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The Ultimate Trackable Lanyard – Digital Blue/Black Reflective

22-08-26 The Ultimate Trackable Lanyard - Digital Blue/Black Reflective

This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

If one is going to have a GPSr, he might as well have a nice lanyard to accompany it. As my family and students know well about me, I o not like to carry stuff. That includes a GPSr. When I cached with Mopar, he had his GPSr on a lanyard. I finally adopted that philosophy.

This is made by GeoKnots.com, but I purchased it through geocaching.com. In addition to the lanyard, there is a leather tag that contains a trackable code. Despite wearing this lots, only one person has ever logged it.

There are two connections to the lanyard, one longer than the other to adjust the length when worn.

Overall, I have been pleased with this, but as I seldom use the GPSr, this isn’t getting much use these days.

Oscar – A Traveler’s Guard

22-04-12 GC504B4

39.226217 -94.4413


I have no idea how this geocache got on my itinerary for this trip; I have no memory of ever looking at this before. But it was the closest waypoint on the map from where I was traveling and I needed to stretch my legs.

Well, now! If only every cache was this entertaining! As my mother would say, “You done good.”

Nice ingenuity. The reveal happened without me understanding what had happened. At the end I repeated it a couple of times just for chuckles.

All is in fine shape with this one.

Thank you kindly for the entertaining respite; I appreciate it.

Tricky Trackable Hotel

22-03-08 GC8V39A

39.98485 -74.1223

Hiking back from the Adventure Lab, I figured I would stop off for this. The only thing tricky about this for me was finding the geocache. Sometimes I can be dense. Looked about for a minute or two. Was thinking of just bagging it as I had another stop to make after Cattus Island and the day was getting long. Finally read the description and realized what I was looking for. Oh, there that is! D’oh!

Cache opened readily. There is a Travel Bug present. I discovered it, but didn’t take it as I had nothing to swap and didn’t want to leave a TB hotel without.

Thank you for placing this for me to find; I appreciate it.

Cedar amongst the pines

22-02-22 GC3R1Z9

39.418217 -74.58945

After success at the end of the street, I thought I would return to give this one another shot.

Yes, I remember spending a fair amount of time seeking this one. I was all over the place. I knew it was here, but I couldn’t find it. And when the Found It logs of others came in afterwards, well it was just a reminder of my failure. I have avoided coming here to clear this one.

As I walked in things looked different. Then I got my bearings. And before I had time to consider where I had concentrated my search last time, I had the cache in my hands. How I missed this one, I haven’t a clue.

I used to keep a database of all my hunts. For my DNFs, I had several tags I used to explain why I hadn’t found it. The only way to explain this one is blind.

Was treated to a Travel Bug that I picked up to move along. All is fine with the geocache. Success always lifts my spirit and clearing a DNF certainly is considered success.

Thank you for placing this for me to find; I appreciate it.

Bonita Lakes

32.352333 -88.667167

While the rest of them dudes were gettin’ their kicks
Boy, I beg your pardon, I was gettin’ mine

David Rea / Felix Pappalardi / Laurence Laing / Leslie A. Weinstein, Mississippi Queen

Well, what else did I have to do today? After driving from Atlanta to Alabama I figured I might as well continue to grab this one.

Easy drive down. First time I’ve ever been in Mississippi. Elizabeth, my dotty Goggle Assistant, took me via the mall. Just as I was trying to determine if I should go this way or not, the heavens opened (Hurricane Ida). My goodness!

There was no way I was coming all this way and not find this. Even so, I decided to go to town to get something to eat and see if the rain would let up. It did.

I read up on the cache during my meal. I re-positioned to the park. Unfortunately, I forgot I wasn’t riding my bike. Then I realized I wasn’t riding a horse. Both trails were nice. Decided to get on the walking trail since, y’know, I was walking. 😀

Saw the climb and followed the path. Found the geocache without incident. All is in good shape here. There were two trackables that I left for the next finder. I left a bag of PVC and a link for assembly instructions. Enjoy!

Thank you for keeping this alive, I appreciate it.

21-08-29 GC90

Trussville Civitan – Alabama’s First Cache

21-08-29 GC126

33.623767 -86.60125

Oh, Alabama
Can I see you and shake your hand
Make friends down in Alabama
I’m from a new land

Neil Young, Alabama

Wonderful overcast morning.

I wasn’t certain this one was going to be had given the hurricane. I decided to head west from Atlanta and see how it goes. It went well.

A nice leisurely drive into Alabama. This is my first visit in my time on this planet. I like what I see.

Arrived at the park. Found the geocache without incident. All is in good shape here.

I left a bag of PVC and a link to assembly instructions. Have fun. Also left the Fargo-Moorhead geotour geocoin I earned last month. Happy travels.

Thank you for keeping this one alive; I appreciate it.

Beaver Cache (the beavers have moved on)

21-08-28 GC1D

33.87175 -83.9718


Flew down from New Jersey this morning, rented a car, and drove directly here. I too parked at the tennis courts. Only one other car here. I suspect it belonged to the woman I saw fishing. We paid our respects to one another.

Continued on and found the geocache without incident. Logged in. I actually left swag here. I added a bag with PVC pieces and a link to a YT video on how to assemble. Also left the Amazing Mingo geocoin from the event in May. Enjoy!

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.