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High Cholesterol

Just received an odd telephone call from my physician. I had blood work done last week. The results made it to him. Apparently, I have high cholesterol. That is not particularly surprising right now.

What was surprising is that someone, a secretary perhaps, just called to inform me of that. I am to change my lifestyle. I am to eat more healthy. Absolutely not direction on what that is, mind you, but I am to change.

Again, not surprising. My recent diet has not been good and the increased weight is not unknown.

I’ve already taken steps forward in this direction.

Just odd.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

I don’t know what the people who live below me do for a living, but I have noted that they seem to be keeping some long hours during the holiday season. Thankful people work hard for society . . . I look forward to never making a decision of whether someone uses the potty or not . . . 70% dark chocolate pairs nicely with a Manhattan . . . Being a good boy, I realized Fritz could take home his Xbox One and set up in his downstairs. He would then have two Xbox systems there and I would be free of going down a rabbit hole I have no business going down again . . . Went to the dentist recently. Noted that now that I am using an electric toothbrush, no issues from the doctor . . . It’s been a year and a half of not biting my nails. Yeah, me . . . Taking down classroom supplies in June only to put them up in August got me ready for no Christmas decorations kind of . . . keto burn in my ass and hips. While painful, it’s a great sign for me . . . I’ve got my mojo working. Maybe it’s because the pressure is off because I’m retiring, but students are learning and I am enjoying things. Halfway through and great strides have been made . . .

Simplicity: Food

There is a sense of serenity when I pause to consider my simplicity. I look around the apartment from where I write this post and am pleased with what I see. I am in a very good place. I feel good. Things are running smoothly. Frankly, I am not even thinking much about things these days. I am merely living. 🙂

Despite the good feeling about all this I have, there is one glaring area that has not been simplified. Broadly, it would be my health. Specifically, my food.

It is odd that this is the one area that is not efficient. Famously, in 2011 I did a massive weight loss. Again, 2018 saw a big loss after weight gain. At the very beginning of COVID, I ate cleanly and was well on my way to straightening things out. Then a stall. I wasn’t too concerned. I was confident that once I moved and I got into a routine, all would work itself out.

I’m there. Routine is set. Food has been simplified. Weight has come on. Part of it is that steak every night grew tiresome. I then would dine out every weekend when the children came . . . or eat the junk food I purchased for them . . . or both. Then I just starting taking myself out. Then soda came back. Then it’s been just a mess.

Loathing new year’s resolutions, I decided to bite the bullet and begin today once again eating cleanly. It’ll go fine. The first hurdle will be next weekend when Fritz visits. I will purchase dine-in food for him so I can eat my food at home. He won’t like it, but it’ll be a start. I need to begin paring back anyhow in preparation of living off less money in retirement.

Should we find ourselves out and about, I suck it up and get him the fast food.

Lots of my thoughts on food has waned. I am not doing duck confit, Steak Diane, etc. Food can be fuel and nothing else for me.

It has begun. There’s the physical activity component of health to address as well, but one thing at a time.

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

Despite not geocaching these days, I have come up with what I believe is a unique cache hide. I wasn’t trying to, it just popped into my head. A 1/5. Simplicity at its best. Cachers will need to learn a new skill to obtain the log . . . Blood sugar is down! Shaky. Wonder if I am diabetic. I am really feeling it this afternoon . . . Began the academic year today. Built my student spreadsheet . . . More and more, social media comes across to me as virtue signaling. I suppose this blog is as well, but it is pretty much just me here. Posting something to FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is all about drawing attention to oneself. And while that’s neither good nor bad, it is just not me . . . There are folks who say that food should be approached as fuel, not entertainment. I am beginning to think that my vehicle is the same. It’s a tool to transport me, not something used for entertainment (Lighthouse Challenges, geocaching, and other driving for the sake of driving pursuits) . . . I cleaned yesterday. When I was done, I sprayed Febreze. Just walked into the second bedroom that has had the door closed since I sprayed. Not a trace whatsoever of the spray. Lesson: air fresheners are a rip-off . . . My Myers-Briggs score is INTJ-T according to 16 Personalities . . . I like the idea of jigsaw puzzles, but generally do not care for the art on them . . . I’ve gotten myself in some groups lately where people are showing off their living spaces. It is eye-opening to see how others live. Wow! The amount of stuff some people have is uncomfortable to look at . . .

Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . .

The amount of stuff folks carry while traveling is staggering. Watching folks fiddle, drop, pick up, sort, move about, etc. is almost humorous . . . Just realized that I do not pay bills like I used to. Every bill is paid online, all but rent is via auto-pay . . . The way I keep food promotes good health now that I vowed not to dine out unless I am traveling. Here late tonight I am snackish, but there is absolutely nothing I can snack on. Fewer calories in . . . The home screen on the iPhone has but three icons: Google Keep (notes), Google Calendar, and the camera . . . Additionally, there are no sounds emitted from the phone. The ringer is off and there are no notifications so no vibrations. If I want to see if someone has called or messaged, I have to actively click on those things . . . I’ve long thought that fresh, natural ingredients are the path to a healthy diet. As I take on expanding beyond the minimal carnivore diet I have embraced, I think I am committed to not bringing on a blender/processor. I should be able to make what I want in a traditional style. Let’s face it, Nana didn’t cook with a Cuisinart . . . Dropped something off to my son. He came out of the house with his finger bookmarking a page in a book. 🙂 . . . Almost a year ago I was promised photographs. Nada . . . Two months ago I was promised a phone call (and a kayak outing). Nada . . . Haven’t spoken in the last two days. Other than one text each day, I’ve had no interaction with anyone. Makes me wonder what I said aloud on Thursday . . .