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On the Gasoline Tax

Republicans took control of Congress this week. All over the news since has been the gasoline tax.


Admittedly, one normally thinks Republicans are in favor of fewer taxes so why the discussion?

The federal gasoline tax is used to build roads and bridges as well as repair them. Some might argue that the federal government has no business doing this business. After all, roads and bridges are nowhere delineated in the Constitution. Of course, President Eisenhower put all that to bed when he built the interstate system under the Department of Defense. Ha!

Even for a hard-liner like myself, I am not going to get too crumpled over the feds building and fixing the interstate system. And it is to the gasoline tax that we focus upon.

The federal gasoline tax is $0.184/gallon. That was set in approximately 20 years ago. The argument is that construction costs have increased plus less revenue raised from the gasoline tax has caused a funding gap.

Huh? Revenue is down?

Sure, it may not be maximized since the price of gasoline was hovering near $4.00/gallon, but hasn’t the number of drivers increased in 20 years? That is the way to grow tax “revenue”; grow the base. After all, that is the basis of every Republican tax plan ever created. The more folks who contribute, the more money there is (not to mention all the benefits from having skin in the game).

So, why is revenue down? I need to know more about that. Growing the base is how you offset rising costs.

The stance taken by Bob Corker, Tenn.; James Inhofe, Okla.; Orrin Hatch, Utah; and John Thune, S.D. is that taxes have to increase to keep pace with increasing costs. That is the same flawed mentality of the Millville City Commission. Following this principal, taxes will eventually reach 100%. Costs will always increase. If you want tax dollars to increase, you have to grow the pot. If you rely upon rate increases, you will eventually run out of room to tax. That is why once must rely on growing the how much is paid in by individuals. If I buy more gasoline, I pay more taxes. If prices are low, I buy more gasoline. If the population of the country increases, more people drive. The more people who drive, the more people who purchase gasoline.

Those are two polar opposites. One is sound fiscal policy, the other is lazy political mumbo-jumbo.

I’ve stated elsewhere on this blog that good tax policy is for government to determine the rate it needs to make government function. Whatever that rate is, it is set in stone. From that point forward, if government can’t pay its bills from what it brings in, it needs to cut services to make ends meet. Raising taxes is never an option. Never.

Fiscal Cliff


We’ll see how principled Republicans are. Based on the results of the elections Tuesday evening, the people want no change. No change is to keep opposing the president’s progressive agenda.

I am inclined to stonewall and let the fiscal cliff arrive. Accept the massive cuts to defense. Let the Bush tax cuts expire for everyone. Make this president own this economy as he is still going to claim this is someone else’s fault. Let taxes rise. Let ObamaCare come. Let the Dow tank.

As horrible it is, it’ll be but four miserable years.

During that time, the Republican Party either needs to fold or seriously re-align itself. It is a failure. It was unable to win against a weak president in a horrible economy. Make whatever excuse you want, they are not in the mainstream. The GOP needs to change radically . . . or fold.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . . (Year End Edition)

While I voted for Gingrich in 2008, I am not excited about his candidacy or anyone’s this time around. I like Paul’s domestic policies, but have trouble with his foreign policy. Gingrich is coming off as a loose cannon; Romney is a limp fish; no one else is a serious contender . . . The last couple years I have come back to ice hockey after a long absence. Last year when we subscribed to HD, hockey became a lot better to watch on television. Today I gave myself the gift of watching the alumni game for the Winter Classic. Ah, the memories. The NHL has done wonders with this event over the last five years. Outdoor hockey is awesome! Seeing 66-year old Bernie Parent stopping breakaways again is good for the game! . . . Hiking the last few days in 50-60° is just fabulous . . . The Wii is good family entertainment . . . Damn, I missed getting the trash out this morning. We are piled up like never before. It’ll be next Saturday before we can unload. Ugh! . . . Trying to avoid the year-end recaps and resolutions. It’s all filler . . . BTW, Clue is still a classic game. Beetle received this for Christmas and we have played many games this past week. Wholesome, clean, thinking, fun. Yup, we’re fans . . . I know it was a joke, but Chris Christie did New Jersey no favors by “threatening” Iowans Jersey style (remember this post?) . . . I liken NYE celebrations with those who highlight geocache finds that end in zero; it’s so damn arbitrary. How about we celebrate 11 April? Something is more likely to occur that day than 1 January . . .

On Sam Fiocchi

Cumberland County Freeholder Sam Fiocchi is shiftless.

I documented earlier how disappointed I was when as soon as he was elected freeholder Fiocchi announced he was running for the Assembly. I did not support that move and do not think highly of a man who did nothing but expected voters to elect him to a higher office. Fortunately, reason shone through and Fiocchi was defeated (yeah, that wasn’t the reason, but we’ll hold our hat there nonetheless). But that leaves Fiocchi firmly entrenched in Bridgeton as a freeholder.

Apparently ol’ Sam doesn’t think he needs to work. The Daily Journal yesterday documented how Fiocchi is shunning his responsibility as a freeholder by skipping library commission meetings.

Official minutes from commission meetings show Fiocchi has attended just three of nine monthly meetings this year. The commission did not meet in June and July. Fiocchi does not dispute the attendance records.

The county library is up for elimination again this year. Its group holds meetings to come up with a plan to save itself. Fiocchi serves as the liaison between the library and the freeholder board, both groups who represent the residents of Cumberland County. The Daily Journal indicates Fiocchi hasn’t attended one of the library meetings since March and has attended but three of the nine meetings held.

Fiocchi cries that he doesn’t have time to attend those meetings. Bah humbug! This man was elected (and is paid) to attend these meetings. The Daily Journal posits that Fiocchi has already made up his mind to eliminate the county library. In the end, doing so may be the best option. But how would Fiocchi know what the other options are unless
he participates?

Blowing off his public work further solidifies that Sam Fiocchi has no business representing people. He deserves to be voted out when his term expires. Shiftless politicians should not have a job. Good riddance!

Perry’s Gaffe

. . . is much ado about nothing. Much like Howard Dean’s screech in the 2008 primaries, I don’t understand the hoopla regarding Gov. Perry’s memory lapse this evening in the GOP debate.

He forgot his stump talking point. Sure, he has not performed well in the debates and this does nothing to bolster that, but it is nothing spectacular. He froze on a talking point, but he still listed two departments he would prune. That IS the substance. That there happens to be more than two that need to be pruned is the news, not that someone stumbled in naming all of them.

I am no Perry supporter, but I refuse to be told that this matters by a struggling cable network.

Political Fail

11-10-17 Political Fail

This is a typical political mailer. It showed up in my mailbox the other day.

The politicians are shown in grainy gray. That is to demonstrate their shadiness.

The unpopular president is shown along with the local politicians, linking them to the failed presidency.

History demonstrates this kind of ad is effective.

Except for with me. You see, the Republicans who funded this drivel totally lost me with this flier. One does a disservice to the message when the message is flawed. Recently much fun was made about one of the Wall Street protesters held up this sign. Spelling counts. As does usage.

As I have pointed out numerous times on this blog, the word is fewer, not less when describing things you can count. I can count jobs, therefore the flier should read:

Higher Taxes. Fewer Jobs.

It is incredible that the New Jersey GOP cannot construct a well-written advertisement.

This seems to fit the failings of local Republicans. Sam Fiocchi finally won a seat on the county freeholder board. It was mere months later he announced his intention to run for the New Jersey Assembly. Based on what? He didn’t do anything at the county level. His campaign is purely political and not based on any performance. He voted against some things. But I bet you can’t name something he has done as a freeholder. I absolutely will not vote for this guy.

Then there are the local Republican freeholder candidates. Some of them stopped by this summer along with DeWeese, candidate for Senate. We chatted a bit. I expressed I was generally in favor of what they had to say. Of course, I was totally not thinking of the Fiocchi factor. In my defense, I was mowing the lawn at the time and wasn’t prepared for the meeting. Anyhow, I was asked if I would be willing to post a campaign sign on my property. I agreed. I was told they would drop one off.

Of course, after they left I wondered who would be listed. I decided if Fiocchi was on the sign, I would cross him off and then display the sign.

I never got my chance. There are myriad political signs out right now, but none on my property. These guys who promise efficiency couldn’t even follow through on a simple sign that helps them. I have no expectation that the GOP will regain the freeholder board this election.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Ouch! While mowing the lawn (oh, it was high!) I felt my left calf tighten. It seemed odd, but I had been working hard today and even added a hike in the middle. Anyhow, when I stepped down off the deck I felt a pop/rip of the calf. I am rather certain I have injured myself to the point I will need outside help . . . Went for a cache today with Fritz. As soon as we got to the cache area, Fritz let go with the nastiest diarrhea ever. Oh, it was worse than anything the babies ever did. I had to hose him off. Seriously . . . We didn’t find that one because of his mishap. It rained for about 15 minutes today; the entire hike back to the Jeep . . . Finding I have less and less to say online these days. Twitter and Facebook are rarely loaded . . . I wasn’t surprised at all that Huckabee passed on running. I suspect Palin will pass too. Despite protestations otherwise, it is a weak Republican field . . . Have been buried for the past six weeks with stuff. There appears to be no let up until school is over. That means another six weeks of no time to scratch an itch . . . I would not have voted for Boston Rob on Survivor. I would have voted for Natalie or Phillip. The puppet master should have been held accountable for the manipulation he used . . .

Who Will Listen to Bob Greco?

Disgusting Politicking

MagazzuWatch ran a press release from Bob Greco, Cumberland County GOP chairman. The focus of the press release was Greco’s call for Freeholders Whelan, Jannarone and Dunkins to resign. The reason? They remained quiet as Surrogate Doug Rainear lied.

It doesn’t matter if Greco is correct or not regarding those freeholders stepping down; no one listens to Bob Greco.

He was the focus of a nasty political campaign. While not running for office, the Democrats went after Greco for his conviction of threatening his ex-wife’s life. It was not a fair campaign issue, and it backfired.

Yet, Bob Greco can no longer be taken seriously. Greco stated:

My mother taught me that silence during a lie is the same thing as a lie.

The immediate response is: didn’t Greco’s mother teach him not to threaten a wife’s life? Seriously. Is Greco one who should ever school another on what is morally right? I’m not listening, and I would be surprised if anyone else does.

A month ago, the day after the election, I called on the Cumberland County GOP to call for Greco to step down.

Fiocchi, Kirstein, and the rest of the Cumberland County Republicans need to get Bob Greco out of the GOP today. He is bad for their brand. If he has great talents, use him quietly behind the scenes. He is a political liability and now as elected leaders, Fiocchi and Kirstein have the juice to apply pressure to have him ousted. Do not delay in this; do it today.

The longer Greco lingers, the worse off for conservative voices. He cannot be taken seriously. As long as he is the chairman, the GOP opens itself up to the guilt by association charge. There is no benefit to keeping Greco in the big chair.

Be Careful What You Ask For

The political world is predicting huge gains for Republicans in Congress at the midterm elections. Some are even predicting clean sweeps in both houses. It certainly seems possible given the lackluster performance by the Democratic leadership.

But Republicans should be very cautious.

If Republicans take control of Congress at the midterm, then President Obama has two years to run against what he will clearly define as an obstructionist Congress. Given America’s penchant of late to keep politics “balanced”, that would seem to favor re-electing Obama rather than give Republicans control, once again, of Congress and the White House.

Then again I don’t know what is worse: President Obama’s pathetic agenda or a spending Congress.

This I do know: if Republicans take control of Congress, they better change their ways. The reason they lost control in 2006 is because they were corrupt and they spent taxpayer money like sailors on leave at a whorehouse.

While there have been glimmers of change, frankly I have not seen a reformation of the GOP. Michael Steele is still leading. Newt Gingrich even though I really like him, is still a player. There’s a battle between the establishment and the new right-wing. The problem is that the newcomers are easily pigeon-holed, a la Millville First and TrackRacket, as extreme. If not handled properly and promptly, this new emergence will just be a Ross Perot moment.

Leadership extends beyond the day’s news cycle. Vision is needed. Honestly, what national politician (heck, name any on any level) has a clear vision? I guess, President Obama fits that criteria. Obviously more is needed than a vision because his vision is wreaking havoc.

Who is going to step up?

Oddity of the Day

The Cumberland County GOP is hosting a dinner to raise funds. Big whoop!

They are hosting the party at the Centerton Country Club. The problem with that is that Centerton is in Salem County. Does that preclude them from having the fundraiser there? I guess not, but it’s a rather poor public relations move. How do you purport to represent Cumberland County’s interests but not do business in the county?

Is there no suitable venue to host a $100-plate dinner? Would Winfield’s not appreciate the business? Not big enough? How about the Cosmopolitan? The North Italy Club in Vineland would do. How about the county college?

Why isn’t Cumberland County good enough for this dinner?

Frank LoBiondo is the keynote speaker. LoBiondo came to D.C. during the Contract With America.

He promised to leave Congress after two terms. Now 15 years later, LoBiondo is the poster boy of a career politician.

Newly elected Cumberland County Freeholder Tom Sheppard and county clerk Gloria Noto should refuse to participate in this event.

It’s no wonder to me that the GOP is floundering in Cumberland.