am pretty certain I did a tie-in to the Dead’s song Bertha then, much like Zooma is doing now . . . Is anyone surprised Starbucks is going to close 600 stores?  Yeah, neither am I . . . Another datum that I am growing old: the beard is almost all white. 🙁 . . . And just like that, GR is empty . . .

Corzine’s Principles

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine says he is fighting for principles by appealing a judge’s ruling that he cannot claim executive privilege in hiding e-mail between union boss Carla Katz and himself.

“The decision recognizes the long-established legal principle that a governor has a right to have candid and private conversations with others, but the judge defined that privilege quite narrowly,” Howlett [Corzine spokeswoman] said. “It is an issue that should be addressed, especially in this rapidly expanding digital age.”

Why isn’t Corzine fighting for the principle of keeping an appearance of impropriety from affecting the way state government is run?  Corzine is using quite a bit of tax dollars arguing that e-mail with a union boss/former girlfriend during a time when the state was negotiating a new contract with her union is protected private speech.

A leader has the responsibility to his constituents to have heir business conducted openly and without corruption.  Corzine has been less than candid about his relationship with Katz that included large financial sums that finance schools for her children.  This ongoing relationship has the possibility of hurting citizens.  Corzine should immediately release the e-mails and drop the appeal in the best interests of New Jerseyans.  Refusing to do so is only working for the best interests of himself and Ms. Katz.

Corzine E-mail Open to Public

A judge finally ruled that the e-mail between Gov. Corzine and his former girlfriend is not private. These e-mails occurred while Katz’s union negotiated a contract with the state of New Jersey. It is nice to finally see some reasonableness displayed in the Garden State.

The public has a right to know whether the relationship between the governor and Ms. Katz had any improper influence on the governor’s paramount obligation to serve the interest of the citizens of New Jersey first.

Chalk this one up on the public’s side.  We absolutely deserve to know that the governor is serving us before the woman with whom he has an ongoing financial relationship.

The first response from Corzine is via his taxpayer-funded lawyer, Attorney General Anne Milgram:

We intend to appeal.

Of course.

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Why does a march against gangs happen on Father’s Day? How about honoring Dad instead? . . . TwitterLocal is pretty kewl. Here is the feed for Millville and 20 miles out . . . I am getting old. My students had physical education today. Whilst picking them up, I took a couple swings with the “Nerf” covered bat. I swung so hard on the second pitch I hurt my wrist. Even so, the ball slammed off the far wall. My students were impressed. 🙂 I’ll pay for this for a few days, I am sure . . . Haven’t been watching The Factor much recently.  The more air time Dick Morris gets, the less I am inclined to tune in.  He’s been wrong with his analysis throughout the campaign.  Why does this john still get a platform? . . . Not that I am following this at all, but the headline caught my attention.  “Because of this case, I have been financially crippled,” McGreevey told the judge. Oh please.  The divorce hasn’t harmed you, your corrupt nature has affected your earning power.  I am fine him not paying his wife millions.  She seems to want servants, helicopters, and the like.  But “the Gay American” should be forced to pay a certain percentage of his income, just in case he is not playing it straight in the trial.  History says it’s a fair bet he isn’t . . . Hey, Sen. Obama, I understand your use of sweetie.  I use sweetheart several times a day.  Of course, I say it to nine- and ten-year old students . . . Just in case anyone thought government does not overstep its purview, check out what New Jersey is pushing through the legislature.  Citizens apparently no longer have the right to not purchase health insurance . . . Oh, I can’t believe suing is going to help Carla Katz with the union . . . I have to say I agree that the NJ DOE should seek to recoup squandered tax dollars from school districts who misused the funds . . . FWIW, playoff hockey is exciting . . . Forget closing the state parks.  I just found $143 million to cut from NJ’s budget.  This money comes with no strings attached.  I thought Corzine got rid of the Christmas tree fund.  I guess not.  Really, Garden State voters: how long are you going to vote for corruption? . . .

Katz Cries About Her Own Poor Performance

Carla Katz demonstrated yesterday that she is unfit to lead a union. She wrote over at PolitickerNJ.com that Governor Corzine added to “demonizing public workers” by refusing to give state workers off on Black Friday.

Traditions, like the three decades-long granting of an extended Thanksgiving holiday for public servants, are worth fighting for.

If that is the case, then when Ms. Katz negotiated the contract of 9,000 state workers she represents this year with her former boyfriend, she should have fought for the day off. That she did not demonstrates she is unfit to be a union leader.

Governor Corzine merely enforced the contract. The contract does not provide for state workers to have off on Friday. That other governors have provided this benefit at the expense of the taxpayers does not matter. Katz did not protect her union members and negotiate this perk. It is not like it was an unexpected move. More than a year ago I wrote:

When it comes to negotiation time with your former girlfriend, make certain that if the union wants this day off, something of significance is given from their side. I suspect workers will quickly give up the outrage over the “loss”.

Katz is crying over her poor performance. The 9,000 state workers should remember that at election time.

Corzine Bought Off Katz’s BIL

The saga of New Jersey Governor Corzine and Carla Katz, labor leader, continues. It wasn’t enough that Corzine bought Katz a house, paid tuition for her children, provided large sums of money, and conversed “privately” with his former lover during negotiations with her union. Now we find out that Katz’s brother-in-law was hired in the Corzine administration at the Turnpike Authority.

When Corzine was under fire early this year when it came out that there were other payments to Katz that had not been disclosed, he forced Rocco Riccio, Katz’s BIL, to leave state government. That apparently came with cash from the multi-millionaire’s pocket. The initial $10,000 was followed by another $5,000 this summer.

It certainly seems like this was a political pay-off. Granted, it did not come out of taxpayer funds (thankfully). A few questions I would like answered are:

  • How did Riccio get his job at the Turnpike Authority?
  • If the job was on the up-and-up, why was he forced to leave?
  • Should governors pay former subordinates’ mortgages?
  • Doesn’t paying the mortgage open the governor up to the very heat he sought to avoid by forcing Riccio to resign?
  • Will Corzine ever not misstep with anything related to Carla Katz?

Corzine Gets One Right

New Jersey state workers negotiate for 13 holidays off during the fiscal year. Interestingly, that is three more than federal government workers have.

Anyhow, NJ state workers, while contracting 13 paid holidays actually have 14 paid holidays. Each governor signs an executive order to give state workers off on Black Friday. Governor Corzine has signed the order for this year.

But it came with the promise that it will never happen again.

“I firmly believe that, as a matter of sound practice, days off should not be granted in this manner but should be either negotiated or statutorily authorized,” Corzine wrote in the order.

Bravo, Governor! I agree completely with this opinion.

When it comes to negotiation time with your former girlfriend, make certain that if the union wants this day off, something of significance is given from their side. I suspect workers will quickly give up the outrage over the “loss”.

NY Times Takes On Corzine

In a moment which has stunned us here in South Jersey, the New York Times has run an editorial taking Jon Corzine to task for refusing to disclose any other debts that may exist between the candidate for governor and Carla Katz, his former girlfriend and president of a union that represents 9,000 state workers.

Political opponents say Mr. Corzine should disclose any other loans, gifts or financial dealings between himself and Ms. Katz, and they are absolutely right. The fact that Mr. Corzine isn’t willing to comply is disturbing. The state of New Jersey has a right to demand assurances that the next governor is not going to turn his private life into a public conflict of interest somewhere down the line.

We applaud the Gray Lady for highlighting Mr. Corzine’s problems on this issue. We also encourage her to keep digging. Did Corzine fail to disclose the loan to election officials when he ran for Congress in 2000?

Corzine needs to come clean. He wants to be known as the one who will rid our state of corruption, favoritism and fraud, yet he seems to be involved in much of the same. His operations chief is being investigated by the FBI and he has provided a huge gift to a labor leader a week after he announced he was running for Congress. This coupled with spreading money around to Jersey political leaders, like George Norcross, does not put the would-be governor in positive light. Our next governor cannot afford to be dirty connected to the corruption, favortism, and fraud which has influenced the state over the last several years.