Osprey Village

18-03-10 GC5K7RR

39.204983 -74.989083

After finding your lighthouse geocache, I decided to call it a morning. Knew I had an errand at home that needed to be taken care of. It was much colder this morning than I had thought it would be and with the wind kicking up, I knew I wouldn’t make the walk out to Thompson’s Beach. Might as well leave this one to do whenver I do that one.

But much like DeNiro in Heat, I couldn’t leave well enough along and I banged that righthand turn and headed out here. When I was here in July, I saw no trail going out. Today I knew there was a trail. It seems like I took the wrong one, however. It was pretty. I had to skirt the swampy open area when it ended, but it was pleasant. Once I got to ground zero, I had that déjà vu moment when I recognized the trees I had searched before. And just like in July, I looked at the familiar area. I found nothing. I knew this had been found not long ago, and I didn’t suspect it had gone missing in that time.

I stepped back and asked, “Where would I hide it?” Yeah, I’d been looking in those spots. Took another look and there it was!

A DNF for me can mean lots of things. Obviously, the DNF from July just represents I am not good at this activity. This is where my main looking was. Coordinates are spot on. I was just blind. No other explanation suffices.

All is well with the geocache.

Thank you kindly for the pleasant excursion; I appreciate it.

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