Mean Girls, Sanctum Sanctorum & NYC

18-08-29 Mean Girls, Sanctum Sanctorum & NYC

For some reason, we decided to pay astronomical prices for Beetle to see Mean Girls in NYC. At $200 a pop, only Gert would accompany her. But Fritz and I went along for the ride. He wanted to visit Sanctum Sanctorum (Doctor Strange’s address). We figured we could fill up the day in the Big Apple. And we did.

Beetle has been acting up recently. The theatre situation coupled with anxiety over entering high school we think are at the heart of this. And she was in full annoying mode, despite loving Mean Girls.

We took the train in. The walk from Penn Station to the Hard Rock Cafe was brutal. Lunch was okay. Then we split up. Fritz and I spotted Midtown Comics, which we visited. Cool place. Unbelievable number of trades. Then we took a taxi to the Village. We found 177 Bleeker Street without issue and took the obligatory photographs. All is good. Then we took a taxi back north to the LEGO store at Rockefeller Center. Fun place. And then we saw the sights (Radio City, NBC, Fox News, Saks, St. Patrick’s, Trump Tower, Apple Store, The Plaza, etc.). Fritz was pooped so we parked ourselves at Rosie O’Grady’s for air conditioning and a beer until we picked up the girls a block away. We drove through Times Square and then back to Penn Station. Yes, we got onto the wrong train, which got Beetle all riled up. She hasn’t let it go yet. The funny thing is that we actually got home faster because of our mistake. We didn’t have to wait at Penn Station to leave. When we got off at Newark, we didn’t have to wait and we got on the express train to Hamilton Station, so it was actually a preferred exit, even if by mistake. 😉

A wonderful day, forever marked by Beetle’s tantrum. 🙁

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