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How does one get $130,000 in the hole with child support? Shouldn’t he have been arrested long before now? The poor children who have had to go all this time without support . . . Are you willing to pay for the Titanic? A British ship sunk in international waters, yet Sen, John Kerry wants US taxpayers to protect it. Only a millionaire could come up with this idiotic scheme . . . A decade ago I set up a DRiP for Coca~Cola. I don’t look at it much as it is a forget-about-it account. I needed to look up my dividends for my taxes recently. I am very pleased with my investment at this point. Slow and steady is doing well . . . How come the three-hour concession stand duty falls to me each year? . . . That Oro Cubano hand-rolled cigar did nothing for me . . . Happiness: my five-year old curling up in my arms and taking a long afternoon nap. That put a huge smile on my face (once I woke up) . . . I like Santana. Carlos et al. are coming to AC in July. The least expensive seat is $76. Yeah, I’ll listen to a CD instead . . . Just because you are elected, doesn’t mean you are intelligent. The Mason-Dixon line never came to New Jersey, therefore it is false to claim we were above it or below it. That was dispelled years ago . . . In one or the more egregious examples of government acting stupidly, New Jersey is providing free busing from Salem and Cumberland counties to Atlantic City this week. Why? It’s part of the Fugitive Safe Surrender-New Jersey Southern Region initiative. The idea is that fugitives turn themselves in. I am not a criminal, but that seems like a stretch at best. I am willing to accept it, however, for this argument. The busing is because it is noted that many of these folks do not have the money to pay for transportation to and from this event. Save, only one way is guaranteed. The return trip may or not be provided. So, take a bus ride, turn yourself in, but the return trip is one you? It doesn’t seem quite as well thought out as it could be . . . I killed my mother again this evening. The speech went well. Lots of tears. Do folks really not listen to the introductions? It clearly stated it was fictional. I feel so guilty pulling on their heartstrings like this. But it was good . . . BTW, I love speech-a-thons . . .

Sen. Kerry Saves the Day

As I lamented previously (here and here), Major League Baseball has made a terrible decision in cutting off fans like me from viewing games.

The deal MLB struck with DirecTV this year means that fans who want to watch the home team in his market (the Phillies in my case) and watch other teams out of market, they would need to purchase cable and a satellite. The Phillies games are mostly broadcast on cable; the out-of-market games are available only on satellite due to the financial deal reached with DirecTV for the Extra Innings package.

It’s a bad deal. Baseball fans who want to spend money to watch games are realistically precluded from doing so as few people will purchase cable and satellite.

Senator John Kerry, the man who would be president in 2004, stepped in and promised federal oversight to the deal. Apparently his pressure was such that MLB was able to strike a deal with IN Demand to reach cable customers.

While I welcome it, I cannot purchase what I wanted to all along, I am not in favor of the federal government’s interference. If MLB wanted to spite its customers and make a bad decision, it should be free to do so. Furthermore, DirecTV paid $700 million for an exclusive deal. It is no longer exclusive. Will they receive a refund?

Congress Investigates MLB Deal with DirecTV

The man who would be president promised a close examination of the deal that puts MLB’s Extra Innings package exclusively on DirecTV.

“I will review this deal to ensure it benefits consumers,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. “I’m encouraged that Major League Baseball may be willing to provide broader access to their games than what was initially proposed. I will be watching closely to ensure the league works in good faith so that America’s pastime is available to all fans. My concern all along has been that fans continue to have the ability to enjoy baseball on television.”

Here’s the skinny, Mr. Ketchup. The deal hurts customers, but lines MLB’s pockets. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Frankly, I do not know if I want Congress to do anything.  If MLB wants to drive away its customers, it should be free to do so . . . even if baseball is our national pastime.

The (Un)Riehl World

I try not to take this blog down the political rhetoric path that so many other blogs travel. While I am conservative (in case you hadn’t noticed), I refrain from the gratutitous swipe and prefer to deal with issues on their merits. Sure, I argue from my political viewpoint, but I hope it is not be belittling others.

The current kerfuffle over the photograph of John Kerry sitting in a mess hall without troops is one of those things which leads to divisiveness. It was unlikely the photograph was what it was “reported” to be. Then the battles ensued. It now looks as if Kerry was having an off-the-record interview with the New York Times. Okay, so good digging on the “other side”. Congratulations. We were wrong in what we thought the photograph suggested. Let’s move on.

But Dan Riehl does not know how to let go.

The Distinguished Gentleman from Massachusetts traveled halfway around the world on tax dollars, allegedly to support the troops he ticked off with a poorly crafted joke – and rather than spend just a little bit more time with them, he opted to have breakfast with reporters from the New York Times and The New York Review, instead.

That sounds more like the John Kerry I thought I knew. It was “off the record”, somehow I can almost hear Kerry asking, “So, what are my chances, guys?”

It is this kind of rhetoric that fuels the animosity that creates the schism. Riehl adds nothing to the discussion and it is easy to dismiss him outright because of it.

To me, if one wants to engage in this style of blogging, he is not looking to further political discussion. Rather, he is providing a venue for the faithful. That is fine to do, but it does open one up to ridicule from others.

Mr. Kerry Is Put in His Place

The blogoshere has been ripe with discussion about Mary McCarthy who was fired the other day from the CIA for leaking classified information. It seems like a pretty clear issue: privy to classified information, bound by law not to disclose classified information, and having taken an oath upon acceptance of the job not to disclose classified information, Ms. McCarthy disclosed classified information. No one is disputing the facts.

Interestingly, however, is that there is still a flap about this. McCarthy is a Democrat and has financially supported liberal candidates. That is fine and her right to do so. But that appears to be the only reason that Democrats are claiming her firing is disingenuous. If the facts above are stipulated, how can one think she should still have a job?

Guest blogger bullwinkle over at Say Anything summed up this issue clearly:

I have just one question for Mr. Kerry and the rest of the left. If Mary McCarthy had access to John Kerry’s military service records including his discharge and released them to the public would that be OK, as long as they were his real records? After all, she’d just be telling the truth and in this case not jeopardizing national security…


Leadership from MA?

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) stated today on the Today Show that 53% of American children do not graduate high school.

COURIC: He wanted to train 70,000 additional teachers in math and science.
KERRY: That’s terrific. But 53 percent of our children don’t graduate from high school. Kids don’t have after-school programs… He didn’t ask America to sacrifice anything to achieve great goals and the biggest example is making the tax cut permanent for the wealthiest people in America. The average American struggles to find time to take care of families, working two or three jobs… It’s a disgrace. He did not tell the real state of the union.

(Hat tip to Matt Drudge)

The U.S. Census Bureau has this press release on their web site. It is dated 29 June 2004.

High School Graduation Rates Reach All-Time High; Non-Hispanic White and Black Graduates at Record Levels
Last year, 85 percent of adults age 25 and over had completed at least high school, an all-time high, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today. Also in 2003, 27 percent of adults age 25 and over had a college degree, another record . . .

Here are more U.S. Census data.

So, will the former (and current?) presidential hopeful be questioned about this? Kerry’s week has been interesting. He first called for a filibuster of the vote to confirm Judge Alito to SCOTUS and now he tosses out a very loose “fact”. Think about it: according to the man who would be the president, more than half of all students do not graduate high school.

Michelle Malkin has video of this.

Nuisance Redux

Two weeks ago Election 2004 was illuminated by candidate Kerry’s surprising quote in Matt Bai’s New York Times Magazine piece (for $6; now):

When I asked Kerry what it would take for Americans to feel safe again, he displayed a much less apocalyptic worldview. “We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they’re a nuisance,” Kerry said. “As a former law-enforcement person, I know we’re never going to end prostitution. We’re never going to end illegal gambling. But we’re going to reduce it, organized crime, to a level where it isn’t on the rise. It isn’t threatening people’s lives every day, and fundamentally, it’s something that you continue to fight, but it’s not threatening the fabric of your life.”

I asked when terrorism was just a nuisance. Kerry was wrong to claim terrorism can ever be tolerated at acceptable levels.

What’s more, terrorism is ever advancing. Today, the London Independent reported that bioterrorism is advancing and needs to be thwarted. If the terrorists are advancing their methods, what makes Kerry think they are ever going to be cornered to be just a nuisance? Developments in spreading influenza, in an era where vaccines are scarce, is more than a nuisance. What Candidate Kerry would you do to put bioterrorism in the corner?

I know, you have a plan.

The Rumor Mill

All weekend, the conservative blogosphere has been buzzing about a big story that will break on Monday about Kerry. RedState said:

Stay tuned for Monday morning, folks. A story will break that the Kerry campaign will have to respond to.

Bill at INDC wrote:

It’s something that the Kerry campaign will be forced to address regarding a previous criticism of Bush’s foreign policy. That’s all.

My experience is that anything truly huge will not wait. It’s like the tease that television news plays for a story. If the story is something that would cripple the campaign, while it may be desired to wait on it, the reality is that it would leak.

Koz states that it is re-visiting a statement Kerry made that he had spoken with all the members of the United Nations Security Council prior to voting on the war when in fact he hadn’t.

So I sat with the French and British, Germans, with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein.

This is not the type of stuff that would cripple a campaign. It is the type of thing that could last the weekend. It makes sense.

Yes, if true (that Kerry hadn’t met with the Security Council) it would further nail home the fact that Kerry is untruthful/an exaggerator. But, don’t we know that already? Europe has already indicated it wouldn’t play Kerry’s foreign policy games, yet he still states them. This would not be much, I am afraid.

Terry McAuliffe would be run out there to answer questions by speaking about Bush leading us into an unethical war. What? That wouldn’t answer the question? Well, of course not, but it would move the attention off candidate Kerry.

Prediction: Fox News plays this story, but it doesn’t penetrate mainstream America.

Update: 24 OCT 04, 23:10
Wizbang! has a link to the video of another speech in which Kerry claims he met with Security Council.

Update: 24 OCT 04, 23:19
Here’s the Washington Times story that was promised all weekend.

The Truth Escapes Him

I am certain we have all exaggerated at some point. Lord knows I apparently know many folks who attended Woodstock, despite the likelihood of that being the case being as slim as Mr. Pickins.

And I have no doubt that folks could point me to equally implausible statements made by President Bush (although, admittedly, I know not of any). But my goodness, is there any reason to continue a farce when you are a highly decorated Viet Nam veteran, a lawyer, a Lt. Governor, and a long-time US Senator?

Football Fans for Truth uncovered a Kerry lie that has been repeated frequently about his agony over the Red Sox loss in 1986 when Bill Buckner misplayed the grounder that would have provided an agonized Red Sox Nation victory.

Presidential hopeful, John Kerry, states that he was 90 feet away from Buckner at Shea Stadium when the play occurred. It seems, however, that his hometown rag, The Boston Globe, reported Kerry at some awards banquet in Beantown that night.

Yes, it is about an insignificant matter, but my goodness, just how pathetic is this? How on Earth could anyone trust national security with someone who needs to place himself at an event he did not attend?

It looks like Rob at Say Anything agrees.

Update: 25 OCT 04, 17:19
Interesting, this story is making the rounds again today. Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire and Wizbang! both have reports on this.