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Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Gov. Christie just tweeted, “I want everyone to take a moment today to take a deep breathe, appreciate where we are, & know we are all not whole until the job is done.” Um, to think we paid someone else to tweet that touchy-feely self-help. Very presidential, eh? . . . Dave Vanaman is touting keeping the tax rate stable as a reason to vote for him for City Commission. No disrespect sir, but the budget isn’t exactly your responsibility as the Public Safety Director. If taxpayers accept that, then we have to say Derella did a good job, but he didn’t. Tout what you have done in your area, which you did not . . . The problem with The Daily Journal’s paywall is that citizens cannot get the information they need to vote. Apparently the paper posted video and an interview with each candidate for City Commission. I cannot watch because I don’t pay. Part of me says a business can do what it likes. Another part of me says a citizen is supposed to be served by the Fourth Estate since it is granted privileges that I provide . . . When a candidate can express “The Route 55 project will bring more people to the Cumberland County area, including the New Jersey Motorsports Park on Millville, the lawmakers say,” then the opposition hasn’t done a good enough job presenting NJMP in a negative light. Obviously, Sen. Van Drew doesn’t want my vote because the last thing I want is more people at the noise maker . . . “We don’t know why corporations don’t want to relocate here.” Well, how about crime and the poorly-educated populace . . . the federal government shut down for 16 days recently. No one mentions it. For one thing, everybody ended up getting paid. President Obama’s failed policies overshadow the fact that few were inconvenienced when government was shut down . . . My son just showed me the Target catalog. He circled all the toys he wanted. The running total was ~$3,600 . . .

Gratuitous NJMP Slam

I found the lead in this article interesting:

New Jersey has its own world class race facility – New Jersey Motorsports Park – way down south in Millville, NJ. It’s a double race track configuration – Thunderbolt (high speed, technical and complex) and Lightning (also high speed but less complex, but with some fast corners). But when Leo Hindery, famous NASCAR race promoter came up with a plan to bring the highest level of motorsports to the Garden State, he didn’t pick Millville. Instead he dreamed up a Monaco-like road course along the banks of the Hudson River.

So much for that track drawing big-time events . . .

Track Racket & NJMP Perfect Together

Track Racket is a citizens group that has sought to modify the noise emanating from New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP). Before we go on, has anyone noticed any change for the better in noise from NJMP? Neither have I.

To continue . . .
Track Racket sued a whole host of folks over the issue. The settlement was touted that there would be a noise commission to monitor the noise coming from the track. I am leery of commissions in general and this one has done nothing to alleviate me of that opinion. Again, has the noise changed? Nope.

So, Track Racket sent out its latest missive about what it is doing for those affected by the noise. In it it was stated:

This weekend will have lots of activity at the NJMP beginning Thursday and finalizing on Sunday afternoon. It is the Grand Am and it is one of the “carve-outs” in our Stipulation that will allow the NJMP to start racing activity at the original 8:00AM time instead of our 9:00 starts.

Huh? On what authority does Track Racket get to negotiate such a thing?

Can I go to NJMP and negotiate a 6:30 start? What is the difference between me and this “citizens” group?

Everything associated with NJMP, including this group who is now in bed with the track, is tainted. What a travesty!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Millville Public Schools is embroiled in controversy regarding a school board vote. Controversy aside, it is a wonderful learning experience. When articles are written about Robert’s Rules of Order, the public is educated . . . BTW, this is the funniest comment I have read about the issue, although it isn’t quite as simple as that . . . Hallelujah! Sacred Heart is remaining open . . . ‘Twas reading the New Jersey state constitution today. Came across the following:

8. No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense, unless on the presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases of impeachment, or in cases now prosecuted without indictment, or arising in the army or navy or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger.

It seems this allows for anything . . . More from the NJ constitution:

13. No person shall be imprisoned for debt in any action, or on any judgment founded upon contract, unless in cases of fraud; nor shall any person be imprisoned for a militia fine in time of peace.

Are deadbeat dads arrested? I am no lawyer, but it seems to me we do imprison folks for debt . . . If only:

the landfill is not run by the county, but by a quasi-governmental agency whose sole purpose is to run the landfill

If the sole purpose were to run the dump, then it wouldn’t be indebting taxpayers with bonds for things other than the dump . . . I went off the wagon the other evening and ordered a pizza from Domino’s. I have to say ordering it online and watching the progress via their web site made ordering a ‘za more fun . . . Still loving the Kindle. I think it needs a name . . . What was the result of the TrackRacket lawsuit? It seems like the group is asking residents to call in noise complaints just as it did prior to the lawsuit. All that bloviating and nothing changed . . . Gert just yelled at me. Why? I have her hooked on Storage Wars. 🙂 . . . As I become more comfortable with the Kindle, I explore. I see that The New Yorker is available. I used to subscribe to this. I thought I might like to do so again. Without seeing the pile up of magazines that I need to catch up on sitting on a coffee table, this is doable. Except: the Kindle version costs more than the printed magazine delivered to my house. Not gonna happen . . . Saturday Night Live was well represented at the Oscars: Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr., Will Farrell, Christopher Guest, Maya Rudolph, Ben Stiller, and Adam Sandler . . .

All for Nothing

Recently TrackRacket settled its lawsuit with the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP). I’m left wondering what all the hubbub was about.

According to today’s Press of Atlantic City:

the group announced that it and the track had reached a settlement that should address many of the noise concerns.

But I don’t see how that is based on what is being reported/commented on.

We read:

But under the settlement agreement, which is part of the track’s bankruptcy reorganization plan, the NJMP has agreed to address the noise issue – and Post is calling it a win.

That doesn’t sound binding. We then get:

A joint “Sound Committee” consisting of both track officials and TrackRacket members will monitor the noise at the track – and downwind from it – and set maximum allowable levels.

Um . . . what if they can’t agree? Call me a cynic, but I suspect the two sides will not agree.

Even with the insipid Gang of 12 that Congress set up to “deal with the debt ceiling” stipulations were put in should the group fail to make a decision. What happens if after the monitoring the group cannot compromise on the action needed?

Perhaps all the is are dotted and the ts crossed and the public just isn’t being told the details. Perhaps.

Or perhaps noise will continue, TrackRacket will claim victory, and nothing will change. After all, the lawyers have $81,000 now. 😉

Mud Run

11-09-17 Mud Run

Today Gert and I ran a mud run. What fun!

A course was laid out at the motorsports park full of 16 obstacles, including the cancer crawl at the end. The run was to raise money for cancer research. I saw the first run here four years ago. Last year the run was converted into a mud run and met with great enthusiasm.

This event was pretty well run. I picked up our packets a few days ago at Shop Rite (the big sponsor). After that, we received an e-mail (the run folks were very good at communication) informing us to show up way early because they anticipated huge crowds. We did. We shouldn’t have. We left our home at 1:35. We live like three minutes away. We did a lot of sitting around.

The cold front that pushed in a few days ago is still with us. We were cold, but fortunately were able to sit inside for most of the time. Next year I will handle a couple things differently. I so wanted a photograph of me head to toe in mud. I didn’t get that shot since the camera was in the Jeep and my key was checked in with the race. I’ll have to have the camera closer.

The opening ceremony was nice. While we were here for fun, it is difficult not to consider those we know and love who have been affected by cancer. My mother was on my mind. So were two friends: Nicole and Kathy. Nicole succumbed almost 11 years. She was into butterflies. During the opening, a box of butterflies were released. One flew right over Gert. Without a doubt, we knew Nicole was there with us.

We were in the second wave of runners after the ones who were running for time. Rain began to come down on our shivering bodies. We knew it was going to be rough.

I ran with Gert and a friend of hers. There were so many folks that everyone bottlenecked at the obstacles. We went down a huge hill that was being hosed down only to end up in a mud pit. We trudged through mud, then up hay bales, through a tire field, up and over hay bales, under a platform on our hands and knees, down another slip and slide, through a lengthy mud run, over some high hurdles, up a steep climb, down a steep descent, through the woods, a hay maze, gravel pit, hanging tires, up and over obstacles, fallen trees, a tire roll, swung over (into) a mud pit, through a sewer pipe, into a mud pit, over some more hay bales, through another long mud run, and then through the cancer crawl.

Gert sent me ahead about halfway through. This was supposed to be a four mile run. There was no way it was. No one thought so. I was not winded at all and I timed better per mile than the 5Ks I ran this summer. At halfway, we were all surprised to hear that was two miles. Once I left Gert, I passed a bunch of folks. When I realized we were heading back to the start/finish, I picked up the pace. I finished at the end of the lead group, I think.

I was alone as I approached the cancer crawl. There is a mud pit at the beginning and then crawling on one’s belly, you keep going up and over into multiple pits. It’s supposed to be hard to deal with, just like cancer. I realized early in the race that plenty of folks eschewed most of the mud when they could. I adopted the policy of slogging it the best I could. So when I saw that big ol’ mud pit at the end I picked up speed and dove in and down. That got a huge cheer from the crowd. I came up muddy head to toe. Success! I busted it through the rest of the crawl, passing some folks who were ahead of me. I know there were a bunch of photographers down that way; I hope someone got a shot of me. The local paper has none of me posted. 🙁

I finished at 36:20. I can’t believe that I ran a nine-minute mile with all the obstacles. I went back and ran Gert in. She had fallen and turned her knee at some point, so she hobbled it. Even so, she tackled that cancer crawl with gusto. You go girl!

The worst part of the day was hosing ourselves off. It was cold out and now we were completely soaked. Apparently we didn’t do such a great job as we were both muddy when we arrived home, but it was so much worse before that.

Shivering, we took ourselves through the chow line. Shop Rite had grilled a ton of food. There was barbecued chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage and peppers, pasta with vegetables, and pulled pork. There were a variety of salads (macaroni, potato, etc.). I had a plate of sausage and peppers, pulled pork (no roll), and fresh fruit (the cantaloupe was spectacular!).

After all the fun, we headed home in a heated Jeep, showered, got some comfortable clothes on, and crashed for the evening.

Can’t wait until next year!

Money Talks, Community Walks

When a business is hemorrhaging money, the master plan is quickly abandoned. So it is with New Jersey Motorsports Park. NJMP is in chapter 11. It needs money to prop up its failed business model. Enter today’s press release.

New Jersey Motorsports Park has entered into a partnership agreement with Tower Hospitality, LLC that names the property and franchise management company’s hotels as the “Official Hotels of New Jersey Motorsports Park.” Tower’s hotel properties include Days Inn, Wingate by Wyndham, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn & Suites, all based in Vineland, N.J.

emphasis mine

The promised economic boost to Millville has entered into exclusive agreements with a series of hotels, none of which are in Millville. Given that local politicians keep touting Millville hotels, this is a very public slap in the face. Fairfield Inn just opened and NJMP pimps City Commissioners just decided to spend several hundred thousand dollars to investigate building a hotel along the Maurice River. Yet, NJMP wants to send its customers out of town.

Now we all know what’s going on here. Tower Hospitality paid NJMP a sum of money for this agreement. It’s akin to McDonald’s being the official Olympic fast food joint. But it is curious policy for a group who has relied so heavily on the goodwill of Millville. It seems like many of NJMP’s recent moves alienate Millville taxpayers.

Mr. Durst, I Presume

Today’s Daily Journal has a front page article about an investment group led by Steve Durst. According to Durst, he wants to take control of NJMP. He emphasized a $15 million investment that would provide lockers for the drivers, settling debts, etc. among other things.

The thing that stood out to me is that Durst was not quoted whatsoever about addressing the noise issues at the park.

And that got me wondering . . . why was this article written? To what end?

Durst used to head Goodman Properties. Goodman built the Target shopping center. Durst was a frequent speaker at City Commission meetings. He most famously defended the continued tax abatement for the Venuto’s Pizza property, which went out of business two years ago. Yes, Millville taxpayers are still providing a tax break on property that is generating no income. To Durst, this is sound public policy for Goodman would be stressed in these tough economic times. To hell with the taxpayer!

So what does Durst gain by putting it out there that he wants to invest in this? I can’t come up with anything.

What does Durst know about racetracks? I suspect not much.

The perception, I believe, is out there that those who do not like hearing the noise from NJMP are wanting the track to close. I am sure there are some who feel that way. I note that if the track closed, my noise issue disappears. But I am not looking for the track to go away, rather just mitigate the sound.

How does bringing in Durst (or anyone else for that matter) to run the joint help anyone? It may line the current owners’ pockets, but it doesn’t begin to address the issues the track has. Number one, believe it or not is not the noise. The number one problem with the track is that it cannot generate cash to pay its bills. There appears to be multiple reasons for that. Feel free to insert the Blame Bush defense here. Notwithstanding whose fault the economy is attributed to, a racetrack that is not having the big boys (aka NASCAR) roll through is going to suffer.

Goodwill with the community is shot. A new ownership group is going to want things. Millville is not in a giving mood right now. If NJMP can make it, great. But it’s going to have to be without tax breaks, concessions on agreements, etc.

If one knew what he was going to get himself into here, he would not permit this story to break. It would all be handled quietly behind closed doors. The reality is that NJMP can run as it does now without community support. The roar of the engines highlight a failed business model. We know it’s failed because of its Chapter 11. Fixing the model does not occur with lockers and more cash from eager investors.

What is Durst angling for?