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The Great Gatzby

22-02-19 The Great Gatzby

My love of drama on the theatre stage is beginning to come forth to my children. Whenever there is something other than a musical, I suggest we see it. With that, when I learned that the Gloucester County Institute of Technology was staging The Great Gatzby at the Levoy, I purchased tickets for us to see tonight.

Unfortunately, Beetle is ill and did not come. So, Fritz and I took to the third row to take in the stage production of this classic tale.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read this. It’s one of the books I have reread several times, but I do not think since college although perhaps in Boston. I’ve never heard of a stage production before.

The high school students did an admirable job, but it wasn’t great. I did like how the accident that killed Myrtle was staged.

This production scaled the story very much to its core, but the audience, I feel, missed out on the wonderful depiction of the Roaring 20s that Fitgerald captured with his prose.

My leg was really bothering me during the show. As I walked around at intermission, I ran into Buba2u for the second time that day. 🙂

Elf, the Musical

21-11-13 Elf, the Musical

Eighteen years ago the movie Elf was released. Funny! Will Ferrell, who can be irreverent, portrayed Buddy, the Elf perfectly. With an all-star cast around him (James Caan, Ed Asner, Mary Steenburgen, Jon Favreau, Peter Dinklage, and Peter Billingsley), this has become a modern Christmas classic. Santa’s coming!

This year, three theatres around us are staging Elf, the Musical. I gather someone wrote a play based on this movie. We went to see it at The Levoy tonight.

From the get-go, I found myself smiling. I have not been in the Christmas spirit yet this season; we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. There’s nothing special about this impending holiday. Yet, from the opening number I smiled.

There were lots of adult inside humor (Santa can’t use reindeer because of PETA, for example). I laughed throughout.

The guy who played Buddy, while not physically what one expected was downright perfect! He was so expressive, could sing well, and captured the exuberance of the character wonderfully. Pretty much the rest of the cast was held in the same stead.

Just good ol’ fashioned fun. Lots of audible laughter and guffawing from the crowd, including my children. This is a fun show, much like the movie is fun.

I am sure because of copyright issues, we didn’t get It’s Cold Outside. I looked forward to that as it is a highlight from the film for me. All the music was original. We also didn’t get Santa’s Coming, now that I think about it.

As expected, I leaned over to Fritz and told him I expected it would snow. It did. Lots. On us. It was wet. Very wet. And Santa flew in his sled! Oh, what fun!

Had a blast. I could easily see this being staged annually for the holidays. Just a fun evening out.

War of the Worlds

21-10-09 War of the Worlds

Originally, the Levoy Theatre was scheduled to host Billy Shakes’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We received a message some time ago that instead of that, the Off-Broad Street Players would perform The War of the Worlds instead. I had been looking forward to introducing the children to Shakespeare, but this sounded good too. And since I read this with my students, it had the added bonus of fitting in with work.

I wasn’t terribly into this. Fritz, on the other hand, has raved about it. For me, it was a bit slow paced and ultimately, it’s bit of an odd performance given it was the recreation of the Orson Wells’ play, but the actors reacted as though this were a real event. Just seemed a bit weird ultimately.

Nevertheless, it is always good to see theatre and be with the children.

Levoy Cancels Show; No One Notices

I have been following The Levoy web site. My observation is that tickets just aren’t selling for events. Lauren Van Embden was quoted in the paper near the soft opening that people had been holding off buying tickets until the theatre actually opened. It has now opened.

I take screen shots of the main floor seating chart for shows. Tonight the Atlantic City Ballet was to perform. I counted 40 seats sold.

On the calendar of the site, this event was moved to Thursday the 20th. When one moused over the date, he could read it was cancelled. Yet, the site still promoted the show on the homepage. One could still purchase tickets for the show, presumably given I could still access the ticket site for this show.

No other cancellation notice was seen. Nothing via Twitter. Nothing via Facebook. Nothing in the newspapers.

Levoy Disappointment

I have tried to remain positive regarding the Levoy Theatre. ‘Tis true I have been highly critical of how the theatre is funded. That has not change nor will it. But as the theatre nears completion, I have accepted that it is here and I do indeed hope it is successful. The more successful it is, the less of a burden it is to the taxpayer. And frankly, as I have stated all along, I rather like the idea of having a good theatre in town.

That is why when The Music Man went on sale, I quickly purchased tickets. It’s not so much I longed for this show . . . it’s not my favorite despite Gert being quite fond of it. And while the Off Broad Street Players are okay, it is community theatre. The Music Man is playing at The Walnut this fall and we are huge fans of America’s oldest theatre. No, we scarfed up tickets because this was opening night at Millville’s The Levoy. We wanted to be there!

That show was supposed to take place on Friday, 3 August. It was postponed. I was skeptical of the excuse, but it was what it was (the theatre claimed the storm kept workers away for a week). So we geared up for the show for this Friday. Gert even suggested we make reservations at Winfield’s for dinner. I called, but it being Monday, there was no one there. Then I read the paper. It turns out the show has been moved; the theatre isn’t going to open this week . . . or next. Frankly, it sounds like it’ll be at least September before it opens. 🙁

The theatre sent out the following e-mail:

It’s true. Our contractors advised us late yesterday that it is unlikely that they will be ready for August 10th. While we are disappointed we plan to proceed with the show at Lakeside Middle School, a 1500 seat venue just down the road on Sharp Street in Millville. The Levoy is an amazing building and consequently the systems we are installing throughout the building are proving to be a challenge. Good things are worth waiting for and we are sure the Levoy is in that category.

The show is still moving forward, and as such there will be no refunds or exchanges. All tickets will be honored at the new venue. Seating will be general admission and doors will open one hour prior to the show performance.

All offers to meet the director and tour the Levoy will be honored at another show. We appreciate all of you coming out and supporting the Levoy and OBSP and being part of our first DRAMA! 🙂

The Levoy Staff

Hmmm . . .

we plan to proceed with the show at Lakeside Middle School, a 1500 seat venue just down the road on Sharp Street in Millville
If there is a 1500 seat venue that can accommodate this show on such short notice, then perhaps the market doesn’t need another theatre. The Lakeside theatre was publicly funded. Millville taxpayers rejected a bond at $5 million to build a gym. Through the weird way New Jersey funds things, taxpayers were forced to pick up the tab at $14 million when the theatre was just added to the project. It sits mostly unused. It is available for shows as evidenced by The Levoy directing shows there in four days.

Why is the downtown theatre necessary?

I paid $25 (plus fees) for my ticket to The Levoy. I would have never paid that kind of money to see a show at Lakeside. No refunds. No exchanges.

As the theatre knows, the seats mattered. We had fourth row center. I am particular about seating. When the show was bumped a week, I made it a point to get the same seats. Renee knows. Now we could be in the back row of a theatre twice the size. Most everyone else only had to pay $20 for this show. We are now on the hook for a premium, no guarantees, and no theatre.

We have been discussing purchasing subscriptions, particularly for the children’s shows. We do each year at The Walnut. We have held off just to make certain all is well with The Levoy. It is not. It doesn’t look like we’ll be purchasing those subscriptions. We didn’t make reservations at Winfield’s.

To top it off, I donated a couple old pieces of leather luggage to the theatre yesterday. I was told there would be four recycled bags waiting for me. They were not.

This is not a good show from the theatre.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

I dreamt that I lived in a house along Rt. 49 that was a pigsty. I cleaned up that house in my dream. Odd . . . Finally received a jury notification. I welcome doing my civic duty . . . The Levoy opening has been delayed a week. That has caused confusion with the tickets . . . An organized home makes for much happiness. A disorganized home had me searching for a power cord all day . . . Love learning about my sprinkler system. Pretty soon I won’t need “my guy” and his inflated prices. 🙂 . . . Hey! I am in the Top 10 of weight loss at the gym for the contest. I will receive a T-shirt! . . . The Chick-fil-A controversy doesn’t affect me. I have that ability to slough it off as I don’t patronize the joint. As such, I don’t care one way or the other about the current flap . . . Why do I keep seeing CompleteCare in the news? I smell lots of political connections . . . Political numbers mean little me. Cumberland County freeholders are touting lower property taxes for most communities. That sounds great. But much like Verizon, they bundle. It’s difficult to tell how efficient government is when I don’t see what Cumberland County is charging me separate from Millville and the school board. Putting it together is a way of obfuscating . . . Bucketfuls of rain came down earlier . . . I had my leadership eyes awakened today at a five-hour meeting I attended. One learns much by observing . . .

Millville Goings On

Glasstown Plaza Mural

There is some new stuff in downtown Millville. Over the weekend two new murals were unveiled. This one is in the Glasstown Plaza. It is quite bright. Very summery. This is where Liz Nicklus’ mural she completed with students had been.

Levoy Theatre

Down the street one block, the Levoy Theatre is coming together. I really like the doors that are in place. It looks like this theatre is going to be very attractive.

Interestingly, inbetween Glasstown Plaza and the theatre, there are six storefronts that are empty. Those stores represent private business. The plaza and the theatre represent public business.

If private business is pulling out of Millville (Gina’s, for instance), who is left to fund the public business? It strikes me that this block is emblematic of the struggle that not only Millville is facing but our country as a whole.