BAC 27

21-03-10 GC4R72F

39.413917 -74.7503

Caching Wednesday: spring is coming

This was the last one on the trail. Today’s outing was a long time coming. For some reason I had it in my mind that this trail was going to be difficult. I had found most of the other geocaches placed in this area and was familiar with the hide style. It seems to me I had read through these a long time ago and found logs that gave me pause. Admittedly, I don’t see anything other than some DNFs that would do so.

Anyhow, knowing today was supposed to be a gorgeous day, and it was!, I decided I should go out and experience the great outdoors. I figured I would make an attempt here. All worked very well. I dare say, of all the trails that the CO placed, this was probably the most straightforward. Perhaps I am attuned to how he works. 🙂

As I approached this one, I saw what I thought I would see. I came in from the south end, but I was certain one could approach from the north. Indeed! The coordinates were spot on for this one.

Thank you for all the geocaches you have placed for me to find; I appreciate it.

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