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World Champion Questions

Current World Champion of Public Speaking, Ryan Avery, has been blogging and asking questions. I like how he is engaging his audience. I have responded to a couple of his posts now.

His most recent post was about in order to make big dreams come true, one must take small steps. He explained his desire to scuba dive and how that is coming to be realized now. Then he asked . . .

Questions #1: Are you SCUBA certified? If so, what is your favorite thing you have seen underwater and if not, would you want to get certified?

I am PADI-certified. I have several certifications (advanced, night, dry suit).

There are a few notable things I have seen while diving. The most impressive, I suspect, is as I waited at the rendezvous point on a night dive off West Palm, I couldn’t see squat save right in front of me. All of a sudden I saw bubbles and only bubbles. It was disconcerting as I had no idea what was going on. Then this giant sea turtle floated in front of me . . . right in front of me so I could touch him. It was awesome!

Swimming with the rays and seeing an octopus in his hole are other things that stand out . . . and the barracuda!

Question #2: What is a BIG dream you have and what is one SMALL thing you can do today to make that happen?

I don’t really have a big dream. Seriously! I have a bucket list and there are some bigger things there, I gather, but the important ones are really out of my direct control (having a boy ask me permission to marry my daughter, etc.). I am in the throes of family life right now (screaming boy, moody girl). All is good. What I can do to achieve those special dreams are to raise my children in a manner that emphasizes the values that are important. In the end, that is how those kinds of dreams are realized.

Question #3: Would you rather be able to breath underwater OR fly?

I somewhat had that as a question 20+ years ago. I had just had a relationship end. I felt as though I needed to do something for me at that point. I narrowed it down to learn how to sky dive or scuba dive. After mulling it over, I opted for scuba. As a middle-aged man now, I think that was the correct decision. I cannot imagine jumping out of a plane willingly today; strapping on a tank, however, sounds inviting. 🙂

Crystal River #2

Dive #20

Big Spring, King’s Bay, Crystal River, FL


Bottom time=25 minutes

Air temperature=71°

Play with the manatees!


Lots of manatees.  School on feeding spree.  There were two manatees at a silver pole.  They were so playful.  Manatees are just like big puppy dogs.  Despite being told not to, we took rides on these friendly beasts.  It was awesome!  Up and down, around and around we went.  What fun!  This was the highlight of my time diving!

Total bottom time=8:00

Night Dive

Off Breakers Hotel (near Kennedy Compound)

reef w/ trench

Toured the trench


Bottom time=27 minutes

Total bottom time=6:15

As I awaited everyone at the rendevous point, I noticed a lot of bubbles about an arm length in front of me.  All of a sudden it became far more agitated.  I didn’t know what was going on until a gigantic sea turtle appeared.  It soared from my feet to over my head right in front of me.  How kewl!