Log’em and Leave’m – Cache and More

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Back across 206 Ken and I went, returning from We Sick a Man. We grabbed our vehicles and re-positioned. We stopped at the ruins where the History cache is. I parked and hopped in Ken’s Durango. I was most impressed with the road. Yes, there was the puddle I would have not negotiated, but I have looked at this road for a long time on the maps and I think there are possibilities for the future. Anyhow, we drove to where Ken said Tom suggested we park. We thought we could do better and drove to a different spot. It seemed like the closest one could get to with a car.

We headed in. We crossed no water (had already done so in the truck), but there were some tight spots with the trees that I imagine will become more treacherous as spring blooms and summer grows. All the while, a steady rain soaked us. Tom’s recent hides have been similar and this one was no different, although it was fairly remote. We signed the log and recorded the Travel Bug’s numbers. An interesting twist on the travel bug . . . a motionless one. Hmmm . . .

Back we snaked to the truck. Upon arrival I was soaked through. In two hours, I made it back to the caching scene and tackled two woodsy caches. In the same amount of time I could have cleared out the Camden area. The difference, I enjoyed the experience today.

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