VX35-DAJY: Belize

09-03-27 VX35-DAJY

39.58532, -75.21672

Looking at GE before heading out, I knew this flag and VX35-DAKA were going to be touch-and-go. Both appeared about 100 meters from the road. We had success at VX35-DAKA; unfortunately, for this flag we were stymied.

We drove through beautiful Salem County with the sunroof opened and just enjoying the afternoon. Fritz was in great spirits and was loving the sights.

As we approached we noted the farm is a preserved historic farm. We pulled over to let a Wrangler zip by. We banged the U-y and got as close as we could, 126 meters, in front of the house there at the farm. If I didn’t have my son, I may have gotten out and walked down the driveway to ask permission. But I didn’t. It’s tough being so close but unable to score the flag.

We continued on our way content with having been there. We continued our afternoon with a nice hike through Parvin State Park before dinner.

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