A Sincere Thank You

I received this e-mail the other day from a parent of a student in someone else’s classroom. The names have been changed:

I just wanted to take a minute and thank the three of you for coming out to support our kids last night. I know it meant so much to the kids that you took time out of your personal life to come see them play baseball. I know how excited John was to have you there.. And you could see the excitement on all the other kid’s faces – they really enjoyed having some of their teachers there rooting them on. You being there again just goes to show what a great, caring group of teachers we have. And as a parent, I’m so happy to know my children are entrusted to you every day.

Each year I inform my students that I will attend at least one game (baseball, soccer, whatever) during the season if they provide me a schedule. Taking in the baseball game the other night, I was joined by a couple of my colleagues and a few parents. Since I had students on both teams, I was guaranteed a win (and a loss). It was a good time!

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