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QCA’s Most Wanted

22-04-11 GCP8EV

41.523667 -90.581517

After three hours of driving earlier to get to Ames, it was another three hours to Davenport. Had plenty of truck traffic on the roads here, but no issues.

Arrived and surveyed the scene. Got myself positioned and waited for the refresh. Have determined the clock on the webcam is about 13 minutes fast. What else are you going to do while standing in a nearly empty parking lot waiting for a refresh?

Thank you kindly for keeping this one active; I appreciate it.

Iowa Webcam ONE @ ISU

22-04-11 GCH8M5

42.024383 -93.64595

This was one of the focal points of this trip. Made the ride out after picking up a handful of caches in Nebraska this morning. Long drive. I was tired and it was during the good part of the day. Arrived at campus and couldn’t find any parking. Went into town and hoofed it.

Arrived at the waterless fountain. There had been a couple guys working on it, but they left as I tried to rectify my Internet issues. I had all bars and 5G locked in, but the webcam page wasn’t loading the page properly for me. Texted my daughter. The girl lives on her phone, but when Daddy needs help, she’s silent. Then reached out to my caching sister. She was able to capture the image for me.

Plenty of students on campus. My, they look young. Yikes!

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.

Where in the World is Toto

22-04-10 GCPGXD

39.203367 -96.30515

Made it!

Beautiful day here in Kansas. Flew into MCI a few hours ago. Found a couple caches and ate some barbecue. Then took the drive out here. Believe it or not, I’ve driven out this way before.

Stopped and took a few shots with the webcam. I am so bad at taking screenshots with one hand. Plenty of mess ups. 😜

I certainly appreciate you keeping this one going; thank you!

Salty Dog Café WebCam

Salty Dog Café WebCam Geocache

32.115433 -80.82465

Memories are made on the decisions we make. I love spontaneity. When I planned this trip I considered adding Hilton Head. Mia’s sister entered my head. It’s just too far.

But there I was walking back to the rental in rainy Clemson pondering what I would do the rest of this wet day. How far is it to the coast? Four hours, 38 minutes. I was off.

Plenty of my buddies come here. I’ve never taken the drive. That has been my loss. This place is gorgeous!

Reminds me of my shore area with the all too slow speed limits getting here.

Walked up to the hostess and inquired about the pineapple 🍍. She laughed when I turned around. Ha!

Snapped the requisite shot. Now I’m at the bar listening to a good guitarist and waiting for my seafood before the long drive back to Charlotte for a flight tomorrow.

Thank you for the grand time I’m having; I appreciate it.

5 Clemson Web Cams

22-03-23 GCJHFH

34.67985 -82.825633

Knowledge is dangerous. I thought I knew where to go. Nope! Saw a student near the bookstore who directed me to where I wanted to go. Passed an older woman walking her poodle. She said she had to hurry between downpours. Don’t I know it! All this rain today but someone looked after me and kept me almost dry.

Found the plaza. Nice view here.

Thank you for keeping this one alive for me to enjoy today; I appreciate it.


22-03-22 GCC4B8

35.310433 -83.1822

Flat out crazy what I am doing today. Began in Greensboro. Drove out to Western North Carolina in a downpour. From there snaked through the mountains in the same downpour. Thought I was going to die. Zoe would tell me it was 13 miles on a road. I’d drive it then there would be the smallest path off of it. She’d come back and tell me another 16 miles to do the same again. Yikes!

The mountains and waterfalls were gorgeous! Made the drive enjoyable. As soon as I hit Clemson, the skies opened.

Finally got here. As I was positioning myself after parking illegally, I heard someone ask if I was all right. Some lady was having lunch in her car. I showed her the cell with the live feed of the webcam and explained how I was trying to get on it. Believe it or not, her white car and I were there. I later stepped away.

I’m wearing dark clothes so I did not show up well on this dreary day (between the two white cars). I was actually waving. The rain did let up while I got the photograph. The lady explained students are on spring break. Campus is busy even without them.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.


After I logged this, I repositioned and took more screen shots with me more in the middle of the parking lots as others had done.

Catamount Cache-cam

22-03-22 GC25B6

35.310433 -83.1822

The things we do for this activity!

Long drive this morning in a downpour. Convinced North Carolina truckers purposely change lanes and slow down just to mess with drivers.

Despite the ill weather, the mountains were beautiful on the approach. Rain lightened up after my illegal parking job so I could get to the webcam and back unscathed. No, I did not pack well for this trip at all.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.


21-07-25 GCPHVN

43.033067 -87.899717

The day was long. The last 11 days have been a whirlwind. But there was still this webcam to tackle. I had attempted this last summer. I went to another cam. It was down. It still appears down. So we came here. I think we may have done so last year too, but were under an extreme time constraint as we were celebrating my divorce (at a geocache earlier in the day). Today we were hampered by nightfall arriving.

After not finding the correct spot, we mulled things over. We parked, got out, and walked toward the water. We immediately saw a most wonderful site: Chinese laterns floating through the sky ablazed! These things were absolutely gorgeous, but we had to get on film.

I kept looking at the cam. We saw the lighthouse and were now near it. Then I recognized the boat coming in. I just kept walking and realized a group of people in front of me were the tiny dots on the screen. I caught up to them, got on the other side, and lo and behold, there I was!

I really worked at these last two webcams. Both very enjoyable experiences.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appeciate it.

Outstanding In Your Field

21-07-25 GCE8E9

42.98045 -88.0919

This is a webcam I attempted a year ago and I guess didn’t save the correct images or something, I don’t quite remember. It has been gnawing at me ever since. I planned another grand adventure to the midwest, but Wisconsin wasn’t part of the formal itinerary. I had a day off that I wanted to run up from Chicago for to clear this. As luck would have it, we came back through Wisconsin, which allowed for me to clear this and a few other things I wanted to pick up.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I appreciate it.