Guilty for Giving Flowers

Famously, when I gave my ex-wife two dozen long stem roses for Valentine’s Day, I was told I was mind-fucking her and gaslighting her. Eight days later she demanded a divorce.

It occurs to me more than seven months after the actual divorce, there was another time Gert wasn’t gracious with receiving flowers.

On the day Beetle was born, I presented flowers to Gert. This day also happened to be our wedding anniversary. I was full of extreme happiness. Life was great.

Yet, Gert wasn’t happy.

What were the flowers for?

Who asks such a question? Really!

I wasn’t permitted to have one large bouquet of beautiful flowers presented without naming what they were for.

For nearly 17 years I have been made to feel horrible because I hadn’t individually recognized both events. I was made to feel less than adequate because of this. Seriously!

This issue was brought up time and time again throughout our marriage as though I had cheated or something. Talk about gaslighting!

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