State Senator Asselta Should Resign

Last month I was away when I read of state senator Nick Asselta‘s (R-1) run-in with the law. I meant to blog about it when I got back, but moved onto other things. Today’s article in The Daily Journal reminded me of the incident now that The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating.

Asselta apparently had a bout with poison ivy. He attended a retirement party for George Stanger. He was scratching himself. Silvana Landau was also at the party. Landau used to be the office manager at a medical office. She offered to call in a prescription for Asselta. Asselta agreed.

But the checks and balances worked. Landau called the pharmacy to order the medication. She claimed she was representing Asselta, a patient of Dr. Lucasti, her former employer. The pharmacy called Dr. Lucasti’s office to find out if the prescription should be for an injection or oral. The pharmacy was informed Asselta was not a patient.

One account I read (which I cannot locate now) stated Landau called the pharmacy twice, which tipped it off. That account also documented that Landau called Asselta in-between calls to the pharmacy.

Asselta knew he was circumventing the proper channels. He knew Landau was not a physician. No physician saw Asselta. Our state senator knew that. Yet, Asselta had no problem receiving a perk in having a friend get him medication through channels which are not open to the rest of us. As a public servant, it is expected that Senator Asselta conduct himself in a manner which instills trust. More than four years ago I wrote the following about then US Senator Robert Torricelli:

The obligation, Sen. Torricelli, is to represent New Jersey and her citizens in a manner that commands trust.

Senator Asselta’s big mistake, as he calls it, is just as egregious.

Senator Asselta has abused his public trust. That is not a trait which should be exalted. It is time for Mr. Asselta to resign.

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