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Millville’s New City Commission

Counter to many things in my life, I welcome change in government. This evening a new City Commission was seated in the Holly City, including the first female mayor for this town. Tradition has it that the highest vote getter is decided to be mayor, although there is no rule governing that. Congratulations to the commissioners!

  • Lisa M. Orndorf, Mayor: Director of Public Affairs
  • Joseph Sooy, Vice Mayor: Director of Revenue & Finance
  • Benjamin J. Romanik: Director of Parks & Public Property
  • Charles Kirk Hewitt: Director of Public Safety
  • Robert McQuade: Director of Public Works

McQuade was not initially elected to the Commission. Longtime commisioner/recent freeholder Jim Quinn was. He actually placed fourth in the voting. Quinn decided not to sit on this commissionn (receiving anf filing Quinn’s letter was the first action this Commission took.). Speculation is that since he was alone on the other side, he bowed out. Some might categorize that as quitting. Whatever it is deemed, I am just fine with Quinn on the sidelines. There are no Democrat shills on this commission. I think that is an improvement for the city.

Orndorf presents herself well. She has no political experience, but from what little I gleaned from the meeting, it seems like she has connections. She invoked her faith several times. I’d rather one not lead with that, but I’ll give her a pass at the outset.

Sooy served previously. He was the two-punch to Lynne Porecca Compari’s one-punch. Tied at the hip, they were both voted out in favor of Cooper and Pepitone. That was a mistake for the city’s residents. Sooy is back and will be the vice mayor. It’ll be interesting to see how he operates here. I suspect he will attempt to play operator with how the Commission procedes. Is he up for the task?

Ben Romanik is young and inexperienced. We’ll see what he does.

Kirk Hewitt has been around this town for a while. It seems I met him and he tried to recruit me into the Republican Party some time ago. Yeah, I am not your guy. I am not sure of his talents. Time will tell.

With Quinn not taking hs seat, there is an opening. The Commission probably did the best thing it could do: it reached out to the sixth placed candidate. That is McQuade. McQuade has wanted to be on the Commission for years. Consider me unimpressed. He has spent the last nine years on the Millville Board of Education. Like Cooper, he ran for City Commission while serving on the School Board. Now that he takes the commissioner’s seat, the school board is left with a vacancy. I don’t think that puts one in the best light. His seat is only until November when there will be an election for the remaining two years. This gambit could shuffle McQuade out of office in his attempt to “move up the ladder.”

Brock Russell was retained as the attorney for the city. He has served well over the years and does not seem to be connected politically to any one party (perhaps I am wrong about that. I also think he’s a fine attorney as I have been pleased with his representation of me. 🙂

Lynne Porreca Compari’s husband was approved as part-time city administrator. There’s little money in this, but this is where the political favors are handed out. Interestingly, Brendan Kavanagh, a lawyer entrenched in Democrat politics was also retained by this Commission.

An ordinance on first reading was introduced to repeal the former Commission’s ordinance regarding the sewer treatment plant. According to Sooy, that ordinance had a rate hike involved in it for commercial properties. Sooy does not think that is warranted at this time. I’ll take his word on it as I do not know the particulars; in general, government should collect less from taxpayers/service users.

A few of the items detailed that this Commission wants to address:

  • Demolition of old rescue squad
  • Demolition of Wheaton
  • UEZ money is oming, start a new corporation to oversee that money
  • Re-adopt the industrial commission with some structural changes; power to make decisions

Best to this Commission in helping Millville.

Big Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn at the Cumberland Mall

I am the typical man . . . I waited until Christmas Eve to go Christmas shopping. In my defense, Gert had done the family shopping and we decided not to exchange. Although, we all know that’s not how things work. I went out very early to pick up a few things for my lovely bride.

As I walked through the Cumberland Mall, my eye caught one of those big hanging banners. Yup, Jim Quinn is there hawking weight loss surgery. That’s the image of Christmas one expects to see on Christmas Eve.

I do not know the story behind this, but I suspect it is shady, as is most with Mr. Quinn.

Quinn is a City Commissioner. With Mayor Shannon not running for re-election, word on the street is that Quinn is looking to reclaim the mayor’s position. To spur him along in that pursuit, Quinn uses his radio station to promote himself. Now he has presumably cut a deal with the hospital to have his mug in shoppers’ faces.

Does anyone else have this kind of access?

Commissioner Quinn Benefits from Your Tax Dollars

WSNJ and Weed & Seed Mural

Commissioner Jim Quinn owns WSNJ on High Street. Do you watch channel 2? Listen to 1240 AM? Yes, those local stations are owned by longtime politician Quinn.

Quinn was mayor for years until the last election where he didn’t garner quite enough votes to hold that seat; now he sits beside the mayor. Quinn has twice been fined for being in violation of the law. Once for voting on issues that further his business interests and the second time for failing to follow federal regulations for his broadcasting license.

Now we find out that Quinn benefited from the Weed & Seed program. On the side of Quinn’s WSNJ building sits a newly painted mural. That mural came about through money from the Weed & Seed program. From The Daily Journal:

Cannon’s 10-by-15 foot ode to the Glasstown Arts District titled “Arts District Under Construction” is on the north-facing side of the Quinn Broadcasting building.

“These murals are the latest examples of amazing transformations that the city has seen,” said Mayor Tim Shannon. “Spread the word about Millville to the world.”

The murals were made possible by a $3,500 grant from the Weed and Seed program, as well as other grant money.

The Weed & Seed program is designed to improve cities.

Operation Weed and Seed is a multi-agency strategy that “weeds out” violent crime, gang activity, drug use, and drug trafficking in targeted high crime neighborhoods and “seeds” the target area by restoring these neighborhoods through social and economic revitalization.

Presumably, the mural on the side of Quinn’s business falls under the “seed” component of the program.

How did Quinn’s business get selected for this mural? It’s not like there aren’t other walls downtown that would have benefited from a taxpayer-funded mural. Would Quinn’s position on the City Commission have anything to do with why his private business was painted with your tax dollars?

One of the first writings I published in Cumberland County was this excoriation of Robert Torricelli when I wrote for The Daily Journal. The then-senator was embroiled in an ethics investigation. In it I wrote:

It does, however, say plenty that our senator cannot keep the appearance of impropriety from splashing the front pages.

I referenced that four years later when I called for disgraced Republican New Jersey Assemblyman Nick Asselta to step down when he procured drugs without seeing a doctor:

As a public servant, it is expected that Senator Asselta conduct himself in a manner which instills trust.

Perhaps this is all on the up-and-up. The problem is that it looks shady. High Street is replete with businesses needing help. Why was Quinn’s business singled out?

What kind of trust has Commissioner Quinn instilled in his constituents?

Commissioner Quinn Violated the Law

Commissioner Jim Quinn, elected to represent the people of Millville, has once again be found guilty of violating the law.

The base fine is $10,000 for public file violations with another $3,000 for failing to file required forms. The commission tacked on still another $3,000 because Quinn didn’t update the tower ownership information for more than eight years.

Quinn is apparently liable for a $16,000 fine and must submit a sworn statement within 30 days notifying the commission that its public files are up to date.

What kind of example does Quinn set? Twice now he has been fined, the latest by the federal government. Are you comfortable with your elected leader failing to follow the law? Will this have any impact upon your future vote?

Commissioner Quinn Is Clueless

Jim Quinn asked Vice Mayor Joe Derella today on his Around the County show how many people have come to a City Commission meeting and complained that their state income taxes are too high. Both Quinn and Derella agreed no one has during their 15 years.

Quinn used that as an attack on Governor Christie.

No one, I suspect, has complained to the City Commission about their auto repair bills either. You see, if someone wants to complain about their state tax bill, the Millville City Commission isn’t the correct venue.

The more I listen to this guy, the more clueless I realize he is.

Quinn & Derella’s Tenure

Commissioner Quinn made his case for abatements and the defense of his term as mayor and commissioner in Millville today on his Around the County show. He pointed out how many more tax dollars are brought in because of the Walmart and Target shopping plazas than those properties generated 15 years ago when they took office. I agree, more tax dollars are generated now. We can even stipulate that the abatements were responsible for bringing in many of those businesses.

Quinn and Vice Mayor Joe Derella (his guest today) congratulate themselves for this.

Yet, while I agree I like eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, and we shop at Shop Rite and Target, at what cost do we accept this progress?

Is Millville better off today than it was 15 years ago? I think that is a difficult case to make. Yes, there are more shopping opportunities. But also far more taxes. There’s more debt. There are boondoggles that are promised taxpayer support as “too big to fail.” There seems to an uptick in violent crime. I know I am now concerned driving through certain parts of the city, particularly with my family in tow.

Have you driven down 4th Street recently? It appears to have many boarded up dwellings.

If the commissioners are going to take credit for the success of the city, they need to be held accountable for all of it.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Fuzzy Math, a must read . . . Too funny! You need to watch this short video . . . Just happened by Terracaching.com. Yeah, more than a year after it was purchased, nothing has changed. Same 2005-design. It appears they have given up on version 2 and are now promising version 3. Ha! . . . I don’t quite get all the hoopla regarding Whitney Houston’s death. I have heard her called the voice of a generation. Perhaps, but that was a generation or two ago. Was there anyone paying to hear her last week? . . . And btw, ABC News totally blew it by interrupting Charlie Brown by announcing a breaking news that children should not hear . . . Watched The American. Ugh! What a slow and thoughtless thriller. I am no actor, but it was boring throughout . . . Best news I have heard all week! . . . Hey, Carl! If you are worried about your ahs and ums, join Toastmasters. We have a person at each meeting count how many members say . . . Sorry Tad, SAS is very much a commodity . . . Jim Quinn is at it again. On Wednesday’s Around the County, he stated:

If you read those blogs, which you shouldn’t do. And I think only people, most people that write on blogs are negative. And they must sit in the basement of their Mom and Dad’s home and just type stuff. Because that is all you read.

My challenge stands, Mr. Quinn: what blogs are you reading? . . . Speaking of Around the County, how come the Colonial Bank representative Quinn interviewed touted The Levoy project so high yet his bank didn’t finance the project? If the project is so solid financially as he suggested, why didn’t his bank risk its money? . . . R.I.P. Gary Carter. I never cared for you since you played on in-division foes, but I respected your game . . .

Who Are You Calling an Idiot?

Jim Quinn stated today on his Around the County show that he is a positive person. That was immediately after he called bloggers questioning the Van Embdens idiots.

They are a father-daughter team. They have donated hundreds of thousands of hours. And hours are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They take nothing from it. They are not doing it for any cause other than to make Millville a better community. And some of these idiots who go on blogs and start ripping them and things like that. That’s not the case folks. They are not in it for any money.

Nice. A leader of our community calls people he disagrees with “idiots”. Way to remain positive, Commissioner Quinn.

Just who is Mr. Quinn speaking about? What blogs is his talking about?

I know of three blogs that deal with Millville. Carl Johnson, Mark Krull, and I each have a blog where we discuss Millville politics. Mark has not been critical of the Levoy. Mark also hasn’t posted anything since November. Carl has not been critical of the Levoy. He runs his personal blog and Magazzu Watch. Searching Magazzu Watch for “Levoy” brings up a few hits, the most recent is more than two years ago. Interestingly, that is a post that critiques a blog post of mine.

And then there is this site. I have been critical of the funding of the Levoy Theatre. The funding, not the project. I am in favor of the project. The funds, entirely made up of public money, make this a troubling project. If the theatre was viable, I am certain a private entity would have stepped forward. Bank after bank passed on this project. That troubles me greatly.

Does that make me an idiot, Commissioner Quinn?

If you are not talking about me, who are you talking about? What blogs are you reading that this is going on? You cavalierly toss around the term “idiot”; have the character to support your claim.

Jim Quinn Lied

I set up my DVR to record Judge Porreca’s television/radio show each Thursday. When I first heard of the show, I didn’t know the length, so set it for an hour. The show is but 30 minutes long. Jim Quinn (owner of the station and Millville City Commissioner) comes on after that so I end up recording the first half hour of his show. I just finished watching it. Ugh!

This week Quinn’s guest was Vineland Economic Development Director Sandy Forosisky. They chit-chatted about how great tax abatements are. In that discussion, Quinn claimed that the abatement (his words; I thought it was a PILOT) to the motorsports park generated $45 million in ratables (the two new hotels in Vineland and the Fairfield Inn in Milville).

Quinn stated:

We would never had without the motorsports park.

So the critics, we’re crazy, should have never given it. Well, if we hadn’t given that [the abatement/PILOT] the motorsports park wouldn’t be here nor would those three hotels.

Did you catch that? Quinn claimed the PILOT to NJMP generated the Fairfield Inn. Why then did Millville have to offer a tax abatement to the Fairfield Inn? If NJMP was such a success in bringing in business, there is no need to abate the taxes on those businesses.

Rather, what happened is that government is bribing businesses to come here with economically unfair business practices hoping the city will improve enough before the abatements end that the businesses decide to remain. If the PILOT to NJMP is to be deemed successful, no more government money should be needed to build businesses in town.

Quinn flat out lied to the audience. It was the handout that brought the Fairfield Inn to Millville. Quinn knows that! Otherwise, why give it?

New Jersey Fines Commissioner Quinn

It comes as no surprise that Jim Quinn was found guilty of voting improperly as a commissioner in Millville.

Quinn has voted for years on matters that deal with businesses that he has personal dealings with. Finally, he was called upon it. New Jersey investigated and found him guilty.

Of course, this being a corrupt state, the punishment has no bite. Quinn was fined $250. Traffic tickets cost as much as Quinn’s ethical violation. It’s a travesty.

On top of it all, Quinn is still permitted to sit on the City Commission.

This is just more evidence of how out of touch the voters are to keep re-electing this guy. He is definitely unfit to represent the public.