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Why Do I Bother?

Whilst I have taken a step back publicly with my blogging, I am still reading others’. The other day Mark Krull posted about Sarah Palin having a map with crosshairs on it. This was old news. For the 2010 election cycle, Palin had “targeted” districts. The map used a gun’s crosshairs to indicate those targeted districts. One of those districts was Pima County, AZ . . . Gabby Giffords’ district.

Giffords was shot on Saturday.

Seemingly Krull was making a causal relationship between Palin and Giffords. I didn’t bother to post. The last time I posted on his blog, Linda Forbes tried to take me to task for something or other. Just another datum in the stream of why I grew weary. Anyhow, Krull didn’t stop there; he took it upon himself to e-mail me the article directly. I responded:


I have seen all this. Are you suggesting there is a causal
relationship between Mrs. Palin and what happened to Representative Giffords? If not, what importance are you attributing to it?


Two days, five blog posts, and another attack on the Daily Journal later, Krull has yet to respond to my query.

The lack of a response helps build my case that Krull is one who enjoys stirring the pot. He got my reaction, but he is unwilling to engage. It’s easy to see why as Mrs. Palin has absolutely nothing to do with happened to Giffords.

Five days after the incident, it has become extremely evident that this was not a right-wing attack, but a mentally-deficient young man who killed six. Krull won’t back off despite liberals even claiming this isn’t time for political grandstanding. And that is the point of Krull’s post: grandstanding.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

It wasn’t planned, but as I finished up the day yesterday, I happened upon Sarah Palin’s Alaska. I saw about two-thirds of the show. I will admit that Alaska is beautiful. The family took a bush plane south 110 miles to go fishing. While there, they were able to witness brown bears. Very kewl!

Then the family zipped north 115 miles to Denali, which is larger than New Hampshire. They learned how to rock climb and use rappelling gear. Again, very kewl!

Two things struck me while I watched the show. First, the Palins have money. A normal family cannot just zip off in a private plane to go fishing or hiking at a whim. Whatever frugal beginnings they had, the Palins have cashed out. No issue with that, mind you, but it should be noted.

The second thing is that Sarah Palin recently stated:

“Now, lookit,” she added. “I’m not in a reality show. I have eight episodes documenting Alaska’s resources.”

Perhaps Mrs. Palin is unfamiliar with the format, but Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a reality show. It’s interesting enough, I suppose (I don’t imagine I’ll tune in again). I wonder if America is willing to elect a reality television star to the White House. I think the question is moot as I long ago predicted Palin will not run.

On Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin baffles me.

Family members will recall that I was not in favor initially of John McCain selecting her as his VP candidate. Her selection was largely due to her gender. To me, that made her a weak selection. But the thing is, I really liked what she said (On hindsight, perhaps she didn’t say a whole lot, however.). McCain lost not because of her but rather because of his inane policies.

With the election over, Palin returned to Alaska with lots of newfound prying eyes. Then she quit her job.

Well now, that was an odd move. I will say she presented the issue well. Well enough I kind of gave her a pass on it. Certainly initially, I was more supportive of the move than I am now. Palin claimed that the frivolous lawsuits were mounting and that while governor, was not financially able to mount challenges. Okay, I can believe that. Shoot, we would not be able to do so from our paychecks either.

The newly unemployed Palin did what all politicians seem to do; she wrote a book. I had no desire to read the book, and from what I gleaned, it wasn’t much of one. But I suppose it put the money in her pocket that she needed for the lawsuits and provide for her family for a bit.

But Palin has continued to perplex me. She now is employed by Fox News. I understand why Fox News would want her as an employee, but what does working for the news network do for her? Her credibility has taken a huge hit. She is now a pundit for hire. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but those folks are not political leaders. She is now in the raft with the likes of Dick Morris.

Some may point to Mike Huckabee as a similar politican-turned-pundit. Most assume Huckabee will run again for president in 2012. But what can Huckabee point to having done during the his two runs? He hosts a vapid television show on the weekends. That is a huge mark against him should he decide to run. And if he doesn’t run, what will he have to offer the news network at that point?

If Palin wants to escape that comparison, she needs to differentiate herself from another seeming contender. She isn’t doing that.

Free of playing second fiddle on a ticket and representing a state, this is the time for Palin to show her stuff, as it were. She had a rousing speech at a tea party convention a couple weeks ago. Yet, there was no meat to the speech at all.

What does she do to follow that up? She is now the warm-up act to Glenn Beck’s tour. Perhaps her speech was full of specifics that the reviewer neglected to report.

Palin says expanded government and growth in federal spending will hurt the country.

She says Washington is disconnected from the rest of America, arguing that Congress is ignoring the demands of the people to stop expanding government programs.

Palin told the audience that Americans should remember that the government works for them and not the other way around.

It’s a message that resonated with her fans.

It’s not that I disagree with those sentiments; I have the same thoughts myself. The issue is what does Palin suggest we do? The answer to that needs to rise above the discourse that I would write here. Shoot, I’ve called for pruning the federal Education Department. Has Palin even taken that small step?

When does the country learn of Palin’s policies? Certainly if she has any expectations of running for office she will need to present some. Right now she is seen as a quitter with a folksy delivery. And if Palin does not want to run for office, just what does she have to offer? As insidious as Dick Morris is, he does offer some policies . . . they just happen to be wrong most of the time.

Granted Palin is making money now that I am not. If that is her goal, then she can disregard me. If she wants more than money whether it be public office or a place at the table, she needs credibility. Hers is quite suspect right now. From where I sit, she isn’t making the correct moves to lend legitimacy to her point of view.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

I awoke New Year’s morning to lots of e-mail wishing me a happy birthday. It wasn’t my birthday, but when I register on sites, 1 January is usually the date I provide. Where are my presents? . . . Sarah Palin joining Fox I think helps neither. I have been suspect of Palin running for POTUS. I think this ensures that she will not. Fox gobbling up the conservative voices does not enhance its image. They are already #1. Palin does not sure up any demographic it doesn’t already own. I just don’t know what is gained, other than a paycheck, with this deal . . . I stumbled across a blog post that mentioned a name that I thought was unique. I Googled it and sure enough, the Scott Sipprelle that is running for Congress in the 12th is the same guy who had the messy dorm room across the hall from me my IV Form year. I was also friends with his brother Mark. Interestingly, Scott is living a life I am not. In 2006 he contributed $61,700 to political campaigns . . . How badly has NBC screwed up its line-up? What if both Leno and Conan bailed on this floundering network? . . . R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass. What a wonderful man. What a sweet voice . . . If a business is irrelevant if it doesn’t have an iPhone app, then does it stand that those who do not use a smartphone are also irrelevant? . . . A deal was struck to delay unions from paying a tax on health insurance. The deal sucks. The tax itself is even worse. I cannot believe that Obama thinks a deal like this will help his reelection . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

The New Jersey Legislature is on summer vacation. As a matter of fact, they will not reconvene until after the November election when it will be a lame duck session. These folks still draw a full-time salary . . . I do not know what is up with Sarah Palin. I like her, but am not confident she has a shot at legitimately running in 2012. Why would anyone vote for her? How does quitting her job enhance her appeal? I suspect she is not running and is going to cash in on her popularity . . . How could a second stimulus package be logical? If the first one cannot get the money out into the economy more quickly, then how would a second one improve that? A stimulus is supposed to provide immediate stimulus, not future spending. A tax rebate, otoh, is immediate, although as inefficient as most government spending . . . What do championship teams do? Sweep their closest opponents (and rival) in a holiday series. Way to go Phillies! . . . I wonder if the Millville building inspection team ever walks west out of city hall . . . I just received an e-mail from the Phillies. The subject line is “E-Saver: Half-priced tickets for July 7”. When I read the e-mail, it stated, “Order tickets online for the game on July 7 versus the Reds & take advantage of a buy one, get one free offer for seats in the Terrace Deck (412-429).” That is not “tickets at half price.” It may work out the same for even lots, but if I wanted a single ticket, which is what I would have purchased for an evening game mid-week, I can’t get it at half price . . . Business as usual in NJ: the state awards a contract to Parsons to run auto inspections. Parsons lobbies state to be the only distributor of emissions equipment for inspections. Local garages have to pony up $8,000 to Parsons or forgo inspecting vehicles. Criminal . . . After five months, AK got around to feeding the hamsters and got MCE working on the scavenger hunts. I suppose that shows he hasn’t abandoned the site . . . What took me so long to cook a brisket? My goodness, leftovers are superb! . . . My experience is that there has been a fundamental shift in customer service over the years. The new underlying characteristic is that the customer is just a john to be pumped . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

What kind of reporting is this?  What the House passed yesterday is not $700 billion.  The House could not pass the bill when it was that dollar figure.  The bill was stuffed with $150 billion worth of pork.  That means the bill was $850 billion.  Why did the AP not report that? . . . Lest we forget, former state senator Nick Asselta is continuing to screw New Jersey.  Asselta, if you recall, sold out his constituents on the last day he was in office by voting for a billion dollars of more spending for a seat on the Board of Public Utilities.  Now, twice a month in a taxpayer paid-for automobile, Asselta works.  What does he do?  Allows the utilities to raise rates another 14% . . . this is classic O’Reilly.  Good television and the more Barney Franks is taken to task, the better:

. . . Speaking of Barney Franks, does anyone have an issue that his lover was a Fannie executive? . . . Palin’s spin of her Couric interview is lame . . . FWIW, I thought she rebounded well, but it matters little. Biden did okay too. It comes down to the big boys and Obama is too polished, it appears, to change the course in a month. We shall see . . . I used to listen to Howard Stern. It seems as he was married Friday. Hmmm . . . O.J. was found guilty of the robbery and assault of two memorabilia dealers. This verdict couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Will there be riots? . . . How ’bout them Phillies? . . . the playoffs have been fun thus far . . . this weekend the smoker will have the latest propaganda NJEA Reporter as fuel. I tire of my dues being spent on multiple four-color publications supporting political candidates I do not endorse. Unfortunately I cannot burn the Review . . .

Palin’s Smoothness

We all have off days.  Sarah Palin will have a grand opportunity this week to make up for her interview with Katie Couric.  This is just an abysmal answer.

I am a fan of Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey. Their politics do not suit me, but I can appreciate humor when I see it . . . I think. 😉 But it is becoming more difficult remaining awake to see the show. I fell asleep on the couch 10 minutes before the start. I awoke at 12:05, right before Weekend Update. I didn’t see that either. That’s why I like the ‘Net. I get all the clips.

Tina Fey nails Palin. I didn’t get the humor until I viewed the actual interview above. When one answers like that, yes, you will be the lead on SNL.

The Moonbat Side of Hannity & Colmes

Apparently Alan Colmes posted about Republican VP candidate Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. On air he praised the selection of a woman. On his blog he smeared her. The title of post was Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care?

Colmes, noted that Palin was in Texas when her water broke in March, took a flight back to Alaska, after consulting her doctor, to give birth.   Then he stated:

Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman’s water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That’s true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

Still? Still? Still? Still? Still?

WTF, Alan.  Still what?

The use of the word still suggests that this decision and other “pre-natal care” (remember the title of the post) caused Gov. Palin’s fifth child to have Down Syndrome.

It didn’t take long before he was called on this smear.  The heat was so hot, the “respected journalist” pulled the post.  But nothing is ever gone from the Internet.  The entire thing is cached with Google.

The Daily Kos began this kind of thing the other day suggesting the governor covered up her daughter’s pregnancy.  Now this.  It seems like feminism no longer is permitted to have Mom be Supermom (career and caretaker).


When Sarah Palin’s name was first presented to me this morning I immediately was negative.  The first thing I think of when I hear Alaska is Ted Stevens.  The last thing McCain should want to do is put Alaska front and center in this campaign.  Stevens is the poster boy of corruption and easy fuel for Obama et al. to use to blast conservatives as in the pocket of lobbyists.

Admittedly, that is probably not the right take on Palin.  I know little about her.  What has been presented today makes it sound like I would like her.  She sounds like a tough lady with the right attitude.  She is staunchly pro-life and has the credentials to back up her position.  Glory be!  I heard her interview with Glenn Beck from several months ago and Rush speak a little of about her.

So, she’s okay.  Somewhat inexperienced, but certainly no worse off than the Democratic candidate in that regard.

But here’s the thing, it reeks of pandering.

Would McCain have selected her in 2000 had he won the nomination?  Certainly not.  Has Palin done anything remarkable in those eight years to make her the best candidate?

Moreover, had Hillary been the Democratic candidate, would McCain have selected Palin?  It’s hard to fathom he would have.

Palin was selected not for her strong leadership but because she is a woman in a close race against a candidate who narrowly beat bested a woman. A great deal of that woman’s supporters are feeling disenfranchised. All of a sudden there is another reasonable choice for them.

Politically Palin is an excellent choice, from what I can tell. I have nothing against her. Her selection appears tawdry to me. McCain is still wrong on Shamnesty. McCain is still wrong on campaign finance. He is unacceptable on taxes. The lesser of two evils is not a good enough reason for my support. Palin helps McCain politically, but she doesn’t correct his policies.