SecondLanding at Parvins

02-06-10 GC4322

39.513333 -75.147067

Gert and I headed to this one from Parvin ADA.

What a lovely way to wrap up a work day. The weather was perfect. Many folks have begun vacationing as there were camps set up throughout.

The GPSr began jumping around quite a bit when we got close. We walked past this one and saw it when we looked back.

We took a Where’s George bill that we’ll leave in another cache later and left a puzzle.

Thanks for the fun!


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One thought on “SecondLanding at Parvins”

  1. After a six month hiatus due to a broken GPSr I celebrated my birthday early with a present from my mother. I dragged Gert out for a hike around Parvin. I believe she found this one.

    The photograph is the one from the cache camera.

    Interestingly, this cache went MIA several years later. I rehabilitated it as described here. The owner never checked his cache and ended up archiving the listing. I went back and picked up that ammo box I had left there.

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