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Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache

21-05-08 GC8NEAT

39.362983 -101.03115

The 20th anniversary celebration of Mingo (at 21 years) is also my 20th year geocaching. Mingo has been on my bucket list for much of that time. It finally happened this week. After a full few days of caching, today was set for a relaxed icon day with events, the Maze, escape room, and the focal point of the trip: GC30.

We returned to Flat Tire this morning for others in our party to have fun. While there, we decided this area could use some cleaning up. We cleared the area right around the geocache and the one path in. This will improve the area for fuure geocachers.

We returned the next day with an entire crew to clean up more around the area as this area is a place that captures all the blown trash from the parking area and highway.

Always nice to help improve the gameboard.

Find Signal the Frog® – Locationless in 2020

Find Signal the Frog® - Locationless in 2020 Geocache

39.391417 -101.057833

Mingo Madness, Day 4
Bucket Day

The 20th anniversary celebration of Mingo (at 21 years) is also my 20th year geocaching. Mingo has been on my bucket list for much of that time. It finally happened this week. After a full few days of caching, today was set for a relaxed icon day with events, the Maze, escape room, and the focal point of the trip: GC30.

Having a fabulous day at Mingo Madness. Perfect day. Perfect week. Blessed with such a wonderful experience throughout.

Thank you kindly for coming to Mingo Madness; I appreciate it.

In a Kilt

11-09-21 In a Kilt

I used to play a game commonly known as locationless geocaching. I preferred to call it the Neverending Scavenger Hunt. Back then there was a challenge to have one’s photograph taken in a kilt.

I had no kilt. My in-laws are Scottish, but I wasn’t exactly comfortable asking my FIL to wear his. I guess I let it be known I wanted to complete this hunt for my sister showed up one year on my birthday with the above kilt she had made. What a nice gift! There was even a pair of socks to accompany the kilt.

Unfortunately, the kilt did not fit. I am a middle-age man and my width had widen. I felt bad for my sister had really gone to a lot of trouble to make this. The kilt eventually was stored away in the basement along with the rest of the wardrobe from yesteryear.

Advance forward a few years. I lost some weight this year. In preparation for the new school year, I broke out the old wardrobe. Most of the clothes fit. Yahoo! In the “new” old things was the kilt. I tried it on and sure enough, it fits. I no longer play that scavenger hunt, and I am not certain I am a kilt type of a guy. But the kilt fits! That’s what’s important today.


07-11-19 LCX9

39.443917 -75.058

‘Twas on my way home stopped at a light when I saw a Euro sticker on a car in the fitness center’s lot. I contemplated pulling in to get it, but there were some folks milling about nearby and I do not like taking photographs of other people’s vehicles when folks are around. The light turned green and I continued on.

Then I saw the hospital and I figured the lot was large enough that I could go undetected. Thankfully, I could.

This sticker is HH for Hilton Head. Interestingly, we see a lot of these up this way. Nearby was the familiar SIC (Sea Isle City).

New York Pizzeria

09-01-02 LC74C

39.39824 -75.03848

Just yesterday morning I had been directly behind this pizzeria for a geogolf hole. It was only a couple days ago I uploaded some photographs of the pizzeria.

NY Style is on the corner of High and Mulberry in Millville. I found this gem of a pizzeria when I moved here in 1994. The pizza is pretty good. What is heavenly are the strombolis. Awesome! When I was single and lived at the apartment, all I had to do was call. When they answered they would just ask, “The usual?” Aye.

A little while later the largest boli stuffed with Italian meat, cheese, peppers, and sauce would be delivered. Sometimes the man would bring a cheesesteak stomboli. Hey, I am in the Philly market.

So, last evening when this popped up I mentioned it to Gert. She likes this place too. Once I was close to hosting a caching event here. Anyhow, on our way home today I swung by for the requisite GPSr shot.

Should you ever go, say hi to Tony. He’s a good man.

One Fine Day – Happy New Year

09-01-01 LC744

39.395346 -75.054131, center of town

The arrival of 2009 was rather low-key this evening. Gert and I found Dick Clark about five minutes before midnight and watched Ryan Seacrest and his entourage kill time. We toasted, kissed, and then dispersed.

As a boy, NYE was a day to listen to the top 92 (remember WIFI-92?), 93 (MMR), 94 (WYSP), or some other arbitrary number of songs. I used to record these on multiple cassettes. Rick Dee’s Disco Duck, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s cover of Blinded By the Light, etc. used to be the staples of these nights. My folks usually went out leaving my sister to torment me through all this. I could not even imagine leaving young children home alone these days. It was a simpler time.

Always feeling like I was missing something, I made an effort to do the NYE scene while in college. It sucked. It really did. I am not a partygoer.

It seems to me we had a good NYE in Boston one year. I think we hosted a party, but I could be mistaken. I know I worked one NYE and it was absolutely horrible with all the drunken folks being extra sloppy on this “not really a holiday” holiday.

NYE always reminds me of the Grateful Dead. Their NYE shows were legendary. To that end I spent the 1993 NYE with Solar Circus. Holy smokes that was a wild evening. Lots of fun, but craziness.

In more recent years, NYE has been a geocaching day. Most years since I’ve been caching NYE has been big days. Not yesterday. Just a few . . .

2009 came in and here I am logging this scavenger hunt. Not much of a party, but it filled the bill. Welcome 2009 . . . you look just like 2008 to me. 😉

Fords and Bridgeless river crossings

08-12-26 LC76N

39.78183 -74.67266

The first time I encountered this was on 28 July 2003. That was when I sought Moose’s What’s a Lakeview Worth ‘Part Deux’ geocache. I had recently just lost my first caching mobile. I suspect the sand from Wharton took its toll. I was unwilling to re-build the tranny on the little car. Needing a vehicle, we decided to purchase a new car for Gert and I would drive her little Escort. That meant my Pine Barrens days were over. 🙁

Well, for a couple weeks anyhow . . . this was my first journey back to my home away from home. I came in from Carranza and kept telling myself to take it easy. When I came to this ford, I backed out and parked it. I walked across to the cache.

I really liked the crossing though. A few weeks later I re-visited the cache with Chris. We were in his Cherokee. We had come up Glossy Sprung scratching the whole way. I kept telling him about the crossing. After finding the cache and breaking his taillight, we crossed. Woo hoo!

Since then I have crossed here many times. Ken has dubbed this Low Crossing. All the traffic has taken its toll as several planks are now missing. Only a very well apportioned vehicle would even think of crossing at this time.

Ken and I stopped by here to check things out. I love the Pines!

World’s Most Popular Youth Sport

World's Most Popular Youth Sport

39.419842 -75.043777

Not surprising, I didn’t get around to posting this until more than 13 years later. Go figure!

As I make my way through 180,000 photographs while re-building this blog, I came across the above photograph tagged with the LC#. Searching the database, no, I never did log this one.

My daughter played soccer for one season when she was four. She wasn’t into it. Interestingly, one of her teammates stuck with it and is now a known player on the high school team.