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Obama’s Education Priorities

If there was any doubt that President Obama is creating an Us v. Them society, this week’s offerings makes it extremely clear.

The “big” news Obama shared is that he wants the first two years of community college to be “free”. Free means $60 billion paid for by working folks. My main criticism of this plan is that the federal government has no role whatsoever with education, therefore Mr. President, shut up!

Who benefits from two years of free community college? Presumably the poor. Community college is designed for those who do not attend four-year universities. They are state institutions.

So the poor are being provided another freebie at the hands of those who are working.

What do the working folks get from Mr. Obama? Well, he stated that those of us who have 529s to bank money for our own children’s education will now need to pay taxes on the gains of those accounts. Yup, we pay for the poor and we pay for our own children and we pay the big bad government.

If you want middle class families to pay their own way to college, taxing their children’s college funds isn’t the way to go about it.

It could not be clearer as to Obama’s approach to his constituents: the have-nots receive everything, the middle class pay for themselves and the have-nots.

Another Tragedy, Another Obama Miscue

Yesterday, 12 French journalists were slaughtered by radical Islamists. It’s senseless. While poking fun at another’s religion doesn’t score points with me, certainly killing those who do is absolutely wrong.

So what does the leader of the free world do? He has authorized his good friend, Attorney General Eric Holder, to go to Paris, Really?

Seriously, what business does a political lawyer have in Paris? Is this why we have an AG? I always thought an AG prosecuted crime in the US. Silly me . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Gov. Christie just tweeted, “I want everyone to take a moment today to take a deep breathe, appreciate where we are, & know we are all not whole until the job is done.” Um, to think we paid someone else to tweet that touchy-feely self-help. Very presidential, eh? . . . Dave Vanaman is touting keeping the tax rate stable as a reason to vote for him for City Commission. No disrespect sir, but the budget isn’t exactly your responsibility as the Public Safety Director. If taxpayers accept that, then we have to say Derella did a good job, but he didn’t. Tout what you have done in your area, which you did not . . . The problem with The Daily Journal’s paywall is that citizens cannot get the information they need to vote. Apparently the paper posted video and an interview with each candidate for City Commission. I cannot watch because I don’t pay. Part of me says a business can do what it likes. Another part of me says a citizen is supposed to be served by the Fourth Estate since it is granted privileges that I provide . . . When a candidate can express “The Route 55 project will bring more people to the Cumberland County area, including the New Jersey Motorsports Park on Millville, the lawmakers say,” then the opposition hasn’t done a good enough job presenting NJMP in a negative light. Obviously, Sen. Van Drew doesn’t want my vote because the last thing I want is more people at the noise maker . . . “We don’t know why corporations don’t want to relocate here.” Well, how about crime and the poorly-educated populace . . . the federal government shut down for 16 days recently. No one mentions it. For one thing, everybody ended up getting paid. President Obama’s failed policies overshadow the fact that few were inconvenienced when government was shut down . . . My son just showed me the Target catalog. He circled all the toys he wanted. The running total was ~$3,600 . . .

Obama Phone

I have heard about “the poor” receiving free cell phones. Up until now, I thought certain states (Pennsylvania, for instance) decided to do this. Apparently, the federal government does it too. The federal government uses my money to do this even if it claims otherwise.

Who Pays for the Lifeline Program?

All telecommunications service providers and certain other providers of telecommunications must contribute to the federal USF based on a percentage of their end-user telecommunications revenues. These companies include wireline telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, and certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers.

Some consumers may notice a “Universal Service” line item on their telephone bills. This line item appears when a company chooses to recover its USF contributions directly from its customers by billing them this charge. The FCC does not require this charge to be passed on to customers. Each company makes a business decision about whether and how to assess charges to recover its Universal Service costs.

So I looked into it. We don’t qualify. But do you know what? Those who do get two and one-half times the service I pay for!

I gave up my cell phone last spring because I could not justify the cost of the plan. In August, with urging from my wife, I entered back into the market. I still couldn’t afford the plan, so I shopped around. I found a plan for $30 per month that provides me 100 voice minutes. That’s all I can afford. One hundred minutes is not a lot, but I have determined that to have mobile access, that is all I can pay and still provide for my family.

But T-Mobile charges me money that they then fork over to the federal government to pay for “the poor”. Those folks get a free phone (I purchased mine) with 250 minutes monthly! Here it is: SafeLink

I get to pay twice but limit my service while one who does not make as much as I do gets to continue with better service.

I’ll admit, I don’t understand this.

Presidential Prediction: For the Record

Just so I can refer back to this, I predict President Obama will be re-elected to a second term tomorrow. I base that on the reporting I have heard and how I have interpreted that. It is difficult to get a clear picture of the situation as the reporting is wildly disparate. That, of course, does not serve the consumer, but rather the political parties, the ad execs, or some other entity altogether. Once again, the election process has left me exhausted of the Fourth Estate.

The best I can ascertain, it is essentially a tied race. It would appear that President Obama will nudge out Mr. Romney in electoral votes in a race that will rival 2000.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. One can’t really fault me if I should be as it is difficult to nail the Jello of news reporting to the wall. For the record, I hope I am wrong.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

“One-termer and a two-timer . . .”
“One-termer and a two-timer . . .”

Scalia is brilliant! His appearance with Chris Wallace was just another datum to prove that . . . Hey, I won the Wizbang! caption contest two weeks ago . . . Loved listening to Bezos interview with Kindle Chronicles . . . I challenge one to tell me what hours the Millville Public Library is open. I can’t find that information on their web site . . . The organization never ends. Today I tossed 20 years of lesson plans but kept every observation, annual review, certificate of training, etc. . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

New Jersey is second in the nation in the number of foreclosures. It seems like it is tied to the abundance of regulation we have in this state that prevents more timely action being able to be taken. Fancy that, regulation is stifling the economy. States that streamline the process are seeing rising home values . . . Want to see the difference between liberal governance and conservative governance? Read this. California and New Jersey faced similar problems. The states took different paths to addressing those issues. The outlook for the two states are much different precisely because of those decisions. Raising taxes does not get the job done . . . ObamaCare is beginning its destructive path. A Catholic College has given up offering health insurance to students precisely because of the law requiring contraception. Again, how is this the federal government’s purview? . . . A few colleagues were talking today in the faculty room about why some of their children have off tomorrow. They were unsure of the reason. One turned to me and said, “You’re more Catholic than I am, why are the children off tomorrow?” Wow! This convert is “more” Catholic than these lifelong folks. Ha! . . . Fasting. Feeling great . . . Although despondent. Confirmed a major sleight. It is a conspiracy . . . I love the expression, “toilet paper for your ego”. Thanks Greg Gutfeld . . . I won Table Topics at Speak E-Z this evening. I was asked what job I would do if I had to do over again. I recounted my meteorologist spiel . . .

Unintended Consequences

The federal government is finding out an unintended consequence of the homeowner bailout they initiated (with taxpayer money). The federal government now owns 200,000+ homes. No, it shouldn’t, but that is not what this is about. It is now spring. It is time for homeowners to mow their lawns. If you own 200,000 homes, you have a lot of lawns to mow. Apparently, it will cost $40 million to mow the lawns. The bailout that never ends. Who pays for the lawn mowing?

And just like that, decisions I have made recently have had unintended consequences. I am forever taking self-inventory to (it is hoped) improve myself. Recently, I decided not to re-up my cellphone plan. Nagging me was how we had gone from an approximately $20 monthly plan for phone service to $150. Sure, the service we received increased. Having a cellphone allows one to receive and make calls from anywhere. Except . . . I don’t talk much on the phone. Sure, Gert and I might swap a few calls a week, but folks who know me know I do not talk on the phone. So we added a data plan. That was awesome! Whenever I had to wait at dance classes, restaurants, etc., I had something to do. I checked in using Yelp. I read Twitter. I checked my news feeds.

But when my phone broke, I re-examined that plan. $75 each month so I could entertain myself while waiting seems excessive. That Verizon Wireless held a gun to my head to make a decision didn’t sit well with me. Y’see, Verizon Wireless no longer offers an unlimited data plan. In order to keep mine grandfathered, I would need to re-up. Same thing with our texting plan. Grrrrr . . .

So I bailed. I am not so important that access to me needs to be immediate. I am not rich enough to have technological entertainment strapped to me belt.

Following that decision, I also closed my Twitter account. It seems to me I was only pushing content to Twitter (Yelp, Goodreads, this blog) and not participating. No one likes to follow the auto-message accounts. I can’t say I blame anyone for that. I was not adding to the medium. But this morning, as I wait for 9:00 to arrive to begin mowing (I was taught not to run the mower before then), I found that I no longer have access to one source of my news. No big deal, as the majority of my news comes from Google Reader. But I just learned that GR has changed. Without a Google+ account (also disabled since the phone went away), I have no way of sharing news stories . . . unless I write about them here. I have restricted the breadth of my network, as it were. I think keeping my thoughts centrally located is best.

So, this is a long post to share with you this post about how the biased media are taking exception with candidate Romney’s claim that 92% of the job losses during the Obama term are women. Yet, it is Romney who is portrayed as anti-women.

If you thought the GOP primary was nasty, get ready for Romney v. Obama!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Wow! Let Me Learn still lives. I would have thought every thinking person would have seen through this sham. I guess not. More squandered tax dollars in the hands of “educators” . . . We recently had a workshop about teaching children in poverty. I find it curious that schools hit up the 77% of the population for money on an almost daily basis (pretzels, lemonade, water ice, snacks, etc.). All for good causes, but if these folks had disposable income, wouldn’t they be purchasing their own lunches? . . . I am just like this guy. I am holding out to see what Google releases. The Fire is the next toy on my list . . . Sacred Heart is re-designing its administrative staff. Let me toss a name out there for everyone to ruminate over: Chalky Ottinger. You heard it here first . . . I didn’t realize that Lou Ferrigno was 6’5″. FWIW, if I could look like he does at 60, I would be very happy . . . I’m listening to Romney’s victory speech. I just don’t see listening to him for the next four years. He’ll be the GOP nominee. I do believe he will lose to President Obama. Romney just doesn’t offer enough compulsion to change paths . . . I’m loving that a federal judge has ordered the government to produce a letter from AG Holder stating that the federal government recognizes the authority of the court to decide cases. This was all settled years ago, but President Obama is undermining the confidence people have in government. That is truly scary . . . Tired of being dumped on . . .