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Millville’s New City Commission

Counter to many things in my life, I welcome change in government. This evening a new City Commission was seated in the Holly City, including the first female mayor for this town. Tradition has it that the highest vote getter is decided to be mayor, although there is no rule governing that. Congratulations to the commissioners!

  • Lisa M. Orndorf, Mayor: Director of Public Affairs
  • Joseph Sooy, Vice Mayor: Director of Revenue & Finance
  • Benjamin J. Romanik: Director of Parks & Public Property
  • Charles Kirk Hewitt: Director of Public Safety
  • Robert McQuade: Director of Public Works

McQuade was not initially elected to the Commission. Longtime commisioner/recent freeholder Jim Quinn was. He actually placed fourth in the voting. Quinn decided not to sit on this commissionn (receiving anf filing Quinn’s letter was the first action this Commission took.). Speculation is that since he was alone on the other side, he bowed out. Some might categorize that as quitting. Whatever it is deemed, I am just fine with Quinn on the sidelines. There are no Democrat shills on this commission. I think that is an improvement for the city.

Orndorf presents herself well. She has no political experience, but from what little I gleaned from the meeting, it seems like she has connections. She invoked her faith several times. I’d rather one not lead with that, but I’ll give her a pass at the outset.

Sooy served previously. He was the two-punch to Lynne Porecca Compari’s one-punch. Tied at the hip, they were both voted out in favor of Cooper and Pepitone. That was a mistake for the city’s residents. Sooy is back and will be the vice mayor. It’ll be interesting to see how he operates here. I suspect he will attempt to play operator with how the Commission procedes. Is he up for the task?

Ben Romanik is young and inexperienced. We’ll see what he does.

Kirk Hewitt has been around this town for a while. It seems I met him and he tried to recruit me into the Republican Party some time ago. Yeah, I am not your guy. I am not sure of his talents. Time will tell.

With Quinn not taking hs seat, there is an opening. The Commission probably did the best thing it could do: it reached out to the sixth placed candidate. That is McQuade. McQuade has wanted to be on the Commission for years. Consider me unimpressed. He has spent the last nine years on the Millville Board of Education. Like Cooper, he ran for City Commission while serving on the School Board. Now that he takes the commissioner’s seat, the school board is left with a vacancy. I don’t think that puts one in the best light. His seat is only until November when there will be an election for the remaining two years. This gambit could shuffle McQuade out of office in his attempt to “move up the ladder.”

Brock Russell was retained as the attorney for the city. He has served well over the years and does not seem to be connected politically to any one party (perhaps I am wrong about that. I also think he’s a fine attorney as I have been pleased with his representation of me. 🙂

Lynne Porreca Compari’s husband was approved as part-time city administrator. There’s little money in this, but this is where the political favors are handed out. Interestingly, Brendan Kavanagh, a lawyer entrenched in Democrat politics was also retained by this Commission.

An ordinance on first reading was introduced to repeal the former Commission’s ordinance regarding the sewer treatment plant. According to Sooy, that ordinance had a rate hike involved in it for commercial properties. Sooy does not think that is warranted at this time. I’ll take his word on it as I do not know the particulars; in general, government should collect less from taxpayers/service users.

A few of the items detailed that this Commission wants to address:

  • Demolition of old rescue squad
  • Demolition of Wheaton
  • UEZ money is oming, start a new corporation to oversee that money
  • Re-adopt the industrial commission with some structural changes; power to make decisions

Best to this Commission in helping Millville.

The Dump Runs Millville’s Economic Development?

Three years ago Millville spun off its economic development to the Millville Urban Redevelopment Corporation (MURC), a non-profit that was set up to save costs. It all sounded shady as the guy who was on Millville’s payroll doing economic development didn’t seem to really be doing a grand job. After all, Millville isn’t particularly successful. The same guy headed MURC when it was spun off. Nothing has improved.

Apparently he retired last year. It mattered so little that I didn’t even notice. So who has been running the economic development show?

The damn dump!

Ayres retired last February, however, and the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) stepped in to run MURC. “It’s been good getting to know the administration here, the commissioners, and things have been working out excellently,” said Jim Watson, director of economic development at the CCIA, in a phone interview.

Holy smokes!

My displeasure with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority is legendary. To me a dump collects trash. Our dump builds roads, finances theatres, etc. Because it is an authority under the county’s fiefdom, it indebts taxpayers with no oversight. It is where crooked politicians go for money and patronage.

So what the hell is it doing running a city’s economic development?

Commissioner Porreca-Compari wants to bring economic development back to city hall. I don’t know if that is the best thing. When the size of government is reduced, growing it is not good. So, in theory, I agree with Commissioner Quinn on this. But I do think CCIA needs to be ousted from MURC. The county has no business whatsoever handling the city’s business. That I am certain of!

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

At 11:58, 15 July 2014 I received an automated call that began, “Hello seniors!” It was for some medical alert device. Needless to say, I am not amused . . . Commissioner Quinn helped me/my group. I’ll hand it to him, he came through when a constituent reached out for help . . . Grown man discussing the leadership qualities of another man who has proven himself in an area he is a mere spectator all the while exhibits absolute horrendous sportsmanship publicly in his arena is priceless . . . Why do we have to battle my daughter to bathe? Isn’t bathing one of those things everyone does? Tiring . . . As I clean up the blog with the many iterations that caused some code weirdness, I came across all my TerraCaching logs. Given TC.com has just re-launched and is totally unusable as far as I am concerned, the links in the posts have been relegated moot. Such is life as the Internet evolves . . . I’ve noticed that my blog reading is down since Google discarded Reader. I still read blogs, but not as intently and not as many . . . That moment when you realize someone defriended you on Facebook. Obviously I only added value while this person served a one-year term. Term is up and so am I . . .

Big Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn at the Cumberland Mall

I am the typical man . . . I waited until Christmas Eve to go Christmas shopping. In my defense, Gert had done the family shopping and we decided not to exchange. Although, we all know that’s not how things work. I went out very early to pick up a few things for my lovely bride.

As I walked through the Cumberland Mall, my eye caught one of those big hanging banners. Yup, Jim Quinn is there hawking weight loss surgery. That’s the image of Christmas one expects to see on Christmas Eve.

I do not know the story behind this, but I suspect it is shady, as is most with Mr. Quinn.

Quinn is a City Commissioner. With Mayor Shannon not running for re-election, word on the street is that Quinn is looking to reclaim the mayor’s position. To spur him along in that pursuit, Quinn uses his radio station to promote himself. Now he has presumably cut a deal with the hospital to have his mug in shoppers’ faces.

Does anyone else have this kind of access?