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23-07-06 GCA23TH

39.449333 -74.63235

This is the calm in-between three big caching weeks. Had an early morning appointment near here. Stopped by this familiar location for this cache. I mentioned to my teenager that we used to be here quite a bit. Much like Sesame Place, I enjoyed it at the time but I am not bothered it is no longer in my life. 🙂

Found the geocache without incident. All is in fine shape with this one.

Thank you for placing this for me to enjoy; I appreciate it.

23-07-05 Millville City Commission Meeting

Millville City Commission Meeting

Before I returned from the Retirement Celebration Tour, I began thinking about events to do with Fritz.

Fritz is political. He likes politics, presidential trivia, government, etc. His current plan is to study poly-sci and then continue onto law school. To that end, I thought he should see government in action. I took him to the city commission meeting this evening.

We began with the work session. The mayor was absent. The meeting lasted four minutes. Absolutely nothing was accomplished. In-between the work session and the regular meeting, we walked High Street. Fritz counted 36 empty storefronts. There was absolutely nothing for us to do on High Street at 6:10 on a summer Wednesday evening.

We figure there are five barber shops and two hair salons on High Street. There are a couple Chinese restaurants.

We returned for the regular meeting. A few more people attended. The mayor was still absent.

I figured it would be a 45-minute meeting as there wasn’t much on the agenda and nothing controversial. The meeting actually went just less than an hour. The almost extra 15 minutes came from Joe Sooy rattling off all the work at water and sewage that is on the agenda.

Not a whole lot went on. Two more marijuana businesses received endorsements from the Commission.

My son got to see government in action. He asked questions afterwards. I think it was a profitable experience for hi,


FlashpointFlashpoint by Geoff Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fritz has been pestering me to read this. I have seen The Flash television show that depicted that. In some ways I prefer that as it is more contained to just one character: The Flash. Having said that, of all the crises I have read, I understood this one. Perhaps I am understanding the universe better, perhaps it’s because I am familiar with the story, or perhaps it’s written so well I could follow. Whatever the reason, I liked this.

The world is not right. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are battling, flooding Europe, trying to gain land to enhance their position. Batman, not Bruce, is somewhat in a quandary as to what to do. The Shazam kids are recruited. Barry has his speed returned via exposing himself to the same things that first gave home his powers.

Eventually, Eobard appears. He shares that it was Barry who caused all this by going back in time to prevent Thawn from killing Barry’s mother. Barry once again returns to reset the timeline. He hand delivers a note to Bruce from Thomas. Batman cries.

And all is right with the world.

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