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The other day, without even giving it any consideration, I brought home oodles of puzzles from my classroom. I signed up for a mechanical puzzle forum. I bookmarked several puzzle sites. I began considering how I would curate my puzzles. And that fantasy self was in high gear: sure, I’ll make wooden puzzles on all the woodworking equipment I do not own.

Then I woke up. Literally. I went to bed and woke up. It hit me then; this is nuts!

Here I am at maximal efficiency and in a moment that just came out of the blue, I was in throes of clutter. Unbelievable.

I have my sanity back. The puzzles will be returned to the classroom and not return home.

I love the Drive Ya Nuts puzzle. I did sit down and solve this properly. It took considerably longer than it did when I was eight. 😉

Drive Ya Nuts

Tavern Puzzle

During the time I lived in Boston, Steve had a place on Sugarbush Mountain. One time we were up there and headed to Stowe. It was wintertime. I am no skier, but I enjoyed Stowe just fine. We went to an English pub on the mountain. We were there all afternoon as it snowed and we just hung out drinking.

On each table in the pub was a tavern puzzle. I was taken with these immediately. This was our entertainment. While they did not sell them, there was a place in town that did and I picked up at least one.

Early in my career I taught in some gifted and talented programs. I developed a puzzle class. For them, I purchased a ton of these tavern puzzles. Most were too difficult for the students.

I have had this simple heart puzzle for decades now. The students are always enamored with it. It’s almost like magic to them.