Tonight’s meeting, despite a full agenda, was sparsely attended. Lots of folks did not show and we had holes everywhere. Down a humorist, I stepped up with an unrehearsed joke. I like the joke, but the delivery needed improvement.

It’s difficult speaking to an empty room. We had but seven members this evening for our meeting. Because of that, I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback during my speech. Frankly, our club is not terribly demonstrative.

The delivery was okay. I need to pause. I used to need to pause to slow down. Now I need to pause to break apart my thoughts. I do not feel as though I rushed things, but the three parts of the story needed segmentation to help provide structure for the audience.

Water chestnuts escaped me. In its place: walnuts. What? I have no idea how that happened.

The evaluation picked up on the structure of the story and how I used my father‘s advise as the “hero”. There were some very complimentary remarks made to me about my speech. I am encouraged.

14-11-20 Failure

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  1. One thing that I learned from this speech is that people definitely responded positively to my recounting personal failures. I have read about this and finally put it to practice. I think the audience is sympathetic to a vulnerable soul. Just something I need to keep in mind as I structure my messages going forward.

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