Here’s to You, Mr. Jefferson

With all due respect to Paul Simon, who I am certain does not endorse this, here is a phenomenal patriotic video. I can’t help but wonder how this would have gone over at Monterey Pop.

Hat tip to Wizbang.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s to You, Mr. Jefferson”

  1. I know you are a thinking man. Do you REALLY buy that B.S that Obama is a socialist. I love it how its all the Dems fault for this mess. Lets get real

  2. I believe that Obama’s policies, as enacted and as I perceive to be forthcoming, are bad for America. I believe his administration is seeking unprecedented control of American businesses.

    I never said it was all the Dems fault. I do not believe the video makes that point either.

    I do believe Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, and Chris Dodd, who are all in control of the economic mess, are contributing to the mess. They are all Democrats.

    But I also have plenty of fault for President Bush, a Republican, John McCain, another Republican, and a whole host of Republican senators who voted for the initial bailouts in the fall.

    Perhaps you missed those posts (scroll through to the posts prior to 20 January 2009).

    I am an equal-opportunist critic. I am all for voting all incumbents out of office, regardless of party.

    Is that clear enough of my position?

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