Federal ED Giving Away Tax Dollars

Forget that the federal government has no role in education.

Today I was astonished to read that federal ED Secretary Margaret Spellings announced that $237.4 million of our tax dollars will be spent over the next five years for “incentives to teachers and principals who improve student achievement and close achievement gaps in high-poverty schools.”

Hmmm . . .

How will it be determined which teachers and principals closed the achievement gaps? How come only teachers in high-poverty schools are eligible? Is closing the achievement gap any less meaningful in low-poverty schools? Careful now. We wouldn’t want to feed the “soft bigotry of low expectations” by distinguishing.

Which of course brings us back to, Why are we using tax dollars to award those who are doing the job they are hired to do? Mind you, I am not against merit pay, but this is not how to go about it whatsoever. Sigh, folks will slough it off as nothing more than $237 million . . . just a drop in the bucket.

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