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NJEA Calendar, 2021

21-11-10 NJEA Calendar

Damn, I missed National Pronouns Day!

Admittedly, it was probably not a celebration of grammar. 😉 But I didn’t know about until today.

Why it takes the union so long to distribute this thing yearly is beyond my comprehension. I am pretty certain we determined it’s printed in the summer. Today is 10 November.

Why not September? Why not October? Why not yesterday?

That some years it is delivered in September and other years it is not is telling.

NJEA has two responsibilities to me: a printed contract and this calendar. That at least one-half of it is problematic helps form the opinion I have of this union.

NJEA & Social Justice

NJEA Calendar

Well, after a run of a few years of getting the NJEA calendar in September, after decades of complaining, we’re back to once again throwing my money away. Four-color printing of the September calendar was totally wasted as I didn’t receive the calendar until this week (18 October).

The union confiscates my money. I believe dues are up to $1200 annually. Of course, I pay that twice as my wife is a member too. For that money, the union is obligated to provide me two physical things: a calendar yearly and a copy of the contract (once every three years, usually). The union usually fails on both fronts. The contract had to be asked for, and it wasn’t provided prior to the vote. 😉

This year, NJEA wasn’t limited to just the inside of the calendar to offend me with the holidays it selects to highlight. Nope, right there in the cover of the calendar is a big sign for Social Justice.

Why is that on the cover? Is that a bargaining issue for teachers? Who is the union representing when it touts social justice? Trust me, the majority of the teachers I work with don’t even know the term. We’re certainly not clamoring for it.

Then why is it on the cover? Why are my dues paying for this?

NJEA is not a union, it is a political action committee. Yes, while technically there are two separate entities for legal reasons, there is no distinction in practice.


NJEA Calendar, 2015

NJEA Calendar

This year I received the NJEA calendar on 17 September. That is the same day I received it last year. I believe this is the earliest I have received it.

It occurs to me that a lesson has been learned. The squeaky wheel does get the grease or complaining nets results.

This calendar is one of two obligations the union has to provide its members (the other is a copy of the contract). This calendar used to be delivered in the new year. I hate that I pay for things and can’t use them. September is on the calendar, I want the calendar in September. My local union has learned that it matters when it is delivered.

This Year’s NJEA Calendar

NJEA Calendar

NJEA got the calendar delivered to me this year in September. That’s good. I have railed for delivery of this calendar in September for years. I think our building finally got with the program. Since we pay for September, we may as well use that page. 🙂

We only have a limited supply of desk calendars.

Why? We paid for them, why is there a shortage?

There are still other things wrong with this calendar.

Do you notice the days of the week? sunday, monday, tuesday, etc. Why is an education group not using proper English? I understand style, but this is not appropriate. Most NJEA calendars are displayed in classrooms. Why would NJEA not want to be a positive model for students? Sheesh . . .

And then we have the holidays: Black Solidarity, Banned Website Awareness Day, National Coming Out Day, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History Month, etc. I joked with my principal that I would make certain my lesson plans reflected the LGBT history lessons each day of October.

It’s probably time for NJEA to stop production of this calendar. If it did, it would have far more money to spend on what it really is in the business of doing: politics. 😉

Teacher Unions

Last year at this time the teacher union negotiated a two-year contract. It was for the year that had just ended and this year that is ending now. We gave up, got nothing, and lost the PR war. They forced a vote on the contract before they could show it to us. Me, the non-union guy, protested. There was no salary guide and what was presented at the meeting mislead a large portion of our membership. Misled is the polite term, the union lied.

After a contract is voted upon, there are two things the union provides: a NJEA desk calendar and a copy of the contract. My union has delivered neither of those things. The calendar was gleaned in January after another member called Trenton and got a (non-union) group to fetch them for us. The contract has never been delivered.

Now we are “negotiating” the next contract. This was the latest:

There are no scheduled meetings for negotiations on our next contract. The Board wants to settle quickly; however, we might wait until September because it is hard to contact members over the summer.

Got that? No negotiations because folks are on vacation. For this, we cough up about $2300 in our house.

Yet, the union is needed for I work closely with a woman who is the godmother of the boss’s son. If there wasn’t protection, the boss would handle things differently and be even more transparent in her favoritism.