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Watching some lady on YouTube. Her virtue signaling is omnipresent. Even that wedding ring signals, doesn’t it? . . . July 2022 (the current month) is a no-buy month for me. I will only permit myself to purchase consumables for myself. There may be some physical things purchased as gifts for my children (my daughter is preparing for college) . . . I am not a good enough writer to complete the wedding card I purchased for my ex-wife. Nothing I have tried comes off as totally joyous for her without it being read into on some level. I will take the advice others have provided and not send a card. I e-mailed her a congratulations when she first wrote me about it. That will have to suffice . . . Social media is insidious! I follow a guy on YouTube. Nice guy. No issues. But even he has a video called 5 Ryes You Have to Have. No, I do not need five ryes. I like rye, but I don’t need five bottles of it at once . . . Haven’t been a fan of Dad’s Hat Rye as a sipper. Decided to try it in a Manhattan. Much, much better! . . . Completing the The Unforgettables challenge is not healthy; it encourages me to drink. That isn’t a good thing . . . My inner voice is too negative. I need to either train it to be positive or turn the voice off altogether . . . Sent my ex-wife AND her fiancé a wedding card today. I believe they are being married Friday, Believe because I wasn’t invited. 🙂 It was most freeing . . . I noted recently that Dead & Company were not selling out the stadia they play in this summer. I saw this again the other night in Foxborough. Just saw a quick clip of Poison at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL. Looked like the upper deck for that show was sold out. Just saying . . . Canceled my credit card today. I used it twice. I don’t see a need going further . . .

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Why is a library sponsoring a sailing trip? FWIW, the A.J. Meerwald is an awesome experience, but there are no books and no reading involved in this trip. I wonder if one were to dig if any tax dollars are paying for anyone to go sailing . . . My hands hurt. Yesterday my neighbor and I pulled out all the bushes by the electrical box. I am now shoveling out roots aplenty . . . Only the government would hire a horseshoer and have no horse . . . It seems to me there is a touch of bias in this lede: Paul Ryan coming to Pa., 10 days, 9 swing states later . . . Amazon/Shelfari has disappointed me. I am having problems with my classroom library account. I requested help more than a week ago. Zero response! My library now resides on a competitor’s site . . . It’s interesting watching a superb organization dwindle . . . It’s summertime. I am a school teacher. This is suppose to be a relaxing time for me. Hardly! I have never been so busy! . . . Watching Ides of March. Wow! Bias doesn’t even explain this drivel . . . I just noticed that I have passed 5000 posts here on this blog . . .

Yelp Review of the Day

Yelp Review of the Day

Apparently, my review of Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare on Yelp is today’s Review of the Day. Wow!

I wrote that after my visit to Wildflower last July. The owner contacted me online thanking me for the review. That’s good customer service. We have gone there many times since. Just 10 days ago I had a meal there. One of my clubs now meets there regularly. I’m a fan!

What’s really kewl is that it is receiving a little more notice today because of Yelp. Everything (mostly, anyhow) Yelp does seems to impress me. It’s a good company.

Unintended Consequences

The federal government is finding out an unintended consequence of the homeowner bailout they initiated (with taxpayer money). The federal government now owns 200,000+ homes. No, it shouldn’t, but that is not what this is about. It is now spring. It is time for homeowners to mow their lawns. If you own 200,000 homes, you have a lot of lawns to mow. Apparently, it will cost $40 million to mow the lawns. The bailout that never ends. Who pays for the lawn mowing?

And just like that, decisions I have made recently have had unintended consequences. I am forever taking self-inventory to (it is hoped) improve myself. Recently, I decided not to re-up my cellphone plan. Nagging me was how we had gone from an approximately $20 monthly plan for phone service to $150. Sure, the service we received increased. Having a cellphone allows one to receive and make calls from anywhere. Except . . . I don’t talk much on the phone. Sure, Gert and I might swap a few calls a week, but folks who know me know I do not talk on the phone. So we added a data plan. That was awesome! Whenever I had to wait at dance classes, restaurants, etc., I had something to do. I checked in using Yelp. I read Twitter. I checked my news feeds.

But when my phone broke, I re-examined that plan. $75 each month so I could entertain myself while waiting seems excessive. That Verizon Wireless held a gun to my head to make a decision didn’t sit well with me. Y’see, Verizon Wireless no longer offers an unlimited data plan. In order to keep mine grandfathered, I would need to re-up. Same thing with our texting plan. Grrrrr . . .

So I bailed. I am not so important that access to me needs to be immediate. I am not rich enough to have technological entertainment strapped to me belt.

Following that decision, I also closed my Twitter account. It seems to me I was only pushing content to Twitter (Yelp, Goodreads, this blog) and not participating. No one likes to follow the auto-message accounts. I can’t say I blame anyone for that. I was not adding to the medium. But this morning, as I wait for 9:00 to arrive to begin mowing (I was taught not to run the mower before then), I found that I no longer have access to one source of my news. No big deal, as the majority of my news comes from Google Reader. But I just learned that GR has changed. Without a Google+ account (also disabled since the phone went away), I have no way of sharing news stories . . . unless I write about them here. I have restricted the breadth of my network, as it were. I think keeping my thoughts centrally located is best.

So, this is a long post to share with you this post about how the biased media are taking exception with candidate Romney’s claim that 92% of the job losses during the Obama term are women. Yet, it is Romney who is portrayed as anti-women.

If you thought the GOP primary was nasty, get ready for Romney v. Obama!

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Making This a Good Year

The gym was closed today. Who knew? Of course, I didn’t find out until I pulled up out front and there wasn’t one car on Mulberry. Not to be deterred, as I wasn’t going to keep my ass in a chair all day, I stopped off at a school on my way home and did 200+ yards of burpees. I had calculated I needed to do somewhere between 16 and 18 football fields to make a mile. Yeah, I was considerably short of that . . . Last week for the NFL has been ho hum . . . Once again, haven’t touched my schoolwork during the break. Sigh . . . Gert disassembled three of the 13 Christmas trees today . . . Speaking of Christmas, mass was sparsely attended today . . . Hey, it’s only five or six weeks until spring training begins! . . . I have a huge speech coming up on a topic I don’t have much interest in. The things we agree to do when asked . . . Apparently I read 253 books last year. Sure, most of them were children’s books . . . My dislike for superlatives is well-established, but I am a completist as well. So when the topic is Best of 2011, I selected this photograph. It probably isn’t, but it is one that will definitely remind me of the year . . . Now that I am back to working on the books, it’s quite likely I will complete my 100 books for my BookCrossing project this year. Of course, none of the books I released beginning a year ago have been logged . . . Watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules with the children. I liked it! Of course, I am a fan of the books . . . So, the reality is I have been putting on weight the last two months. I haven’t been unaware of this fact, but it’s more than a trend at this point. I need to get my mojo back. I think I have my head aligned to where it needs to be; I now need follow-through. I refuse to let this get me down . . . As I grow older, the more I realize that the Boy Scout motto is important: be prepared! The more prepared I am, the more efficient I proceed. That leads to a smoother life for me . . . I gave up Facebook months ago. I tire of reading about FB and how great it is. Blech! Likewise, I tire of reading about IOS-only apps. GymPact is getting lots of attention today. It sounds wonderful, but I’ll be damned if I am going to switch cell hone contracts to try it out. If it’s (or any other app, for that matter) that good, port it to Android . . . Charles Barkley is now hawking for Weight Watchers. Huh . . . I note it’s been 2.5 months since Scoble posted a CinchCast. When he stops using a service, I imagine it’s not a thriving company. Time to back up those files . . .

Yelp Elite

The other day I received an invitation from Yelp for elite status for 2012. Today I that e-mail more fully.

Last year someone, I suspect Michelle C., the local Yelp guru, nominated me for elite status. I was honored. I have had the badge all year. I have been invited to several Yelp events. We were set to go to one, but had to cancel. I have signed up for one next Monday that I will attend alone. Anyhow, it has been a privilege.

Apparently, going forward, I am no longer nominated (necessarily) for elite status; I can nominate myself. Sigh . . . I did that today. Following are the reasons why I believe I should remain elite on Yelp.

I provide honest reviews of real places I attend. I am beholden to no one, try to influence no one, and am willing to modify my views based on my experience. I think that is why people enjoy my reviews; they’re honest. I usually post photographs of the experience. I have received a number of compliments and e-mails telling me how helpful my reviews have been. Yelp fits my style of life. I like to think that I contribute a small bit as to what it means to be a Yelper. The above is why I would like to remain an elite member in 2012 . . . that and it’s so damn kewl! 😉

We’ll see what becomes of this.

For the record, I believe elite status would be much cooler if one needed to be nominated yearly by someone else.

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Changing things up . . . I don’t think I am particularly social after all . . . have you ever had the feeling you were being lead to slaughter? It’s not an uplifting experience . . . trying to remain positive despite some serious work things transgressing . . . Catholic Church is testing my faith . . . scaling back . . . lawn looks spectacular! . . . I’ve never been a fan of my hair. It was always thick, so it didn’t grow long well. People said thick hair was good. Okay. It isn’t so thick these days. Always said I wanted to get to 40 before I went bald. I got here, now I’m balding. Finally found a haircut that I like; #2 on top, #1 on the sides . . . A month and a day to respond to my e-mail regarding a problem with an order; major #FAIL. For a “leadership” organization, Toastmasters International has much to learn . . . Fox News is on Google+. Love this idea. Once I figure out how to respond, I will toss my hat into the ring . . . The long national nightmare has finally been solved. About a year ago we purchased two new televisions. They are similar, but different models. The “children’s” television has had three (if not four) different cable boxes since. Each time we get one it works a little before it quits. There is no way to change the channels when it quits. The children now watch television on “my” television since we can never change channels. With the day off today, I sat down and solved the problem. The DVD player that everything ran through is dead. With that out of the loop, all works as it should. Woo hoo! . . . After feeling a bit defeated with a project in Toastmasters, I am energetic regarding a leadership project I have crafted all on my own . . .


This is a kewl product! I use a Gorilla pod, although not this model. This is innovative thinking.

What is particularly interesting is not the product, but the mechanism for bringing his product to market. He is totally independent of handlers; he’s raising the money himself. Social media is playing a role here. Whether or not he makes it to $20,000 will be interesting. I wonder what Joby has to say about this. I wonder if they said raise $20,000 and we’ll support the balance of start-up costs. Hmm . . .

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. It is a product I could see using.

Delaware Valley Kayakers

Social networking is an interesting medium. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes I don’t quite get it. Meetup.com always seemed like an interesting site, but not living in a hip area, there didn’t seem much for me there.

Recently someone mentioned a project for Toastmasters that would be helpful for me to complete my CL. The idea is to create a Meetup.com group to discuss a club’s meetings. By getting buy-ins from club members to talk up the meetings, others looking for things to do in the area will see it and ostensibly attend. To that end, I decided to check out Meetup.com some and see what it had to offer before I take on that project.

There really isn’t much in my area, but I did find the Delaware Valley Kayakers Association. Sure enough, they had a beginners’ day at Parvin scheduled for today. I wasn’t sure if I was truly a beginner, but the promise of learning strokes on the water was enough to get me to join.

At least according to the instruction, I am not a beginner. Then again, the instructors who seem to have quite a bit of experience only rank themselves as intermediate, so who knows?

About half the time was spent reviewing types of kayaks and other equipment. It was an interesting segment. I recently have begun riding mountain bikes and have been reading a lot and researching to seek answers to my questions. But when it comes to kayaking, I have a much different approach. I’ve been gifted a boat. I am a casual kayaker. I do not expect to run white water rapids. I have room to get better, but I am not seeking to load up. In contrast, most of those who attended this shindig seemed impressed with all the gear. It was finny for them to be asking questions about dry suits and the like. Are they really ever going to be doing that kind of kayaking? Do you need to know today on your first time out?

Anyhow, we got out on the water and practiced some strokes. While this wasn’t quite as enlightening as I had hoped, I did learn a few things.

And then it was over . . . kind of. It wasn’t a hugely organized event. People were milling about trying out different boats etc. I was hoping for a paddle. After waiting around for some time, I put back in and paddled to the other end of the lake. Parvin Lake isn’t particularly interesting, but at least I got some strokes in. I did practice applying pressure on the opposite foot as the side I am paddling on. It was suggested that is a good way to get your body into the stroke and not just rely upon one’s arms.

I did paddle to where I had hidden a geocache some time ago. I couldn’t find it. It’s possible it’s still in there, but I don’t think it is. I’ll chalk this up to Mother Nature claiming it.

I was surprised to see that the leaders of the group didn’t actually go for a paddle. Yes, there was a lot of clean-up, but to come all this way and not paddle seems like an opportunity lost. I did confirm that Mari plans on attending the Friday night paddle back at Parvin in the evening. I look forward to that.

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Ouch! While mowing the lawn (oh, it was high!) I felt my left calf tighten. It seemed odd, but I had been working hard today and even added a hike in the middle. Anyhow, when I stepped down off the deck I felt a pop/rip of the calf. I am rather certain I have injured myself to the point I will need outside help . . . Went for a cache today with Fritz. As soon as we got to the cache area, Fritz let go with the nastiest diarrhea ever. Oh, it was worse than anything the babies ever did. I had to hose him off. Seriously . . . We didn’t find that one because of his mishap. It rained for about 15 minutes today; the entire hike back to the Jeep . . . Finding I have less and less to say online these days. Twitter and Facebook are rarely loaded . . . I wasn’t surprised at all that Huckabee passed on running. I suspect Palin will pass too. Despite protestations otherwise, it is a weak Republican field . . . Have been buried for the past six weeks with stuff. There appears to be no let up until school is over. That means another six weeks of no time to scratch an itch . . . I would not have voted for Boston Rob on Survivor. I would have voted for Natalie or Phillip. The puppet master should have been held accountable for the manipulation he used . . .