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Not One Penny More

Quiz time, dear reader. Who stated the following?

It insults the intelligence of New Jerseyans and shows contempt for their finances to dangle election-year handouts before the voters only to take them away once comfortably installed in office.

This year all state assembly and senate seats are up for election. Both houses are currently controlled by Democrats. Is it any wonder then that property tax rebates are going to be fully funded?

Of course, as all should know, next year is another story. There will not be money for the rebates then as the only reason they are funded this year is that there’s money left over from last year’s sales tax hike. Once spent this year, it’s gone.

The rebate this year is to buy more incompetence in Trenton. Once re-elected, continuing the out-of-control spending on the backs of your property will resume.

FWIW, the above quote was made by then-candidate Christie Whitman in February 1993. After reading Michael Aron’s Governor’s Race, it is clear that 14 years later, the issues are exactly the same as they were then, but the severity is worse.

It is time for new leadership. Bold leadership. Leaders who will cut spending. Leaders who will not balance budgets with gimmicks. Leaders who will scale government back.

Dear reader, Governor Corzine along with Assemblymen Van Drew and Albano are doing the election year dance with us; it’s a shell game. There should be no rebates. There should be no new spending.

I will vote a resounding No on appropriating another $450 million in spending when asked to do so in the voting booth this November.

Not one penny more. Until spending is cut, I will not support spending another penny for anything in this state.