The Keeping Quilt

The Keeping QuiltThe Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco
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I enjoy reading Patricia Polacco books because she is an excellent writer. I wanted to read Rechenka’s Eggs to the Tiger Scouts before we dyed eggs. Unfortunately, I left my copy in my classroom. On the way home, I stopped at the Millville Public Library. When I reached for that book, I saw this one sitting next to it. I had heard people comment on this throughout the years but somehow had never read it. I picked this up too.

Polacco once again tells a touching story about her family and its Russian heritage. The Keeping Quilt is quilted from her great-grandmother’s clothes from when she was young. These were the last clothes that were sewn from when the family lived in Russia. The quilt was used at the great-grandmother’s wedding and all the family weddings that followed. The quilt was also used to swaddle all the children when born. Polacco keeps the thread of family throughout this tale.

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