Matt’s Return

18-03-10 GCRTAM

39.230317 -75.003417

There’s this little cluster of blue frownies on my map that keep my attention. I thought this morning was a good time to address them. This was the first stop on the mini-tour.

Things seemed far more swampy today. I picked and chose my steps carefully. When I got close, I approached from a different direction than I did in July. I think that was the smart move. Even so, there was plenty to deal with. And it wasn’t long that I was back in that familiar setting. Geocaching really is something. When you can identify fallen trees, briars, etc. in the woods from former trips, you know you are a geocacher.

So, there I was surveying the scene trying to make a decision about where to poke. I had an idea of what I was looking for, but my “master plan” wasn’t really shaking out. So, I read some logs. I guess I hadn’t really read them before. I see that the container I had looked for wasn’t the container now in place. Ah, I see.

Well, with that as added information, I began searching for a different kind of hide and had it in my hand in five seconds.

So, what’s the lesson here? One, I guess, be well versed on the geocache before you seek it. But, even more so, particularly for this geocache, if you need to think about things, make certain you can. July out here is no time to think. The flies are such that you will not concentrate on what needs to be considered as you will be in complete survival mode. 🙂

Happy I was able to avenge this DNF.

Thank you truly for this adventure; I appreciate it.

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