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Advent Calendar

07-12-05 Advent Calendar

Aunt Patty sent Beetle and Fritz an Advent calendar. This has been a big hit.

Each morning Beetle is eager to open the new window. First, she moves the candy cane on our December calendar that hangs in the kitchen. Then she opens the new window on the Advent calendar. Mommy reads the passage. Beetle likes this and would be willing to open all the windows, but has been patient . . . thus far.

Everyone had a good day at school/work. It began snowing here during the day and by the time I arrived home, it was a lovely scene. The lights outside were on, snow topped the bushes and covered the lawn, and the Christmas trees were happily glittering.

We had dinner and then Mommy announced that Beetle had received a letter. Beetle was very excited. She eagerly opened it. Santa Claus had written our little girl a letter. She was most impressed that Santa knew she wants the Barbie Island Princess movie and doll.

Fritz was oblivious to the magic. He was, however, most engaged in pizza crust. He’s growing up and with his teeth coming in, is beginning to get table food. Of course, he’ll be lucky to see another day. Fritz toppled over on Mommy’s watch and banged his head on the foot of the coffee table. First he had a dent in his head, then it swelled. Mommy freaked out, but all seems well. It’s a good thing we have already taken our Christmas photograph.

I had an errand to run tonight. For the little snow we have, the roads were treacherous. I saw two accidents and my brakes locked up at one point. Once home, I let in ‘Nado. She was covered in snow. I set up her “bed” in the garage and moved her water and food inside. I think she is appreciative. The garage is cold too, but it is not quite like it is outside.

Riding High

07-09-20 Riding High

Our little girl has a new skill! Beetle has been slow, it seems, picking up riding a tricycle, but she has it mastered now. Today was the first day I saw Beetle truly ride.

One of the skills she needs to master at school is riding. On the playground there are tricycles for the students to use. Last year when we visited for an event, Beetle did what she always does: sat on the trike, but used her feet, Fred Flintstone-style, to move. Eventually she began putting her feet on the peddles, but after one revolution, she would take them off and push. It was frustrating to watch and seemed to show no interest at all in learning to do this correctly. The other day she mentioned she was on a tricycle at school. Then she mentioned she had help from a friend. It seems Beetle sat on the back (some are equipped with a back seat) and let the other girl do the work. Typical.

Tonight during dinner, Beetle spotted Nina outside. She wanted nothing but to go out and play. After we actually ate, we went out. By then Nina and other girls were riding bikes. Beetle wanted hers. We took out her Dora tricycle that Grammy Owens had given her. She got right on and began pushing with her feet. Then she asked if she could ride in the street. I agreed. She began to ride better, but still a lot of foot work. We were out for a while. By the end, Beetle was zooming up and down the street. She has no problems riding now. Awesome!

Beetle even got to peddle with the big girls for a little bit. Beetle wants to be older. She keeps talking about growing. Then she’ll announce that when she does, she can go to Nina’s school. Of course, Nina will be in college by then. I shared with Nina that Beetle is her biggest fan. She is good with her.

Mommy and Fritz joined us and we headed for a walk/ride. This is exactly why I like living where we do. While we were out walking, other children were playing, a neighbor said hello, the cars that came by went real slowly, and we taught Beetle how to go to the side of the road.

Fritz is the master roller now. Gert and I had spoken how he probably was going to be delayed with this given that we both hold him so much. I am certain that is because we know he is our last child, whether that is conscious or not. Anyhow, since he has been going to Grammy and Poppy’s, he has a lot of tummy time. When I came home today, he had rolled over beside the television, well off the blanket. This morning he had awaken on his stomach. He really is growing up.

As I processed the photographs today, I can really see myself in Fritz’s face. While we waited for Mommy, I introduced Fritz to ‘Nado. He was mesmerized by the cat. He stood there (yup, stood with my support) and watched his oldest sister strut back and forth on the deck. She kept rubbing against the screen displaying her affection for the newest addition to our family. ‘Nado loves Fritz!

Growin’ Up

05-10-16 Growin' Up

Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth

Bruce Springsteen, Growin’ Up

Beetle is now among the walking. She had been taking some steps when we last updated, but then her progress halted. There were several days there where she would not walk at all. During that time Daddy observed his little girl acting . . . well, shall we say, prissy.

One day during her no-walking stage, Daddy took Beetle to school. He usually places her on a mat in the classroom as he catches up with the teacher, places items in her cubby, etc. The other children often bring a walking toy to Beetle for they (and the adults) know she likes to push it. Beetle was on the mat and no one brought her this toy. But there was another Beetle wanted to play with that another child was playing with. Beetle motioned for that child to bring her the toy. Arrrggghhhh! No, Beetle.

The children and the adults are not there to serve her . . . even though they do. Sigh, this is not what we will tolerate from little Miss Priss.

About Wednesday, however, Beetle was on the move. She walks everywhere now. She can even run. Every now and then she wobbles, but she gets there. It is only at the end of the day when she is tired that she reverts to crawling.

It’s rather magical to watch your child walk.

Also around Wednesday we had a mishap. I noticed there was a wet spot in Beetle’s room. Looking into it, there was a lot of dampness. It didn’t smell like urine, but did have an unpleasant mustiness. After a lot of investigation, smelling, and determining, we decided it was ‘Nado who had done this. 🙁 Sigh . . . We had been allowing her in over night and putting her out during the day. But some days she hides and we can’t get her out before we leave for work. Locked inside all that time took its toll, it appears, and she let loose in Beetle’s room.

The smell is not pleasant and we smell it as soon as we enter the house. We were going to put new carpet in when we re-did the room before Beetle was born. We didn’t. Now we will.

We found a nice carpet yesterday at the store. Someone will be here tomorrow to measure. We need to determine if we are going to pay extra for the closet. Because of the width, that would be another piece we have to buy. This is what stymied us before. We could add to the other end and turn the knap or we could leave what we have. Not certain what we will do. They tell us it will be a week or two before they lay it. I think it is just a matter of scheduling and Grammy may be able to help us out.

Mommy and Beetle went to their exercise class early Saturday morning. I met them after they were done. We went and looked at the carpet and then walked downtown Millville. Jim’s Lunch opened this week (It closes from Memorial Day to Columbus Day) so we treated ourselves to the greasy spoon institution. Abby had dined here once last year, but she was really little. This time she actually ate a hot dog and some cheese fries. We sat with another couple and their two year old who is in Stroller Striders with Beetle. We had fun moving the salt and pepper shakers out of the way of the two children who kept after them.

Today we went to church. Beetle was pretty good there. Everybody likes her. The lady behind us kept entertaining Beetle. 🙂 A little after arriving home, Uncle Bob and Cousin Sean came for a visit. Beetle and Sean played together. Sean seemed interested in Beetle’s toys and Beetle in his. They banged the drum together, had a crawling race, and had fun with Elmo. Beetle did show her displeasure at one point when she pushed Sean off Mommy’s lap. I think she is possessive!

Beetle has been very happy and agreeable lately. She has slowed down on her eating and is becoming more like her mother persnickety. I reminded her tonight that if she continued, she would end up like ‘Nado, permanently banned from the house. 🙂 She seemed to understand the lesson.

Beetle is talking more and more. Just this morning she said You’re welcome to me very clearly. Beetle is growin’ up!

Beetle Is Growing Up

05-09-26 Growing Up

Beetle began whistling! We did not teach her this. We did not encourage her. She was just hanging out and all of a sudden, she puckered and a whoosh came out. She never ceases to amaze us.

Beetle is adjusting to her schedule better now. She had not been sleeping much at school. That had produced a very cranky child when she came home. It was not much fun after work as she was so exhausted she cried. She is sleeping a little bit longer although nothing like she did during the summer. She seems to be doing well.

‘Nado is back inside, kind of. We brought her food in after we spotted an opossom visiting our deck nightly. ‘Nado would scare the rodent off, but we didn’t like it being around. Mommy was so concerned, she researched opossoms to see if they could hurt kitties. They can’t.

Anyhow, ‘Nado is out all night and all day. She comes in when we come home from work. She has occasionally spent the night inside. We are pretty certain come winter she will be in. Even so, she looks to go outside. I think she likes to protect her turf.

Beetle is agreeable to this arrangement. She loves ‘Nado and to the kittie’s credit, she is really good with Beetle. Our little girl becomes so excited though, at times, that the cat just needs to leave. Other times, Beetle chases her about, pets her, and calls for her. It is so cute.

Grammy came for a visit Saturday as Daddy was off paddling in the tidal waters off Tuckerton. Shhh . . . there is a party being planned for Poppy. So far, he knows nothing about it. Shhh . . . Invitations were written and sent out then.

On Sunday, Beetle returned to the photographer. We had agreed to slow down on the professional portraits after her first birthday and this is her first visit since. Daddy insisted on a pumpkin again this year. When she is so cute, why not?

Anyhow, Mommy made the appointment and we were there on time. Sears, however, was not. We had to wait until they opened the doors. Once they did, we went to the studio. Sigh . . . the girl might be new, but she had had no excuse for being dumb. The photographs are not great. We did get one we liked, but notice the camera angle. There was no platform and she had little presence with Beetle. She also had great difficulty in ringing the sale. This was after she left us for about 10 minutes. We were not impressed.

Nevertheless, Beetle makes for a cute pumpkin.

A New Skill

05-09-17 A New Skill

Do you see her? Yes, that is Beetle climbing the stairs! Oh, no!

This picture was her first venture onto the stairs. She likes ‘Nado and since the cat was there, Beetle felt like she should be too. The second time was a similar experience. She only made it up a few steps.

But all that is in the past now. Beetle can easily climb from the first floor to her bedroom. She is willing to do so without guidance, despite what her parents tell her. She is awfully cute waddling up each stair. She doesn’t need the cat to goad her on. She realizes she has toys in her room that she can access.

This new skill is a little disconcerting to her parents who have enjoyed that Beetle will motor around on the first floor and up until now we just had to listen to banging pots and pans to know if she was getting into trouble. Now, we have to listen for the silence for when the car stops moving, Beetle is usually heading upstairs.

Beetle continues to enjoy school. She made a family tree, of sorts. The directions were not very good coming home and we only supplied three photographs even though we said we would send more if needed. The photographs were cut and laminated, so in a way, it was good we only sent what we did.

Tonight we went to the last bash in downtown Millville for the year. There was a lot of barbecue, drinks, the waterfront, games for children (Beetle was a little too young yet), and then music. We dined on hot dogs, sausage sandwiches, and other good stuff. The flies were horrible! It has been so dry that the area has seen an unusual number of flies this year. It required two adults to shoo them away from the food. Arrrggghhh!

We were settling in on the lawn prior to the music when a foul smell overcame us. Beetle had taken a motherlode of a poop! With a couple thousand folks around us, it wasn’t long before we were making preparations. But somehow we had gone out without the diaper bag. I am not certain how that occurred. Anyhow, by the time we got home, our little girl was wiped out and we put her to bed. We were that close to seeing a live band. Maybe next time.

Happy Labor Day

05-09-05 Happy Labor Day

Today is the last day of Beetle‘s summer vacation. To celebrate, she slept in an extra half hour and had a fun day.

She was treated to the teacher episode on Shanna’s Show in preparation for tomorrow. Then Beetle went shopping with Mommy for some back-to-school clothes. Beetle received new shoes and a couple outfits. Beetle needs to have two changes of clothes to leave at school. Wal-mart was our friend for that requirement.

After lunch, Beetle took a lengthy nap as did Mommy and Daddy. Mommy decided to wake us all up. 🙁 Beetle had great fun chasing ‘Nado around the house until the cat asked to go outside. Beetle continued to scream in glee at the feline. She becomes so excited when she sees Cat.

After dinner, we went for a family walk. We did not go far before we stopped; the ice cream man was on our block. We bought Beetle a popsicle. She liked that! She sucked on her popsicle all the way. Yummy!

After that, it was time for a bath so Beetle will smell nice for school tomorrow. I think she sensed something was up for she, uncharacteristically, cried when she was put down tonight. Like all of us, she would like summer vacation to continue.

Good night, pretty girl.

More from Maryland

05-05-29 More from Maryland

As we geared up for the week before Memorial Day, things began to come apart. Daddy was working on the lawn on Monday when all hell broke loose. Actually, he was taking a break from mowing, trimming, and edging to talk with the neighbor and see his new truck. That is when Mommy came out on the front stoop holding Beetle out away from her and calling for help. I looked over and immediately saw the issue: Beetle had exploded! Her white onesy/pajamas had a very dark spot well up her back. I excused myself from Jim to assist in the clean-up. The problem was where to begin. As I held our precious little girl over the sink, Mommy was at a lost as to what to do. If we put Beetle in the tub, there would have been poop everywhere. Did we really want poop in the tub? No. So, the plan was to remove Beetle’s clothes and scrape off the excess poop before hosing her down. That proved difficult to do without getting poop on oneself. It also didn’t help that both Mommy and Daddy have weak stomachs for foul smells. First Mommy began double-clutching from the smell. Daddy was doing his best not to sniff, but then he saw the sight in the mirror. The horror! Thick globs of crap were all over his daughter. That sent him to the gag farm. All this nonsense upset Beetle, so she began crying. Someone should have videotaped this episode for it surely was a sight. Eventually, enough poop was removed from Beetle that she could be placed in the tub to be hosed down. Little did we realize that this was a sign of things to come.

Even though there was poop of massive proportions, Beetle was acting okay. So, off to Grammy and Poppy’s house she went on Tuesday. When Mommy picked her up, Beetle had not slept and had cried and complained all day. This was not like our little girl at all. We could see she was not doing well. That night, Daddy had issues. Beginning at 4:00 AM, he was awake and visiting the room of porcelain. All day he felt horrible. Little did he know that Beetle felt the same. By the time everyone arrived home, it was decided Mommy would stay home with Beetle on Thursday since the little one was still out of sorts. On Wednesday, Beetle was playing on the floor and had an episode. There is now a a stain on the rug. 🙁 The floods kept coming. Daddy’s belly was doing no better. Although he finally got a little food in his belly, it emptied out in the 3:00 AM hour. He decided to stay home too. But by morning, our caretaker, Mommy, had been strickened with this bug too. Woe is us!

Fortunately, by the end of the day, we were all feeling better. The illness struck us all differently. Unfortunately, as we learned on Friday heading out of town, Poppy had gotten it too. Being sick is no fun. The best we can tell this came from Beetle’s school. Her class seemed all right, but the next group up had been sick. We think that one of the teachers must have held Beetle at some point and passed it on to her. Neither Mommy or Daddy’s schools had had illnesses last week.

So, feeling better, we prepared for our trip. We scrambled after work on Friday and in the process forgot a couple things, but nothing we couldn’t do without. And we didn’t do without. It has been determined that should we ever have another child we will require a bus in order to go anywhere. My goodness the stuff we took! Mommy and Daddy each had a suitcase. The rest of the truck was filled with Beetle’s stuff: clothes, toys, diaper bags, a stroller, high chair, pack-and-play, more toys, stuff, more stuff, and the rest of the stuff that we didn’t forget. It was unbelievable!

Uncle Mike had provided us very good directions which were helpful since his place is in a new development and not on Daddy’s GPSr. But poor Beetle was not fond of the change in routine. We didn’t arrive in Maryland until almost 9:30 PM and Beetle was still awake and not happy. She used to love to sleep in a moving vehicle. We used to take trips just to calm her down. But no longer, at least not on the way down. No, Precious wanted to be in bed and the car seat was not doing it. It wasn’t long after we got there that we had the pack-and-play set up and were trying to coax Beetle to sleep. She was so over-tired by that point that it was difficult, but she eventually made it.

Then the adults got to catching up with each other. Kim and Mike have a beautiful townhouse right outside the Beltway. But Daddy soon cluttered up that beautiful home with nine armloads of stuff from the truck. Very accomodating, Kim and Mike were happy to see us and we them.

Mike barbecued while Kim made a tasty pasta salad for dinner. We had a grand time.

On Saturday Kitty flew in and soon it was a mini-Robertson reunion. We had hopes of going into the city as the afternoon came on, but a storm kicked up and we opted for the mall. Everybody loves buying for Beetle, including her parents. We finally indulged in a Build-A-Bear. We purchased a shaggy bear but decided to forgo the clothes. Uncle Mike pointed out that the clothes aren’t really designed for a baby to gnawl and chew on. Thinking that good advice, we completed the birth certificate. Mommy came up with a wonderful name for the bear: Montgomery or Monty for short. Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike live in Montgomery Village, so it will be a name that will remind Beetle of her fun weekend. Beetle loved Monty!

On Sunday we headed into the city. We met a friend of Kitty’s at the National Zoo and then toured for a while. The adults liked looking at all the animals. Beetle liked looking at all the people. She is such a nibby. Everyone loves Beetle and Mommy and Daddy were relinguished from parental duties as Aunt Kim carried Beetle all day. We watched in amazement as we usually tire quickly from the squirming baby. We saw tigers, lions, gorillas, ferrets, elephants, and many more animals. We were on line for the pandas. Yes, one needs to wait on line for them. We decided to feed Beetle instead of waiting. Mommy and Daddy realized today that with a baby in tow, not everything planned is accomplished. We didn’t see the entire zoo let alone get down to the Mall as we had hoped. But we had a splendid day!

To thank our kind hosts, we all went out for dinner to Guapo’s. This Mexican restaurant is wonderful. Kim and Mike recommended it and we all enjoyed our dinners. Aunt Kim had a chicken enchilada, Mommy had an combination plate (enchilada and taco), and Uncle Mike and Daddy had beef burritos. All was yummy and the service was superb! We decided to stop and buy some ice cream to eat at home. Later, after Beetle had finished playing with everyone and was off counting sheep, the big people watched comedian Lewis Black and had Moose Tracks ice cream. All the excitement put Daddy to sleep.

On Monday we headed home. Daddy had sneaked out early to find a historic cache that was hidden near Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike’s. The plan was to make one other stop for a special cache near Baltimore. After searching and finally finding where it was, we decided not to do it. Good thing too as Daddy found out later that the approach he was going to make was not the ideal one (up the side of a steep hill). It was a long trip back, but traffic was not an issue (as it had been Friday evening). After unpacking the truck, Daddy jumped right to work with yard work. Fortunately, he finished immediately before the rain came. The rain kept ‘Nado from being put outside.

We were all tired and pooped out easily for the night.

Tuesday came quickly and we all prepared. Beetle was back to normal refusing her bottle and playing with Mommy. Beetle didn’t notice, but when we left for Grammy and Poppy’s this morning, ‘Nado was on the back deck. It was an absolutely picture perfect morning for the cat to chase birds.

Beetle is showing how precocious she is. This evening at dinner, she was having some Cheerios. After a while she had had her fill and began dropping them on the floor. Beetle thinks this is fun. She got two of them there before I put a stop to it . . . or so I thought. The third Cheerio was attempted to be tossed, but I scolded (that is hardly the word) Beetle. She put the piece in her mouth. I turned to talk to Mommy. Beetle then took the Cheerio out of her mouth and dropped it on the floor. The stinker! That was it for Cheerios tonight. We are raising an instigator!

Time Off

05-03-30 Time Off

We have enjoyed our time off. Daddy had a half day on Thursday and was off through Tuesday. Mommy was off from Friday and all the week after Easter. Beetle took her vacation on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Vacation? you ask. Yes. Part of our deal with the day care provider is that Beetle has a week of vacation. This means we didn’t have to pay for Good Friday and Easter Monday. Every other time Beetle misses one of those days, we pay. It has happened frequently this year. 🙁

We have enjoyed our extra time with our daughter. Mommy thinks how wonderful it would be to be a stay-at-home mom. Beetle likes all the extra attention. Daddy thinks about how it would be like to Mr. Mom. Perhaps pre-school teachers should be paid more.

Beetle is such a happy baby. She really seems to enjoy her life. And what is not to enjoy? She eats, plays, sleeps, and poops. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Recently she has taken to really cracking up. She will get on these streaks like a laugh track where it is almost uncontrollable. Whenever the cat enters the room, Beetle extends to see her. She smiles at the cat and calls to her, “Cat.” She basically shouts it, so ‘Nado is usually startled and darts away. 🙂