“Look at me. I am beautiful.”

Today was the last day of school for my students. As is the custom, I displayed a slideshow of all the photographs I took this year of the students and played music.

I liked my class this year. Other teachers liked my class too. But there was one boy who truly made it difficult for me to like. He complained to his mother and then to the vice principal about me. The boy had no humor, seemingly, and didn’t understand that yes a teacher is indeed there to teach academics. Despite that, I actually liked the boy.

The last couple days, however, truly brought out his true colors. He lied, wrote nasty things in someone’s yearbook, and generally was unpleasant.

Today, I noted, whenever a photograph of him would appear in the slideshow he would say, “Look at me. I am beautiful.”

I didn’t address that. From what I can tell, no one else gave it any mind either.

What an odd thing to say aloud.

The woke preach this. And while I am not of the feeling that one should be counter that, I also do not think it needs to be proclaimed.

I wonder how this will affect this child going forward. He seems quite taken with himself, but he has at the same time alienated himself from the group. Others have picked up on his behaviors.

While it crosses my mind, it’s not an issue I will ever see resolution to. My participation in this widget making is complete. Onward he goes.

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